“Car Spy” (#1537)

Internet Premiere
Friday, 9/9 @ 12:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 9/11 @ 10:30am ET
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Jim Dunne, Author, “Car Spy”, Michelle Krebs, Edmunds.com, Jim Hall, 2953 Analytics. Topic: Car spy shots.

They seemed cut from the same cloth. Single syllable names engaged in undercover work that was linked to exotic cars. The difference is one man, James Bond, is of course a fictional character while Jim Dunne, the original Car Spy, is a real photo journalist with stories that could have been crafted by Ian Fleming himself. But Dunne’s exploits are factual and his pictures were ground breaking as he revealed prototype after prototype much to the chagrin of the OEMs. Long since retired, he now shares these juicy stories in a new book on his career called “Car Spy.” And this week he joins John McElroy on Autoline to discuss those great “gets” from his career. Michelle Krebs from Edmunds.com and Jim Hall from 2953 Analytics join in on the discussion.