Power-to-Weight B-Segment

April 29th, 2011 at 10:21am

Subcompacts, b-cars, $#!+shakers. Call them what you want, but these little buggers are here to stay, even in U.S. Being a full-size country loaded with full-size people used to driving full-size vehicles, b-segment cars may seem out of place in the land of the free. But as fuel prices send our wallets through the ringer, more and more Americans are turning to and enjoying the smaller side of driving. Here’s a look at how some of the most popular subcompacts stack up against each other in our first-ever Power-to-Weight showdown. The results may just surprise you.

2 Comments to “Power-to-Weight B-Segment”

  1. James Bryson Says:

    Hey John,

    Great feature!!! This brings a lot of clarity to any segment and it’s a wonder why it hasn’t been focused on before.

    Keep up the great work!!

  2. James Crabtree Says:

    How about adding examples of older cars? Geo Metro, Yugo, Dusey SJ …