“The Profit Chain” (#1519)

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Friday, 5/6 @ 11:45am ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 5/8 @ 10:30am ET
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Tim Manganello, Chairman & CEO, BorgWarner, Joann Muller, Forbes, Mark Clothier, Bloomberg News. Topic: Manganello Interview.

It's been a tough couple years in the automotive supply chain. Tough for everybody it seems except for BorgWarner. The century-old global giant reported record sales and profits for last year and even registered a profit for 2009 during the great collapse. Obviously the company is doing something right. And among the items this Tier One automotive supplier has checked on its list are designing new parts for 21st Century vehicles while still producing those for its bread and butter: today's combustible engines.

Joining John McElroy to discuss a variety of topics including new technologies, the Chinese auto market and the interruption in the supply chain is BorgWarner Chairman and CEO Tim Manganello. Joann Muller from Forbes and Mark Clothier of Bloomberg News round out this week's Autoline panel.