“The End of the Line?” (#1541)

Internet Premiere
Friday, 10/7 @ 12:00pm ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 10/9 @ 10:30am ET
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Tom Crumm, Author, “What Is Good For GM”, Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production, Drew Winter, WardsAuto.com. Topic: Car manufacturing.

Since that epic day when Henry Ford turned the switch on the assembly line some 85 years ago, manufacturing has been pretty straight. Oh maybe a turn was added here and there as the years went on, and robots, too, but essentially, ever since 1913 automobiles have been made one way and Thomas Crumm says it’s time to blow it up. Literally! John McElroy’s guest on Autoline this week is a former General Motors engineer who writes in his provocative new book “What is Good for General Motors” that the only way for GM to survive into the 21st Century is to destroy the assembly line. And replace it with what? Tune into Autoline and discover how. Joining John in questioning this manufacturing revolutionary is Drew Winter of WardsAuto.com and Gary Vasilash from Automotive Design & Production.