“The Left Bank 2” (#1434)

Internet Premiere
Friday, 10/15 @ 12:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 10/17 @ 10:30am ET
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  1. PLAYING: Entire Show

  2. Open: John's Opening Thoughts

  3. Segment 1: Mays Interview


    • J Mays, Group VP, Global Design, Ford
  4. Segment 2: Manley Interview


    • Michael Manley, President & CEO, Jeep
  5. Segment 3: Paris Motor Show Walkaround

  6. Close: John's Closing Thoughts



J Mays, Group VP, Global Design, Ford, Michael Manley, President & CEO, Jeep. Topic: Paris Motor Show.

Last week Autoline Detroit began its coverage of the 2010 Paris Motor Show with four different interviews. This week we've decided to emulate the Seine River, take a couple of twists and turns and do something a bit more avant-garde. Yes, we still have a couple of in-depth automotive interviews that you've come to expect in Autoline Detroit such as talks with J Mays from Ford and Mike Manley from Jeep. But in addition, this week you'll get something completely different. In fact, get ready for John McElroy to take you on a walking tour. Not of Paris mind you, but of some of the brands of cars that populate the city, the country, the entire European Community and that you never see here in the states. From Lancia, to Renault to Alfa Romeo and more, John goes from booth to booth sharing with us some of the history of the brand and as well as why these European vehicles may be influencing what we park in our driveways in the coming years.

Oh, and don't miss our preview of the Special Edition Autoline Detroit that we shot in the Ligurian Alps just above Nice. That's also in this week's wrap-up from the Paris Motor Show.