“Accelerating East” (#1611)

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Friday, 3/9 @ 11:30am ET
Detroit Public TV
Wednesday, 3/14 @ 5:30pm ET
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Michael Dunne, President, Dunne & Company, Sharon Terlep, The Wall Street Journal, David Welch, Bloomberg/BusinessWeek. Topic: China's Auto Industry.

China is a communist country with capitalist tastes and the money in the bank to prove it. That’s why nearly all Western automotive manufacturers are now in the country importing, building and selling cars. But despite all this economic attention, Chinese consumers are still a mystery to many in the auto industry. Thank goodness for men like Michael Dunne who packed up and moved to China some 25 years ago. Over that quarter century this automotive consultant has learned plenty about China, its people and manufacturers like General Motors who brought its products east early on. This week on Autoline Michael Dunne joins John McElroy, Sharon Terlep of the Wall Street Journal and David Welch of Bloomberg BusinessWeek to talk about his book “American Wheels, Chinese Roads” and the exploding Chinese automotive market.