“Engines of Change” (#1634)

Internet Premiere
Friday, 8/17 @ 11:30am ET
Detroit Public TV
Wednesday, 8/22 @ 5:30pm ET
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Paul Ingrassia, Author, Engines of Change, Todd Lassa, Motor Trend, Drew Winter, WardsAuto World. Topic: Fifteen cars that had the biggest impact on American society and culture.

Pick up any car magazines and you’ll find lists. Lists for best car, lists for worst MPGs, lists for most collectible and so on. But the one list that Pulitzer Prize-winning author Paul Ingrassia could not find is the subject of his new book “Engines of Change.” Mr. Ingrassia looked at our car culture and has come up with a list of vehicles and how they have impacted our entire American society. John McElroy leads a fascinating discussion with Mr. Ingrassia and panelists Todd Lassa from Motor Trend & Drew Winter from WardsAuto.com.