Edmunds' Forecast for the Automotive Industry

Segment 3 from “Predictive Power”

Internet Premiere
Friday, 9/24 @ 12:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 9/26 @ 10:30am ET
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  3. Segment 1: McLaren's New MP4-12C Supercar


    • Tony Joseph, North American Regional Dir., McLaren
  4. Segment 2: Inside the McLaren MP4-12C


    • Tony Joseph, North American Regional Dir., McLaren
  5. Segment 3: Edmunds' Forecast for the Automotive Industry


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Ensconced in the ivy-covered halls of universities around the world are men and women who spend their days looking for answers. Answers to questions that might not even exist called "Unknown Unknowns." Many recognize this function as engaging in scientific theory which, over the years, has led to accepted works like Einstein's "General Theory of Relativity." But before his or Newton's or even Darwin's research was accepted, their theories had to generate testable predictions otherwise known as Predictive Power.

Predictive Power appears on Autoline Detroit but not in the guise of any ground-breaking theories. Here, as is the case with this week's show, we divide the phrase and spotlight one word at a time.

For instance take "power." Who better to talk about it than an executive of McLaren Automotive, the British manufacturer of high performance vehicles? And what better vehicle to talk about than its first sports car developed for those who don't wear fire-retardant suits, the MP4-12C. McLaren's Tony Joseph not only talks to John McElroy about the company and its move into production cars for consumers but also takes him for a walkaround the car that you won't want to miss.

Then as far as "predictive" or in this case "predictions" go, we turn to Jeremy Anwyl, the CEO of Edmunds.com. This 45-year-old firm along, with its sister sites, gather automotive information and distribute it to largely a consumer audience. Mr. Anwyl and his team keep their eyes glued to the OEMs do and analyze everything from production to sales to the executives who run the organizations. He stops by Autoline to give John a look at the automotive world from the Edmunds' perspective.