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Friday, 4/15 @ 12:00pm ET
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Sunday, 4/17 @ 10:30am ET
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    • Ralph Gilles, President & CEO, Dodge


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Ralph Gilles, President & CEO, Dodge, Natalie Neff, AutoWeek, Jeff Gilbert, WWJ Newsradio 950. Topic: Gilles Interview.

You'd think being in charge of design for an automaker would be a big enough job, but not for Ralph Gilles. As the designer of the iconic 2005 Chrysler 300, he was promoted to oversee design for all 5 of the company's brands. But in addition, when CEO Sergio Marchionne started handing out second assignments, Gilles was tagged to run the Dodge brand as well. On this week's Autoline he not only discusses the demands of both jobs but also Chrysler's rapid renaissance with both product and sales. Host John McElroy is joined by Natalie Neff from AutoWeek and Jeff Gilbert from CBS Radio Detroit-WWJ 950.