“The Union Label” (#1532)

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Friday, 8/5 @ 11:15am ET
Detroit Public TV
Wednesday, 8/10 @ 5:30pm ET
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Sean McAlinden, Center for Automotive Research, Robert Chiaravalli, Strategic Labor & Human Resources LLC, Joe Szczesny, The Oakland Press. Topic: UAW Negotiations.

Change has been the theme at the United Auto Workers union for the last few years. As it fought to keep members and jobs, it met face-to-face with today’s economic reality: Bankrupt automakers, unprofitable corporations and strong non-union foreign transplants. But now, with the UAW’s new president Bob King firmly in control, a new reality is taking shape.

Joining John McElroy to discuss where the UAW goes from here is Sean McAlinden from the Center for Automotive Research, Robert Chiaravalli, the president of Strategic Labor & Human Resources and Joe Szczesny of the Oakland Press.