“Mighty Clouds of Joy” (#1507)

Internet Premiere
Friday, 2/11 @ 12:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 2/13 @ 10:30am ET
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Joe Dehner, Chrysler Group LLC, Klaus Busse, Chrysler Group LLC, Christine Barman, Chrysler Group LLC. Topic: Chrysler.

Since his appearance in last week's Super Bowl commercial, many have automatically linked Chrysler with the gritty music of the artist Eminem. And while the soundtrack of "Lose Yourself" worked as a reflection of Detroit's streets, the song that may in fact be more relevant to the company today has its roots in 1971.

Given where Chrysler was just 20 months ago, the music that seems to best capture the emotions coming out of its Auburn Hills headquarters is the 40-year-old pop tune "Mighty Clouds of Joy." As the company continues to introduce its well-reviewed new or significantly refreshed products -- vehicles that they were working on throughout those dark days of bankruptcy -- lines from the song like "those old storm clouds are slowly drifting by" take on a whole new meaning. Just ask some of those who were there...which is exactly what John McElroy does in this week's edition of Autoline.

Joining John on an all-Chrysler panel are three company veterans who, like many, witnessed the bad times but kept pushing ahead because of the product. Joe Dehner, the head of Dodge Design, Chris Barman, the VLE of E-Segment vehicles and Klaus Busse the head of Interior Design, all talk with John about Chrysler -- the company, its people but most importantly its new product -- and where they all go from here.