“Bigger than the Book” (#1546)

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Friday, 11/11 @ 11:30am ET
Detroit Public TV
Sunday, 11/13 @ 10:30am ET
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Stephen Wade, Chairman, National Automotive Dealers Association, Jeff Bennett, The Wall Street Journal, Steve Finlay, Ward’s Dealer Business. Topic: Dealer issues.

Most of us have read it at one time or another. The small yellow reference guide that tells you what a used car is worth. Well the National Auto Dealers Association has been publishing that book since 1933 but it’s really the only NADA effort that consumers touch. Most times the group is serving the needs of the more than 17,000 new car and truck dealers in the United States. And each year those members elect one of their own to run the organization. In 2011 Stephen Wade, a multiple brand franchisee from Utah has been leading the U.S. dealer body as they fight to survive our fickle economy. This week John McElroy welcomes Mr. Wade to the Autoline studios to hear what’s going on with the retail end of the business. Joining them on the panel are Steve Finlay of Wardsauto.com and Jeff Bennett from the Wall Street Journal.