“Listening Booth: 2010” (#1427)

Internet Premiere
Friday, 8/20 @ 12:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 8/22 @ 10:30am ET
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  3. Segment 1: Lewis Booth, CFO, Ford Motor Co.



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Lewis Booth, CFO, Ford Motor Co., Bill Vlasic, The New York Times, Csaba Csere, Analyst. Topic: Ford CFO, Lewis Booth.

Putting a new twist on "the classics" is suddenly chic and popular. Just ask musician Marc Cohn whose new recording, "Listening Booth: 1970" -- a collection of songs from that year -- is a hit on Billboard. Who would've thought re-creating 40-year-old songs like "Wild World" from Cat Stevens, The Grateful Dead's "New Speedway Boogie" or "Make It With You" by Bread of all groups would raise a winner, yet it did. But maybe given what's been going on in Dearborn recently we shouldn't be so surprised.

After all, who would've thought even just two years ago that re-creating "classics" like Fiesta, Taurus and Explorer would be returning Ford to its past sales glory, but it is. Of course it's much more than just a couple of new cars that's making the difference, but, as any of the Ford team will tell you, having fresh, quality product doesn't hurt. To understand what's driving Ford back to the top of the industry, this week Autoline takes a turn in its own "Listening Booth", as the company's Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Lewis Booth joins John McElroy for the first of two shows. Joining John and Mr. Booth on the panel are Bill Vlasic from the New York Times and former chief of Car & Driver magazine Csaba Csere.