“My 409” (#1536)

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Friday, 9/2 @ 11:55am ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 9/4 @ 10:30am ET
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Ken Lingenfelter, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, McKeel Hagerty, Hagerty Insurance. Topic: Vintage Car Market.

No one seemed to capture the culture of cars better than the Beach Boys. When they weren’t singing about California girls in the early ‘60s they were worshiping hot rods and muscle cars. And those cars, like the songs, seem to get better with age. That’s why those 40 to 50 year old classic cars evolved from a weekend hobby for some, to a collector’s heaven for others. In fact the entire market has been exploding of late. Just ask McKeel Hagerty & Ken Lingenfelter. These successful business owners – Hagerty in insurance, Lingenfelter in engineering – have extensive collections that go far beyond just hot rods. Both men join John McElroy this week on Autoline to discuss the rocketing vintage car market.