“What’s Next” (#1521)

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Friday, 5/20 @ 11:48am ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 5/22 @ 10:30am ET
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Paul Mascarenas, Chief Technical Officer, Ford, Lindsay Brooke, Automotive Engineering Int’l, Mark Phelan, Detroit Free Press. Topic: Mascarenas Interview.

Technology has been transforming the car today more than ever. Since its beginning, the auto industry has always pushed the envelope when it comes to power, ride and design. But these days consumers are demanding more and more. Whether it’s under the hood or in the cloud, a vehicle’s technology is now a top buyer consideration.

Paul Mascarenas knows that more than most. He is Ford’s chief technical officer, in other words, the man in charge of research and development. This week he joins John McElroy to discuss the company’s leading edge technology and what’s next.