“Listening Booth: 2010 - Part 2” (#1428)

Internet Premiere
Friday, 8/27 @ 12:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 8/29 @ 10:30am ET
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  3. Segment 1: Ford's Road to Recovery



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With a nod to our inspiration, musician Marc Cohn's new release "Listening Booth: 1970," in Autoline's 2010 version last week, our focus wasn't on forty-year-old songs, but rather a fresh look at Ford's recent comeback. And that look came from the eyes of someone who has watched it up close -- the company's Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Lewis Booth. In last week's Part 1 he gave us an accounting of that comeback touching on a variety of subjects including its well-received new products, its surprising profit as well as its still-looming debt.

This week Mr. Booth is back for Part 2 of our discussion with a deeper dive into Ford's present and future. Join John McElroy along with the New York Times' Bill Vlasic and former Car & Driver chief Csaba Csere as they talk with the man who could be the company's next Alan Mulally.