“An Incredible Ride” (#1418)

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Friday, 5/14 @ 12:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 5/16 @ 10:30am ET
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Victor Muller,CEO, Spyker Cars NV, David Welch, Bloomberg Businessweek, Todd Lassa, Motor Trend. Topic: How Spyker Will Save Saab.

It started last year with a simple e-mail between two 'car guys.' That's when Victor Muller the creator of the small exotic luxury brand Spyker petitioned Bob Lutz, the then Vice Chairman of General Motors. Mr. Muller was interested in the corporation's plans for his childhood dream car SAAB. GM, as you'll recall, was staggering out of bankruptcy and in the middle of jettisoning brands like a Golden Retriever sheds its winter coat. Pontiac was closing while Hummer, Saturn and SAAB were all up for sale but in danger of winding down as well. That one November e-mail sparked a heart-pounding 'live-or- die' three months for this iconic Swedish brand. The "incredible ride" as Victor Muller himself describes it finally ended earlier this year with ownership firmly in the hands of this Dutch entrepreneur.

On this week's show John McElroy welcomes the new owner of SAAB Victor Muller to Autoline Detroit where he'll discuss not only his suspense-filled acquisition of the car company, but more importantly, how he intends to do what GM couldn't do with the brand and that is sell cars and make money. Joining John on the panel are Todd Lassa from Motor Trend and David Welch from Bloomberg Businessweek.