AD #1842 – NLRB Ruling Opens Door for UAW, VW to Drop Beetle in 2018, Lincoln Aggressively Prices New Continental

April 14th, 2016 at 11:53am

Runtime: 7:27

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- UAW Could Organize VW Tennessee Plant
- VW to Drop Beetle in 2018
- Chinese Video Game Company to Develop EV
- Lincoln Reveals New Continental Pricing
- Delphi Solves Apple CarPlay Problem
- Adaptive Valve Cuts Muffler Weight
- Bosch Wants to Make Parking Easier

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26 Comments to “AD #1842 – NLRB Ruling Opens Door for UAW, VW to Drop Beetle in 2018, Lincoln Aggressively Prices New Continental”

  1. dcars Says:

    Cleveland Ohio’s Airport parking garage has an occupancy sensor for each parking spot with a red light for occupied or a green light for open. It works well and it makes your search for a spot a lot easier.

  2. buzzerd Says:

    VW is going to axe the Beetle??? Big deal, so what are they going to axe it?….. oh sorry, you mean AXE it. Thought maybe that was a little American slang ;)

  3. Kit Says:

    If the base Continental has proper luxury trappings at that 45.5K base price, it should do well, but I suppose the base car will have vinyl seats, and it will take a $5K package to get leather. We should know soon.

  4. Lex Says:

    Maybe VW should rename the Tiguan (what a bad name ) to something like the Beetle XL or something with more identity.

  5. M360 Says:

    Thanks, Sean. Very informative.

  6. Rob Says:

    Detroit’s Motor City casino has had the parking sensor technology I believe for 17 years, it was built in (1999).

    Requiring businesses to provide a percentage of parking for their new construction will house also would reduce emissions and increase interest in downtown activity. Many people avoid patronizing downtown businesses because they don’t know where to park and don’t want to deal with trying to find a space. When parking is easy at a reasonable cost people will come.

  7. ABrown Says:

    Adaptive Valve is just like the “Snuffs” we put on motor cycles in the 1960′s. Cut the muffler(s) off the bike and drill a 1/4 hole about 1 inch into the pipe and install the snuffs – a washer the size of 1 silver dollar with a hole in it the size of a dime. The snuff had a tab tack welded to it that went through the 1/4 hole; a spring, bent washer and cotter key held the snuff outside the exhaust pipe. One quarter turn of the snuff had the washer partially blocking the exhaust and things nice and quiet. Another quarter turn gave straight pipes with no mufflers and the sound of all hell and thunder breaking loose with 4 stroke engine bikes.

  8. Rob Says:

    #3 Apparently that leather package must be more like 10k. No way a loaded version of that Lincoln or anything else should double in price with options.
    So basically I can go buy two base versions of the car for the price of a fully loaded one..?
    Not to mention I would expect even a base model Lincoln to have power everything A/C and an infotainment system. I don’t see the value in the premium model.

  9. W L Simpson Says:

    when I was early in the trade , some 50 years ago, There was an adapter valve in an exhaust system . All I really remember was removing a number of them because they malfunctioned & caused too much back pressure

  10. Denis M Says:

    To compare the Continental with the CT6 is pure blasphemy! The Continental looks too much like a long version of the Fusion which is exactly what it is.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’m guessing the Continental will somewhat go with the Mercedes playbook on optioning. “Keyless Go,” combined with an electric trunk closer is a $900 option on an E-Class, and leather seats are ~$2000-3000, depending on the color/style. I suspect Lincoln will do similar packaging. Also, the turbo engines will no doubt add a lot to the price, and will probably be packaged with other things.

    There are things that should be standard on a $55K Corvette that are part of packages, including home link and auto dimming mirrors. I forwent those items, but leather and “keyless go” were standard on my near-zero-option car.

    The Continental will be to the Fusion, what the Town Car was to the Grand Marquis, stretched, with a much nicer interior, and different, more “elegant” styling.

  12. Curtis Easter Says:

    The “new” Beetle was much improved over the past generation it is a shame to see it go. With almost no promotion or advertising is it any wonder sales have dropped so low.

  13. Chuck Grenci Says:

    The Continental will offer an alternative luxury car, but option per option, will have to be evaluated (after introduction and published) to see if the lower priced Lincoln is the equal to the Caddy; I’m thinking on a cost basis, they may be a lot closer than appearances would seem. You can ‘build your own’ on the Cadillac website, until this is available for Lincoln, numbers will remain nebulous.

  14. Curtis Easter Says:

    Dealership service departments still have a long way to go for customer service. Took 3 trips to get a timing belt done correctly, which didn’t require diagnosis.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    11 The TDI fiasco wouldn’t have helped the new new Beetle. The TDI was available, even in the convertible, and that market is now gone. I haven’t heard when, if ever, the 2.0 TDI will return to the U.S. market.

  16. Lisk Says:

    In looking at the Continental press release leather looks to be standard as it is on the CT6. Cadillac only offered “leatherette” on the base 4 door ATS. The base Continentals will most likely be a complete auto in terms of accessories that people really need. Most of the features on the base car would have been options 10-15 years ago. The big ticket items are the for people with money to burn. I’m just trying to imagine how in the world you adjust a seat 30 different ways…

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    If the base Continental has leather, home link, keyless start, the usual power gadgets it would almost certainly have, and has cabin decor fitting of a “luxury” car, it sounds like a good value. If it is quiet, comfortable, and rides well, most potential buyers won’t care that the chassis is closely related to a Fusion.

  18. RumNCoke Says:

    Will Lincoln offer a unique model for airport limo use? Seems like a good way to sell a lot of units but it might devalue the model itself. Maybe a stretch version a la A8.

  19. JWH Says:

    #10 – Kit – Since you don’t have homelink & auto-dimming mirrors, I trust you selected the 1LT package, which of course is your choice. I went with 2LT not for those items, however, for the PDR & HUD which I did want. At least we had the option (pun intended) to choose what we want. It is a shame that for a relatively new design that blind spot mirrors are not even available as an option.

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 Yep, it’s a 1LT. I would have liked homelink and auto dim mirrors, but didn’t care much about the rest of the 2LT difference, at least not $4K worth. I wish you could still get individual options, like as recently as the 1980′s, but no one does that.

  21. Ziggy Says:

    Call me old school, but I like to know when my engine is running at idle, bragging about that would make me want to NOT have a muffler like that.

  22. Rob Says:

    #20 Might as well get used to it. As stop/start tech hybrid and full electric becomes more mainstream, idle will be a thing of the past. Besides why do you need to know if the car is idling? Most cars can no longer engage the starter if the car is already running like in the old days of grinding starter teeth.

  23. Dave Forslund Says:

    Lincoln Continental: I am a day late in responding. Smart!! Lincoln’s pricing and the demise of Mercury, gives Lincoln a broad range to satisfy Ford lovers who want to up-grade. They “kill two birds with one stone.”

    When Lexus was introduced in 1990-91, they priced the LS far below the competition. As the car sold in greater numbers they gradually and quietly raised the price. With in a few years they were priced with the competition. They became a leader in the process.

    Everyone wants to be with a winner! And sales is a strong measurement of who is winning. The momentum has to start somewhere, and price/value is a good beginning.

    Hyundai is another example of price/value = increased sales and leadership.

    Can Ford really be this smart????

  24. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Perhaps when we compare the new Continental to the new Caddy CT6, we were comparing it to the wrong car. The XTS is the more logical choice upon reflection; the Continental is derived from a front wheel drive platform as is the XTS, then both those base models have all wheel drive available. Looking at pricing, options, ride dynamics, engines and target audiences we then see a closer comparison. IMO

  25. wmb Says:

    I know that this may upset some purest, but I do not understand why VW didn’t follow a route similar to BMW with Mini and Fiat with the 500, with the New Beetle! Coupes and roadsters already can be seasonal vehicles and therefore have a short shelf life. Then add to the slow visible and platform updates to the vehicle and I do not see how they thought the product would survive?! I know these thoughts may sound unforgivable, but giving it a four door and an SUV version might have given it a chance of reaching a wider audience and add more to VW’s bottom line.

  26. Rob Says:

    #25 Probable never read this wmb but was reading your post and I agree that other versions of the bug may have saved it for a bit.
    The real problem lies with the fact that the original bug was so successful because it was cheap. “the every mans car” When they resurrected the “similar” design they brought it back and it appealed to people for the image of the good old days playing slug bug in your parents car. But it also carried a modern price if not a premium price. It was brought back as a niche vehicle. Not an affordable car for everyone like the original. Once that niche is depleted sales dive. If VW brought it back with a rear water cooled engine and sticker under 18k they would find it sell very well. IMO