“Containment” (#1429)

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Friday, 9/10 @ 11:35am ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 9/12 @ 10:30am ET
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William Kozyra, CEO & President, TI Automotive, Dave VanderWerp, Car and Driver. Topic: TI Automotive.

It may be a noun with three different meanings, but the word containment has filtered into our daily lives. From news stories spotlighting the Gulf of Mexico to military strategies on the Asian continent, we think of it in big picture terms, but it effects us much differently. Containment is more personal, especially as it relates to transportation. Whether it's your own vehicle or public transportation, the driving force underneath the hood of both modes are fluids; oil, water and gasoline to name three. Delivering those fluids throughout the vehicle is complicated to say the least. And that's where containment comes in.

One of the top companies in the automotive "containment" field if you will, is TI Automotive. It's been building fluid delivery systems since the days of the Model T. Joining John McElroy to discuss today's complicated world of fluid storage, carrying and delivery technology is TIA President & CEO Bill Kozyra. And joining in on the conversation is Dave VanderWerp of Car and Driver.