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Hello Mr. McELroy, How Are You, Gary V. And Sean???     Is Trevor Milton a Snake Oil salesman???  Or just a s savvy guy that's so Good he could sell freezers to Eskimos ( "Indigeness Northern Americans")????  I really don't understand this "ebit" stuff, or how an "alleged" truck manufacturer can have a higher estimated value than most truck makers that have been in business for 50 or more years; even though HE'S NEVER DELIVERED A SINGLE FRIGG'IN TRUCK!!! This guy can threaten to sue Hindenburg or anyone else all he wants, because that would take years in our court system, which would buy him a bunch of time; but my questions are : is Trevor Milton's "House Of Cards" about to come tumbling down??? Did General Motors do their due diligence before they signed that deal??? Is the most important guy at Nikola the head fuel cell engineer or the Head Corporate Lawyer???  STAY TUNED TO AUTOLINE DAILY FOR BREAKING NEWS!!!  I also heard Sean say you were gonna have Sandy Munro on your show on Tesla's Battery Day.  THAT'S GREAT!!! BRILLIANT!!!!  You know I'm starting to think of Sandy as a little known National Treasure, kinda like the WILLIE NELSON OF THE AMERICAN CAR INDUSTRY!!!   THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS, MR. MAC, AND I PROMISE YOU I'LL KEEP WATCHING!!!!

Wow, lots of questions. Simple answer: Nikola’s partners (GM, Bosch, CNH and Hanhwa) are not abandoning it, and they did plenty of due diligence.

Sandy Munro will be joined by Bob Galyen on our Tesla Battery Day post mortem. Bob is one of the foremost battery experts in the world.

Thanks for watching!

John McElroy

Any word or rumors on new Peugeot or Opel based Chrysler offerings? Does Ralph Gilles have a portfolio of ideas yet?
Nope, no word on any of this and it would probably be illegal for anyone from FCA and PSA to talk about this until the merger is officially completed.

Way back in the ‘70s Popular Science magazine published an article supported by university research on using hydrogen as an alternative fuel for cars & trucks. Emissions were water vaper and claims of high MPG north of 50 were made. Then the story fizzled. Presumably due to fuel cost.  With petrol price equivalency ranging in today’s cost hydrogen runs $5.50 – $6.25 per gallon equivalent. Still high. But my thinking has lead me to this: If ICE engines today can belt out 30MPG on petrol why go to the expense of fuel cell? Why not convert (it was advertised as simple conversion then) the already paid for ICE to run on hydrogen and skip the fuel cell?  Wouldn’t hydrogen produce a 50 or 60 plus MPG rating? Then why not couple that to a battery hybrid? Would that not produce a less expensive vehicle to the market and still meet current emissions regulations?
Looooong time fan and viewer listener.
P.S. I still have my treasured signed copy of “Icons and Idiots”
Fuel cells are more efficient at converting hydrogen into energy than ICEs are at converting hydrogen to energy. A Toyota Mirai FCEV delivers 312 miles of range on 5 kilograms of hydrogen. BMW’s experimental Hydrogen 7 with a 6-liter V12 delivered 125 miles on 8 kilograms of hydrogen. One kilogram of hydrogen has roughly the BTU content of one gallon of gasoline.

Admittedly, this is not an apples to apples comparison since the Hydrogen 7 was a converted 7-series and the Mirai was designed from the ground up as a FCEV, but it gives you an idea of the different efficiencies.

Hi, I just read this article about Nikola. Have you heard any rumblings? If true what is GM thinking?

GM put out a statement about the accusations against Nikola:

"GM’s position hasn’t changed. We are fully confident in the value we will create by working together. We stand by the statements we made in announcing the relationship."

How much interest is there in the Chicago Auto Show,  which I believe is in Feb/March, along with the Montreal and Toronto shows.  Smaller shows also in Feb/March.
I would bet there won’t be shows in Canada in 2021.
I’ve been to every show in Toronto since 1969, and i won’t be going next year, if there is one.
I don’t see a viable vaccine, or the effects of one before 2022.
I hope I’m wrong........just saying.
You’re right, we didn’t mention the Chicago show on AAH yesterday. That means there would be four major US auto shows in a row.
I hope you’re wrong about a vaccine too! I think there will be one sooner than that, but there’s a big difference between announcing a vaccine and having enough for everyone.
John McElroy

Gary said the elephant in the room, talking of GM and Nikola getting together,  but really it's more like Dumbo who could fly, but he was a cartoon, like Nikola.
GM thought they were making such a coup when really all they have done is buy the plant that produces the snake oil. It's not worth anything.
You must remember the old Flim-Flam Man, from back in the day, and the more expert you are the easier you are to fool.
You say Nikola is a start up,  but they have been in that mode for 6 years and have produced nothing. No working prototypes, no factories, not even a single 
H2 station, and now they say they will build BEV trucks too, at first, and then later  FCVs.
Their story keeps changing, but what really needs changing is their dirty diaper that is once again full, of the same thing that Trevor Milton is full of.
I don't wish to brag but clearly you must have an inkling of my history with being able to spot a pig in a poke, and predict what the future will really look like, this is clearly one of those times.
Good to hear from Stephanie too, as she is on the ball pretty much.
Stay Well.
This story is far from over. Let’s see what the SEC has to say.

China has the worst air quality, but is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar panels & they sold to Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest solar farm (they see the future & it’s not oil).
If you have a cottage off the grid, you can have electric appliances, pumps, & other gizmos that run on electricity, by using green energy- once the initial cost is paid for, your annual cost is FREE.
Remote regions of the world can now have clean/free energy.
You can breath easier- no more dirty oil, gas, propane, or other polluting fuels.

Really enjoy you & Gary and guests' discussions. Think you need to catch-up on Indra's huge casting machines. All the Tesla Y model this year has been built with 2 machines casting a 2 piece rear end saving weight, manpower, robots and variation. Tesla is currently installing a 1 piece casting machine in Fremont; has ordered one for Shanghai and 8 for Berlin. I wouldn't be surprised to hear Elon announce on Battery Day, SEP 22, that they will cast the front assembly also!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a nine passenger base Wagoneer (and Suburban) with the front bench from the Ram with flip down console?
I mean, these were invented for utility.  Not all cowboys jobbers or farmers are independently wealthy.
r work
Yes, it would be nice. Fantastic even. But with customers ready to shell out big bucks for big SUVs, the car companies are not going to miss out on making a $40,000 profit by selling a cheaper one.

Having Mark Del Rosso on AAH was a waste of time.  Right off the bat you asked him about the initial Genesis dealership launch issues – the most interesting topic I could want to hear about – but Mark completely avoided the question.  And you let him get away with the side-step.  But, in fact, every one of his responses felt like self-serving marketing BS.  Autoline is for “car people” and most guests are able to “tell it like it is”, at least to some degree, without harming their employers.  Mark would not.  I like Genesis, and all the Korean brands, BTW.
Bellevue, WA

The side character lines (of the 2021 Odyssey) appear to be better resolved in the tailgate.  The front is simplified and more akin to the Accord.  Same designer?
Its generally more attractive than the previous years of this generation.
Enyac?  Sounds so Slavic.
r work

The Jeep Easter Egg contest winner was supposed to be announced a month ago, by July 31, 2020. Maybe you could ask your FCA contact why this is taking so long. Have they forgotten about it?
Hi Jon,
Short answer: The winner/design has been selected, but not announced publicly yet. (*A non-disclosure agreement is in place with winner until such time as the brand announces vehicle/Easter Egg within it.)
Because the whole point of Easter Eggs is about discovery, the Jeep brand has elected to keep design a "surprise/delight" as part of a future new Jeep brand vehicle.
Which Jeep vehicle it will be is not yet being revealed, but I think it's safe to say that when the new vehicle is announced, we will point out that the consumer-winning design can be found within it .

Diane - Head of Marketing Communication, FCA

Everyone, and being an English major, it hurts. I hold your shows in high regard, the latest on convergence was very good and thought provoking.
Also I congratulate you for getting wise to Tesla as many others were still not tumbling to the disruption that they represent.
Btw, just a little comment on Trevor Milton, who I will now shut-up about.
From a comment at insideevs who I write for:
Trevor Milkingthem says a lot of dumb stuff. Like when he was asked about the lack of heavy equipment working at the AZ sight, he said: 'tractors are not the most important thing when building a new plant'. I suppose that's true especially when you don't even have the permits to build a factory. But then why rent a few pieces of heavy equipment to just sit there for the day when you do a ground-breaking. Doesn't that seem the least bit odd to anyone? But I guess tractors are not important since he says so. Pay no attention to those non working, rented pieces of equipment they are not the important thing.  

Hello John

Thoroughly enjoy all your shows. I bought an ICE a week ago. I didn't want an EV or Hybrid. Batteries are expensive to buy and it's inconvenient and expensive to dispose of them (I worked for a well known battery company) I live on the 45th parallel where we have extreme cold winters and very high summer temperatures. These 2 factors alone contribute significantly to a huge decrease in range as well as the life of the battery. The charging process is very inconvenient and very expensive when you have to charge an EV away from your home. I think we'll see ICE as the main energy source and EVs, Hybrids, Hydrogen, Natural gas, etc will have their own niche markets.
Bob T.

Good feedback. The Autoline studios are just north of the 42nd parallel and your points about EVs in cold weather are spot on.

You misspoke, not to be a putz, but TSLA is already part of the NASDAQ, you meant the S&P 500. Good show and useful information, especially Gary with all his statistics.
I like the commercial form too, short and sweet.   The ICE is dead car rolling.

Regarding the future of the Automotive Industry, I think that ICEs fueled by Hydrogen and Natural Gas are a better way to go than EVs, because many people, like myself; will not want to move away from the sounds and operating characteristics of driving a ICE-powered vehicle, people would rather pay to visit a fuel station to refuel their vehicles with Hydrogen or Natural Gas, than pay to recharge their vehicles at a charging station; and Hydrogen and Natural Gas-fueled ICEs, provided there are as many Hydrogen and Natural Gas refueling stations as there are currently refueling stations selling Gasoline and Diesel, will have a longer range in-between fillups than EVs will ever have in-between charges.

Intriguing feedback, thanks for sending.

John McElroy

So one simple question for Trevor Milton. He says he will build 700 H2 stations in 7 years to cover the U.S. The first one will be built in 2023 in CA.
Ok that's one, what about the other 699, when will they be built, 125 a year on average at around $25 million a piece, to reach that self imposed goal.
Not happening, no matter how much he claims it will.
The ipo is near it's initial price, investors are fleeing the stock.
Comparing a H2 network to electric charging stations is silly. Electricity is ubiquitous and inexpensive, H2 is almost nonexistent and 15 times the cost of
electricity, and 10 times that of diesel. He is simply lying about on site creation of H2 for next to nothing. In addition there are insurance issues with H2
charging stations, as they have propensity to explode. A number have.
No production, no factories, only a small number of vehicles being built by others.
He's personable, friendly, knowledgeable, but most swindlers are.
Two failed companies in his past, one converting diesel to NG, it failed. The other was an internet commerce company, which also went belly up.
Not a great track record. He is FOS. No one has paid any money for contracts they are stipulated on actual deliveries.
As many red flags as you will see at a Nebraska Cornhuskers game.
And I am not off my rocker.

Hi good day
I started listening to Daily last week and I started listening After Hours & This Week today. 
Love the amazing content.
So after listening TRX on After hours my question is: Why do you think Toyota does not have right-hand-drive Tundra and Tacoma?
Greetings from Jamaica, keep up the informative content.
Best Regards,

Great to hear from a viewer in Jamaica!

Toyota makes right hand steer versions of the Hilux pickup truck. Though the Tacoma is a similar size, it shares little with that truck and is only sold in the North American market. The same goes for the Tundra. It is primarily sold in the Americas, and Toyota doesn’t see much demand for it in markets that use right hand steering.

John McElroy

Dear Sean McElroy,
This (Friday) morning as usual I watched your Autoline Daily report with interest. I was disappointed when you presented what seemed to me to be an anti-Trump and (I believe inadvertently) anti-police slant to the story about Trump vs. Goodyear. You selected and presented only some of the facts then did a commentary/summation noting the downside of President Trump chasing customers away from Goodyear, a US-owned manufacturer. Please hear my earnest request. In today's negative and chaotic political climate I had sought occasional refuge in my passion for sports and cars. Sports became politicized long ago and now, sadly, this is also happening to my car hobby in the automotive press, especially Motor Trend (which I no longer read). Please disinfect your reporting of political commentary. We, your viewers, will consult our favorite news sources and draw our own conclusions about the facts. I am at a loss to grasp why more and more for-profit companies are choosing to intentionally offend half their customers.
While Goodyear's CEO has now stated that the particular slide in the presentation was not produced by Goodyear's home office and was put together by an employee at the training site, that slide in the presentation was biased. That slide cherry picked which political wear is acceptable. Clearly THAT bias is what President Trump was reacting to; not a ban on all political speech, which is policy in many places and about which I have not seen President Trump comment.
In addition to the company telling employees that MAGA wear is unacceptable, the now-infamous slide categorized Black Lives Matter attire as acceptable. Two of the three women who started BLM are self-described Marxists who proudly declare they are pushing Marx's ideas on our constitutional republic. Black Lives Matter is also responsible for a lot of violence and bloodshed, including that of our brave police officers, in black neighborhoods that are burning, because of Black Lives Matter, as you read this. Black Lives Matter is political and violent but according to the training slide shown to some Good Year employees is more acceptable to support than our duly elected president. Or our police officers.
That is an outrage worth reporting. 
As you know, that training slide also despicably stated that Blue Lives Matter wear is not acceptable. Blue Lives Matter is only concerned with prosecuting those who murder our LEOs--it is far less political than Black Lives Matter. Many LEOs--regardless of their race--risk their lives every day to protect residents in black neighborhoods. My white police officer son has been among them.
 I understand you have limited time for each story but to omit the chief facts of the matter then slight the president and overlook disrespect to our police officers isn't reporting of which I would be proud.
I wonder how many other car enthusiasts--in my experience a majority of them Trump supporters--also feel let down by your report.
Police dad in Maryland

Thanks for your thoughtful letter.

We agree that Goodyear stumbled over this issue. But we also think the President should never have called for a boycott of the company. As the last US-owned OEM tire company, this is a big mistake. We also criticized the President when he untruthfully claimed that he had to force General Motors to make ventilators.

We will unabashedly defend the auto industry no matter who attacks it, as long as we think their attacks are unmerited. This industry is the backbone of the economy and whoever unfairly attacks it brings us all down.

John McElroy

John and gang, 
I didn't see AAH today, but heard part of it streaming from my phone on the way to an R/C flying field.  The field is kind of out of town, in the middle of nowhere, so my streaming was intermittent, but I heard you ask my question about the TRX making money.  It sounded like they are very convinced that it will make money, even with all of the special stuff they did.  Maybe these type vehicles sell in much greater volume than I would have expected.  I'll play the part of AAH I missed later.  
The guy at the end must have seen something a lot different regarding the upcoming Maverick than I found when googling it.  What I found was clearly a "lifestyle" vehicle, a 4 door, with a very short bed, maybe 4 feet.  Your guest was describing an actual work truck.   
Maybe it was mentioned, and I missed it, but isn't the international Ranger completely different from the one sold in the U.S.?  It would definitely have multiple powertrains available, and be available in more body styles, but I suspect it is narrower too, though I could be wrong.  In any case, I'm sure the right hand drive ones would be built in the regular factories, with the very volume, with the UK, Australia, probably Japan, and other RHD markets.
Anyway, thanks for a good show.  I'll catch the part I missed soon.
Kit Gerhart

When you look at the prices they’re charging ($70,000 and up) it’s hard to believe the TRX could lose money.

You’re right about that small Ford pickup, it will be a lifestyle truck, not a “work” truck. Ford hopes to price it under $20,000 and it will actually be the entry level vehicle for the brand.

The U.S. Ranger has the same styling as the international version, but it was upgraded to meet US crash standards, improve body fits and gaps, and to meet the needs of customers who use it for fun and commuting, not just for work.

John McElroy

I have just been watching Autoline After Hours.  I can confirm that the Ford Ranger is built in right hand drive in Thailand, from where it is exported to Australia and New Zealand among a number of markets.  The current model was mostly designed and developed in Australia.  It was on the market outside the USA for years before Ford federalised it and built it in and for the North American market.
Warwick Rex Dundas

Thanks for all the info. We know the Autoline audience is extremely well informed!

John McElroy

So you had Trevor Milton of Nikola on, who I consider more of a Snake Oil salesman than anything else, but still no Tesla representative, arguably the premier auto maker of our time, certainly in the field of BEVs.
Let's compare what the two companies have done.It's simple since Nikola has done nothing. No production, no factory, just promises.
Let's look at the progress of their two factories one in TX for Tesla which is going great guns, and the other of Nikola in Coolidge AZ where you
have a place as empty as a gun range on a Sunday morning. Everyone's at services, which should soon be held for Nikola as they are DOA..
Well of course Nikola has nothing tangible to show. It's a startup. Let's give it a couple of years and compare it to where Tesla was two years into it's business plan.

John McElroy


1. Do you have to manufacture an EV or just sell it to get EV credits? If Mini sold the Kandi K27 (which kind of looks live the original Mini)could Mini get those credits?

2. I've always liked the Morgan 3 wheeler, but the $50K price tag has always kept me away. I noticed that the Can-Am Ryker retails for less than $10K and Polaris also makes 3 wheelers.

Do you know if Can-Am or Polaris plan on making anything like the Morgan 3 wheeler? Looks like it would be a profitable (if small) new model line.

Kevin Anderson

Good question about the EVs. Our understanding is that an OEM only has to sell EVs to get the credits. It does not necessarily have to make them.

Let’s see if the Kandi cars can pass US crash tests.

We haven’t heard anything about Polaris or Can-Am making something like the Morgan 3-wheeler. Their open-cockpit 3-wheelers are little more than motorcycles.

Did you know that there aren’t any crash standards for 3-wheel vehicles? Whenever you see the manufacturer of a 3-wheel vehicle claim that it meets all safety standards, what they’re referring to is that it has headlamps, taillights, rearview mirrors and turn signals.

John McElroy

Hi Sean and John,
Seldom miss catching Autoline Daily, as it has become a side dish of my lunch each day.
I live in Northville and received this email from DTE this morning on EV Charger locations throughout MI.  If you have not seen this before, thought it might be of interest.
I never really thought of it, but makes sense that all Electric Companies throughout NA should have these locations marked through permitting.  What each company then does with the data is probably quite different across the country.
Best Regards,

Thanks for sending this. It’s amazing that electric utilities aren’t being more proactive in promoting EVs—the razor blades for their razors!

John McElroy

Why hydrogen powered garbage trucks?
My town of Longmont CO recently converted all their garbage trucks to operate on methane gas that is sourced from the city sewage processing facility. It doesn't get much more efficient than that.
It doesn’t get much greener than sourcing methane from garbage dumps and every municipality has one.

Thanks for your input!

John McElroy

Hello Ladies and Gents.
Have been a long time viewer of all things Autoline. (started watching when the weekly show was on the Speed Channel and our local PBS station in the Boston,MA area)
My question is; Why don't you post or say the date during your intro of AD anymore.? Or any of the shows for that matter.
I don't get to watch everyday but when I do watch or listen to catch up to my backlogged shows it would be much nicer to hear " This is Autoline Daily for August 11th, 2020, as an example.
When I look at the list of previous shows I cannot tell when they were shown either. They are listed by the month, not the Day.
Can always continue to integrate that statement into your  show for "The Global Automotive Industry".
If you could take this into consideration it would be greatly appreciated. I hope I'm not THE only person to ever comment on this.
Thanks again,

Thanks much for your feedback. We eliminated announcing the date some time ago. The feedback we got from viewers is they like getting directly to the news. Also, all our shows, whether on our website or YouTube channel have the date they aired listed below them. The same is true for the shows in our archives.

If I’m looking for a show that we did I’ll use the search bar on our website, or even just search for it on Google.

Hope this helps,
John McElroy

Hi Sean, John and Gary,

My name is Dave,  I go by davearn online save my Anonymity. I saw your video of a shop worker drawing templates 

on the floor to program sensors for a vehicle in Autoline video. It came to my mind that they should have some

lasers perhaps from the ceiling, the lasers would shine down on the floor so as to programmed with a computer

for each type of car and the changes made to it. If they don't already have that; it could save man hours and 

could sell a lot of machines that could do that type of job for shops.   

Dave A.

It sounds like you need to build a prototype and pitch these guys on your idea!

John McElroy

Update on my SoCal to OKC trip:
Written from perspective that SoCal is home base.
The BOLT is not an adequate ICE replacement.  Within one charging infrastructure it is fine.  But crossing between ‘owners’ of a network of stations (Oklahoma), is sketchy.  Saturation levels are drastically different.  90% of my juice came from EA in the WalMart parking lots.  Very satisfied, but that only got me to Albuquerque.  Downhill from there!  Pun intended. . . 
New Mexico was the worst.  Used a JuiceNet portable and an RV park 50A plug, both ways. It worked, but I planned this trip for 6 weeks.  Who’s going to do that?
Biggest impact over 2500 miles during Thanksgiving. 1. Wind  2.  Temp.  3. Elevation (and there was a bunch of it)  Flagstaff is beautiful!
Assumption:  The alternative to my experience above, used for comparison = 
1. At least one trip (during ownership) 
2. from your home in an ICE vehicle that 
3. requires at least one refueling, “out of your area” = equals the range avail in one tank of gas for that car.  Since most folks don’t use all avail gas before they fill up, implication is 2 refuels would be required, “out of the area”.
For that purpose, the (non-Tesla) EV can’t compete, yet!
However, I’m so sold on this EV.  I’m a torque lover, not so much about the planet as it is simple fun.  I’ve seen jaws drop . . .  I have an ICE 4Runner as well.  Old 4.0L V-6 1GR-FE — it’ll pull a house!  2015 30K and so pristine!  Dare you to pop the ‘bonnet’!  Didn’t even tint the windows.  
There’s a place out here called West Coast EVs.  They are close by and I need to go visit.  They don’t care much about the ‘statements/egos’ of driving an EV.  They like torque too . . . And do modifications for the fun.  Not too many folks around to ‘Congregate’ with who think that way.  Bonneville  Baby!
The rebates were a good deal though.  I noted that first and then researched the car.  Gotta be careful, I ALMOST MISSED a GREAT CAR - too focused on the $$ instead of the FUN!  Didn’t know that kind of fun could be had at that price point - fresh off the line.  And I think there are millions of others just like me that still haven’t figured it out yet.  
Got lots of data (raw) I haven’t made into a presentation (spreadsheet) yet.  The guessing software for this car was very good.  Almost ‘idiot proof’!  Imagine that? 

Dear Autoline Crew,
 This is Matthew Gamcsik (Gam-sick) and I wanted to send you guys an article that you may or may have not come across over the past couple days. There is a Chinese company called Kandi Technologies and they are going to be introducing two small electric vehicles in the United States. Here is the link from TechCrunch that shines more light on the subject
Enjoy the article and take care.
 Matthew Gamcsik

Hi John ....
Mary Barra is too intelligent to go through the hassle of renaming GM in my opinion.  I loved Rick Wagoner, but he was forever trying things to boost the stock, none of which worked:  get rid of Oldsmobile .... divest GMAC ... etc etc.    It's a fools errand in my opinion ... and as one of your viewers wrote would only serve to alienate millions of people already familiar with the GM name. 
Another point, which GM has either struggled with ... or benefited from is "confusion" over the brand and brands, plural.  Remember a few years ago when all GM vehicles had to have the "GM bud" on the door or front fender near the rocker??  Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac are the brands ... GM is, and always has been secondary in my opinion.  Interestingly one could argue that Fisher Body achieved a sort of brand status back in the 50's and 60's ... but no more. 
As far as EV's go ... I'm a big time EV skeptic (my kids think me a "knuckle dragger").  I studied Mech Engineering at GMI (50 years ago) ... in an Engines class one afternoon we discussed electric propulsion.  It's all about energy density. Given the 20X or so energy advantage in an equivalent weight/size of fossil fuel, as well as storage and transportability of fossil fuels, it's no contest.  There's a reason we've had ICE technology for the last 100 years.  Unless there is a breakthrough in battery technology (Li-ion is NOT a breakthrough) EV's will never be more than a footnote due to higher cost .... limited range .... etc.  
All this headlong rush to EV's astonishes me, however, Bob Lutz explained it last October in one of your AAH episodes where he pointed out that given fuel economy targets, if an auto company misses the target, but had it in their plan, then a "slap on the hand" and a fine.  HOWEVER, if meeting the standard isn't in the plan, then it's jail time.  Given Obama's unrealistic targets ... EV's were the only way to reasonably have a "plan". 
Mary can create an EV Division.  Remember "e-GM"??  In my opinion an EV Division will go nowhere. Splat!!  Best to keep EV's within the Divisions.  I think leading with Cadillac is smart ... . given the higher prices of EV's .... and their "halo" value (though there's no "halo" in them for me). 
Enough of my "rant". 
Keep up the GREAT work with Autoline Daily ... AAH ... and the weekly show.  You do GREAT work!!
Jim (retired from GM)
formerly of Grosse Pointe, MI ... now Spokane, WA

Sorry, I’m catching up on emails and wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your letter.

We really like getting input from our viewers, especially those who work or worked in the industry.

John McElroy

Hi John,
It's sad that COVID-19 hit just around the time I suggested an AAH show with your Citroen DS which I really was interested in seeing.
I hope that we can get a handle on this virus so things can return to somewhat normal and you can bring your DS into the studio for all to see.
That would have made for one great show.
Take Care and Stay Safe.       
Dale Leonard,Cleveland,Ohio

Your idea for the show is a good one and we’ll make it happen once this covid pandemic cools down.

John McElroy

Hello Autoline,
Maybe Ford could make the United States Postal Service's Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) a "halo" product by making it a little better than needed.
They could dedicate some marketing funds for the additional costs.
A win-win for Ford and the USPS?
Bob in upper Minnesota

The US Post Office will soon choose the next generation post office truck and Ford (with Oshkosh) is a finalist. But the USPS will be interested in getting the cheapest price it can.

Ford GT-90 another Management success ?
what happened ?
might make a nice mention.

Thanks for bringing it up, I had completely forgotten about that car!

John McElroy

Hi John and Sean,
I saw some news about Saleen Automotive and thought that you might be interested.  It's about IP theft in China during the pandemic.   Hopefully the same doesn't happen to Tesla and other American firms.
Best Regards,

It’s entirely possible the Chinese city of Rugao ripped off Steve Saleen. But throughout his career he’s never been far away from a lawsuit and this isn’t the first time he lost control of a company he started.

We’ve heard his side of this story, I wonder what his business partners in Rugao have to say?

John McElroy

You guys do a great job. Always on the mark with topics of interest. I try not to miss any of your broadcasts.
I've searched for sources of depreciation data for 10 year and newer vehicles and haven't been able to find anything that supports my interest.
I would like to be able to determine the depreciation curve on various auto models over time. 
For example, I have a 2017 Corvette Grand Sport. 
I knew when I bought it that it would lose value as soon as I drove it off of the lot. 
Now I'm interested in determining the right time to sell. I know it won't be worth any more in the near future (or probably my lifetime) than it is today. But I'd like to make a more educated decision based on how much it's going to depreciate over the next  few years. I don't think there are projection curves, but I could use the history of previous models to make a guesstimate.
Appreciate any help you can provide in pointing me to a good resource.
Thanks, and keep up the entertaining and educational communications.

We’ve been wracking our brains but we don’t know anyone who has a database with this kind of info.

Depreciation depends heavily on the model and condition of a car. We’d suggest you contact outlets or people who specialize in Corvettes. Obviously, another way to determine market value is to look at what other Grand Sports are going for.

John McElroy

When someone hears, tastes, smells, feels, or sees something very disgusting, awful, or terrible, they usually say, "ick" or something like that that shows great displeasure. All those Cadillac names will sound disgusting.

Volume makers like Ford need halo models brand buyers can identify with. Ford were once great at doing this with - in Europe at least Capri, Escorts Mexico & RS models, Ford GT70, RS200 and a racing and rallying programme around the world.
Europe's head of Ford motorsport in 70s Stuart Turner pulled off a masterstroke gifting  all the advertising space on each of their 3 factory Escort entries on the 1970 World cup rally London to Mexico 12,000 mile event over 4 weeks to the 3 main UK national newspapers in return Ford gained 3 full broadsheet pages of reports on 'their' car every day - publicity and consequent sales Ford could never have bought .
Seems to me this spirit to make the brand something to aspire to is currently missing. Pick ups are for builders and SUVs for people who have given up on life. Where are the exciting sports coupes and grand touring cars with style, elegance, beauty and promise of excitement and a higher lifestyle for people to aim for?
Kind Regards


Hello Autoline,
I was out of town, so I missed your segment regarding paddle shifters until today.  You asked and I'm sharing; I use the paddle shifters in my 2020 Mustang GT every time I drive.  I primarily use them for downshifting when approaching a slower vehicle so I don't have to uses the brakes.  I also use them before I intend to pass when I'm on the freeway so I'm in a lower gear.
M i c h a e l 

Good to see you’re putting those paddle shifters to work. Of course, by owning a Mustang GT you’re obviously an enthusiast, so we expect that of you!

John McElroy

Hello John

i just came across this story.
The auto industry is in for a big shakeout.

Bob T

We agree, it’s going to take years for the auto industry to recover from this pandemic. And it’s entirely likely that some OEMs and suppliers won’t come out the other side.

John McElroy

I was saddened to not hear anything on auto line daily about the Nikola plant groundbreaking July 23rd in Coolidge, Arizona. I personally feel that hydrogen fuel is our best prospect for sustainable long range transportation. Electric is great for short trips around town. My Chevy Volt is the best all around vehicle I have owned. If it only had a fuel cell, it would be perfect :-).

Best Regards,

Queen Creek, Arizona
We have covered Nikola extensively. If you haven’t seen our Autoline After Hours with Trevor Milton you ought to check it out.
We decided that the groundbreaking was not important enough to cover in Autoline Daily, since there was other news we considered more important. (BTW, we never cover groundbreakings)
Worry not, we will provide plenty of continuing coverage of Nikola, and when that plant actually opens and starts making trucks, we’ll cover it then.

John McElroy

Paddle shifters are on my 2016 Pilot and I have never had a reason or desire to use them. In fact, I asked the salesman what on earth Honda was thinking. An example of unnecessary equipment.
We totally agree. On a model such as the Pilot they are not needed.

John McElroy

I never do not use paddle shifters (I ALWAYS use them). On my Q60 Red Sport, I immediately shift to manual mode and leave it there for the duration of my drive. When I've had cars with no paddles, but with manual mode, I ALWAYS use manual mode and shift with the stick.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve been pleasantly surprised to see how many Autoline viewers use their paddle shifters.

Of course, so many of our viewers are gearheads we shouldn’t have been surprised at all.

John McElroy

Hi John,
I enjoyed Autoline This week #2420 regarding the new Ford Bronco. It was mentioned that the first Bronco was introduced in 1965. If my memory serves me correctly, it was almost a direct copy of the International Harvester Scout introduced in 1961.
You have said that Jeep has had this segment of the market all to itself for a long time. I'm not sure of exact dates, but back in the 1970s and/or '80s wasn't it Dodge trucks that invented the extended Cab? Then it seemed to disappear and Ford F-150 sold an extended cab for many years before Silverado and Sierra built an extended cab. And Ford allowed GM to sell the Suburban for a long time before building the Expedition.
It seems that some good ideas are successful one company for a long time before others join in. Is this because of patent infringement and/or licensing problems or does it take that long before the market grows enough to accommodate more manufacturers?

Sometimes automakers are copycats and follow hot on the heels of market leaders. Sometimes they’re prideful and refuse to admit a competitor has beaten them to a market segment.

Patents and licensing are not the issue. It’s the mindset of the corporate leadership.

John McElroy

Hi John'
   Since most countries (except the US) are going to ban gas/diesel vehicles by 2035 - Norway by 2025- Ireland, the Netherlands, China, & India by 2030), the ICE vehicle is going to join the dinosaurs, but why are we fighting reality?
 Norway already has 77% of new cars on their roads are EVs- we don't even have 2%
Norway has such high EV penetration because, though taxation, they’ve made it a lot cheaper to buy an EV than an ICE. Countries that offer big subsidies see good EV sales, but those sales plummet the instant those subsidies are reduced, as we’ve seen in China and Denmark.
Also, you overstate the ban on ICEs. There are plenty of declarations to ban ICEs, but no laws are yet in place.
Personally I’d rather see a strict limit on life-cycle GHG emissions from cars, including their manufacturing, usage and recycling. That would get us closer to true sustainability than a ban on piston engines would.

Count me in the use them (paddle shifters) every day column. Had them on my 2014 Honda Cross-Tour and have them on my 2014 MB E350 4Matic coupe. Have some twisty hilly roads and they really add to the fun. And for me driving is fun. Will be 85 years old in August. Don’t intend to grow up at this stage of my life.

Hello Mr. McELroy, How Are You Sir??? And Gary??? And IT'S NICE TO SEE SEAN BACK!!!!    Saw you on "After Hours" Show #517 this week; the most important part to me was the " warm-up" part. I was SHOCKED, AND AS WHEELER DEALERS MIKE BREWER WOULD SAY "GOBSMACKED" when you casually mentioned you had gone to visit former Volkswagen official Oliver Schmidt, who has been imprisoned in a U.S. Jail for several years for his role in the VW Dieselgate Emissions Scandal!!! You won't remember this, but I wrote you several years ago, back when Mr. Schmidt was sentanced, suggesting to you that you should interview him in jail, as I thought there might be a good "tell all" book in his sad story ( I still think he was "Scapgoated" by his VW superiors who happily served him up to the Feds, or he took a bullet for them for a big payday later)  And you said you've seen him 4 times there. I have to tell you I'm very impressed and proud of you for doing that!!! I went to a prison once myself, oddly enough it was a women's prison ( and NO, I wasn't visiting my mother there!!!) so I can empathize with you; it's a very intimidating and humiliating kind of experience, I actually felt like I was guilty of some crime while I was there, so good for you!!! TOO BAD YOU DIDN'T GET TO DO YOUR SHOW THERE!!! I'm sure a lot of the cons in there that are car guys would have liked it too, kinda like Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison!!! Anyway, I'll keep watching to see if anything ever comes from your "visits" 
P.S. : The end of this month will mark the 75th anniversary of the sinking of the U.S.S. INDIANAPOLIS, and the tragic loss of lives before rescue, the largest loss of lives from any single U.S.Navy ship at sea in WW2 ( The Arizona lost more, but was not at sea, moored in Pearl Harbor at the time) BUT THEY DELIVERED THE BOMB!!!!   

Thanks so much for your letter. I truly enjoyed reading it.

There is no question that Oliver was way down the chain of command at VW and the real culprits in Dieselgate have not yet come to justice. But it will happen.

I’m quite familiar with the story of the USS Indianapolis and it’s a haunting one.

John McElroy

Ford should also come out with a new Full-Size Bronco utilizing the Frame from the Regular Cab, 5 1/2 Foot Bed, 4-Wheel-Drive F-150.
Furthermore, Ford should also honor the history of the Ford Broncos converted by Centurion industries of White Pigeon, Michigan into Suburban-type vehicles, some of which were built on not an F-250, but an F-350 Single-Rear-Wheel or Dual-Rear-Wheel chassis. These are the real precursor to the Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, and Ford Excursion.
Here is the link to a fan website about these Full-Size Broncos converted by Centurion Industries:

Sincerely Yours,
If the Bronco models that Ford is launching are successful they will want to expand the model line. A full size Bronco as you describe would be a perfect addition.

Thanks for the link to Centurion Industries, they’ve done impressive work.

Hi John & Gary,
I found this information interesting: "Plug-in market share powers past 8% in the UK, Germany and France". Here is the website link.
Regards, Laurie
Most countries in the European Union are offering very generous incentives for plugins. In some countries ICE vehicles are priced higher than BEVs. As automakers offer consumers more models to choose from they’ll continue to gain in market share.

Saw your taped program from May 22 2020. Navistar is getting into the telematics that was being discussed on your program.
All the smart companies will get into telematics, which represents a growth path.

Hey John! I wish this was my dealership
Actually two weeks ago my genesis dealer was doing maintenance to my G70 and borrowed me a $90,000 G90! I was working at the time so kids at my group were impressed.. one lucky boy even got to go for a ride. (They're all now loyal underage Genesis fans)
Now that’s the way to get customers to go to the dealership to get an oil change!

In regards to your truck show, when Gary said "some people would not even know what a pick-up truck was even if it ran them over."
What would they say: "Hey, did somebody get the number of what that was that ran me over?"
American trucks enjoy huge protections 25% against foreign competitors, which makes them more complacent and focused only on competing with each other.
Truck sales are way down like almost everything else and Ford has laid a lot of eggs as of late, and only one golden one. Ford is broke, despite all the money
they make, which is why they cancelled their dividend, and are borrowing money at exorbitant rates, near 10%.

Volume makers like Ford need halo models brand buyers can identify with. Ford were once great at doing this with - in Europe at least Capri, Escorts Mexico & RS models, Ford GT70, RS200 and a racing and rallying programme around the world.
Europe's head of Ford motorsport in the 70s, Stuart Turner pulled off a masterstroke  gifting all the advertising space on each of their 3 factory Escort entries on the 1970 World cup rally London to Mexico 12,000 mile event over 4 weeks to the 3 main UK national newspapers. In return Ford gained 3 full broadsheet pages of reports on 'their' car every day - publicity and consequent sales Ford could never have bought.
Seems to me this spirit to make the brand something to aspire to is currently missing. Pick ups are for builders and SUVs for people who have given up on life. Where are the exciting sports coupes and grand touring cars with style, elegance, beauty and promise of excitement and a higher lifestyle for people to aim for?
Kind Regards


Dear Autoline Team, 
First of all hope you are all safe in these crazy pandemic times. Second, may of us viewers can´t wait to get more of your daily automotive dose and mainly i wanted to share my hapiness getting some of your merch for the second time. Come on guys, keep up the good work and let´s keep those episodes rollin´ …. specially the after hours show.
All the best,

I have not seen this reported by you yet.
"California passed the Advanced Clean Trucks rule in late June. It requires heavy duty pickup trucks to be zero-emission vehicles. The rule will be phased in from 2024 through 2035. 
Here is the CARB Press release. From the picture, it looks like they are talking about Class 8 trucks.

SACRAMENTO – Today, the California Air Resources Board adopted a first-in-the-world rule requiring truck manufacturers to transition from diesel trucks and vans to electric zero-emission trucks beginning in 2024. By 2045, every new truck sold in California will be zero-emission.

Good morning saw the piece on the Segway interesting to note. Electric bikes
are a huge thing here in the Northwest and pricing continues to climb median
price for a desirable ebike about 5K and a blast to ride.

Hey John,
Great job on delivering the automotive news. I never miss it.  Would love to see you devote a small segment each time to heavy trucks as well (class 5-8). It seems no one covers this much and especially with your and Sean’s enthusiasm and style. By the way, what ever happened to Elio Motors? Any idea?
Thanks again for your hard work.

Actually we do cover the heavy truck segment, but not as frequently as the light duty segment.

Unfortunately, we think that Elio tried to bite off more than it could chew. It broke the Golden Rule for startups: start small, think big, move fast. Elio tried to start big, by buying a gigantic GM plant.
It should have started in an old warehouse and scaled up from there. Now investors want their money back. But they’re not going to get it and we’re surprised Elio has not yet publicly announced that its going to close for good.

John McElroy

I have never understood why Model 3 & Y are called luxury cars. Maybe the S was, and the X if only by price, but given the issues you just described along with the lack of basic features true luxury cars have Tesla falling short of luxury status. Can’t forgive the quality of materials either. 

You’re right. The 3 and Y are not luxury cars, though the S and X definitely are.

For convenience sake, the industry generally uses the MSRP to delineate what’s a luxury car. These days, once a car costs over $80,000 it generally gets listed in the luxury category.

Did the GM mis-guess their sales and incentives? I just bought a Chevy 
Colorado and they were offering huge incentives (much more than I've 
ever seen on a Colorado), yet they had none in inventory. The dealer 
(in Indianapolis) had to pull the truck from another dealer 100 miles 
away. I've never seen this dealer's lot so empty, especially pickups.

From BobD

This wouldn’t be the first time an automaker was too quick to add incentives or too slow to pull them. You got lucky!

The Wall Street Journal reports Tesla down 33% and 45% down "for the broader industry." Does this mean Tesla penetration is up 45-33 ~= +12%?
As for the report about Tesla sales down 77% in California, without referencing the 'broader industry' a one-sided report is useless. Was the "broader industry" down 90% so California saw a +12% penetration?
Funny numbers are easy to spot because too often they only report part of what is going on in the car market.
Bob Wilson
Huntsville, AL

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have been following the world auto industry & amazed that the various managements have not been able to look to the future. They are still producing ICE vehicles, knowing that they will be banned in 15 years.
Norway has 77% of new cars, as EVs, while we barely have 2% - not rocket science - we better improve or join the dinosaurs.

Hello Again Mr. McELroy, How Are You Sir???     Are You Telling Me That Ford Is INTENTIONALLY DEBUTING THE NEW BRONCO ON SIMPSON'S BIRTHDAY???  DISGUSTING!!!  DISGUSTING!!!   Why in the HELL would a group of responsible car people want to be associated with that LOSER MURDERER???  Free publicity??  more like evil notoriety!!!  Just because he was found "Not Guilty" in the famous criminal court case (circus?) he WAS later found guilty in civil court, and I believe he even wrote a book called "I Did It" (I never read it and never will, he ain't getting one cent outta me!!!)  This would be akin to the present day Japanese Self Defense Force Launching an Aircraft Carrier on December 7th!!!   And what's worse, he was found "Not Guilty" (I'll NEVER SAY INNOCENT!!!) On October 3, 1995, MY BIRTHDAY!!!   NAUSEATING!!!             STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY.      Chas, Plainville, Ct.

My guess is that Ford picked the date without anyone knowing it was OJs birthday.

I like, for the first time, the design language on the IS, its cleaner, resolved and elegant.  The black edges help too.
No, Nissan didn't steal the look of the Palisade, but I'll bet FCA is regretting their retreat from that front end lighting setup.
Yes, its nice to hear of the Trump/Barra resolution.

So Ford screwed up by choosing O.J. Simpson's birthday as the day to introduce the new Ford Bronco. Really???
(When I was at the University of Chicago one professor told us "If I write 'Really' on your paper, it means that I believe that you bought into the BS of the case.)
Look at all of the buzz Ford has already created just by choosing that date. And to top it off, that made the connection between this new Bronco and the legendary Bronco.
A terrible mistake? Or 'dumb like a fox.'
Could be dumb like a fox, but the new Bronco would’ve got a ton a great publicity if revealed on a different date without everyone being reminded of OJ.

The 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible reviewed on Jun 12 by John McElroy received a glowing report. Really? You must have discounted that front Cow Catcher grill! How could anybody drive such an ugly abomination? But the Avalon looks even worse. It looks like one of those parking lot sweepers!
Torrance, CA

Your show on Nikola was really interesting and entertaining especially when
his wife needed the tractor moved. A real moment. Your show is always
entertaining. And the recent piece with Ralph was really good too. Have a
good week !
Left coast

Thanks for the great feedback, much appreciated!

John McElroy

John, if the Confederate flags are removed from the race tracks, thousands of red necks will remove themselves and $$$$$ also. I wouldn’t blame them.
JJ in AR
JJ, if NASCAR's sponsors leave the series over this there won't be any races for those rednecks to fly Confederate flags. And I wouldn't blame the sponsors for leaving.

John McElroy

Hallo friends,
please find attached an article about Volkswagen and Herbert Diess. I saw your notes from you in your show yesterday. They are both in trouble with each other. The article is in German. Google translator will fix that. It is out of the „Handelsblatt“ - a very well respected daily publication in Germany - dating June 9th, 2020.
"The introduction of the model Golf 8 went katastrophically wrong. The VW ID 3 is coming also month later with an unfinished softwarepackage. That made the labor unions go mad. VW is ruled by the labor union called IG Metall. 95 % of employees in the company are union members. Even the top managemen is organized in the union. The power of the union is unlimited within the company. Diess wanted – and had to - to cut costs aggresivly. Therefore he got into trouble with the boss of the union. Than the battle between Diess and the unions began. The former CEO Piech bribed the boss of the union and therefore he got free hands, which led to another scandal."
I hope that is of interest for you.
Best regards
Johannes Christoph Platz

Thanks so much for sending this. We love it when our viewers point us to other news sources and information.

All the best,
John McElroy

Hello John,
This is Bo from Winnipeg MB Canada, replying to Wednesdays show. Why buy premium cars.. well the answer is yes and no. I bought a genesis G70 Elite and i love it. For me it definitely leans to being more of a premium then a mass market car.. but the savings are incredible. I purchased it in Canada for $47,000 with great financing. Now to compare it to the rivals an Audi A4 is $55,600, an Mercedes Benz C class is $59,900 and a BMW 3 series is $57,900. When u consider what u get is awesome. Great driving dynamics, quality materials, attention to detail.. even though it has the same infotainment from any other Hyundai and shares switchgear from the Kia Stinger. But saving at least 10,000 is worth it. Did I mention It comes with free maintenance and free loaner cars for the first 5 years? Even if you bought the top model Accord or Camry your still getting a deal. 
Now the only issue I have is my buddy Joe picking on me cause I bought a fancy Kia!
Enjoy the show John and look forward to the next one!
Winnipeg MB Canada
Bo, we could not agree more. That G70 is a fantastic car and the equal of its Mercedes, BMW and Audi counterparts. I’d say this even if it cost the same as them, and with such a lower price it’s quite a bargain as well.

John McElroy

Hi John,
I love your after hours shows and was wondering if in the future when you have a show on automotive design (like you had the one with Dave P. on the Mustang) could you ask the designers why license plates are never considered part of the design, but a post design add-on?
I have noticed that at auto show or on concept car designs license plates are never mounted on the cars when displayed to public. BTW - I just peeked at the new BMW design language with the large “KIDNEY GRILL” and the ugly front  with the license plate mounted on.
Very ugly indeed!  Why do we still need to have license plates on cars today with all the  GPS and cloud control tracking on the horizon?
Thank you very much,
You raise a really good point. And we have something to say about the BMW license plate when Autoline Daily comes out later today.
It’s odd how some countries, or even states/provinces, have different requirements for front license plate.
One thing is for sure, every single designer in the world hates them.
John McElroy

I up to now avowed that I would never, never-ever own an electrical vehicle.  
Out of a dire need to break the monotony of the Covid quarantine we (my wife and I both north of 70 years old) bought two electric bikes.  We bought them as "entertainment" but really see where they have a terrific role in the transportation mix.  With a pedal assist range of 35 miles or  15 miles of electric only, they really fit a niche in fun as well as functional local transportation.  Scooters and such have much less appeal.  We can ride till our legs give out and quietly motor on if need be.  Battery and motor technology is changing the bicycle.
I can see where urban dwellers may find e-bikes the answer to subways bus or other shared transportation for trips.  We find riding in the suburbs to be fun and practical too.  What's more where we live the Class 1 and 2 electric bike law in Ohio treats it as a normal bicycle.  That is comforting to in that if I do loose my drivers license to age, I might still be able to toodle over to the store or pharmacy on my bike if road, weather and the ability to ride a bike is still with me!
So in the total transportation mix, look into the e bike.  I think the market for them will be exploding over the next few years.
Though I have changed my mind on electric transportation there is still no room in my future for owning or riding in any driver-less vehicle....Until Detroit can deliver to me a glitch free center stack.

The first time I rode an e-bike (from EV Global, a company which Lee Iacocca was championing over 20 years ago!) I thought “What’s the big deal?” Then I turned around and saw the big, long hill I had climbed with almost no effort. I’ve been sold on e-bikes ever since.

John McElroy

In your opinion which of the following would be more desirable?

1. a pickup truck with a large storage battery powering an electric motor on each of the four wheels.


2. a pickup truck with an IC engine powering a generator which would power an electric motor on each of the four wheels.

Thank you for your attention.

Pickup buyers have the greatest choices compared to any other segment. They can choose from standard cabs, extended cabs and crew cabs. They can choose short or long wheel base trucks, and different size beds, as well as many different engines and transmissions and AWD.

So your question comes down to personal choice and personal needs. And it will come from actually test driving the two different kinds of pickups you describe, neither of which is available.

But since range-extending EVs don’t seem to sell well, it cold be that a pure BEV will end up being more popular.

Dear Autoline Network,
 I found another article on The Drive's website of a photo of a Dodge Grand Cherokee that surfaced recently. Here is the link to the article
I thought it was interesting to share with you and other people. Take care and stay safe.

Thanks for sending, but we sure are glad they never made a Dodge version of the 1993 Grand Cherokee.

John McElroy

I hope you, your family, and your crew are well.
I’m not a big racing fan, ever since NASCAR evolved away from “stock cars” to today’s pure race cars, but the eracing idea intrigues me. It would be interesting if NASCAR (or any other racing body) tried new ideas such as “time travel racing” where modern drivers would be put behind the wheel of vintage racers. Imagine today’s NASCAR drivers racing stock cars of the 1960s or 1950s. An even more interesting scenario would put modern Formula 1 drivers in cars from Fangio’s era! How would these drivers deal with old technology in power and tires and suspension? Could bring the talents of these drivers to a whole new class of racing/automotive fans.
Sam Fiorani
Vice President
Global Vehicle Forecasting
AutoForecast Solutions LLC

What a fantastic idea!


Dear Autoline Daily Team,
 I found this article of a company, based out of Russia, that produced a Ford Focus Speedster. I thought this was an interesting article and possibly something to highlight in a future show. Here is the link for the article.
Enjoy the article. Take care and stay safe.

Thanks for sending. Cool car, and the Russian shop that did this is very impressive.

John McElroy

The danger of on-line purchasing that comes to mind is the buyer that doesn’t do their homework of driving autos to purchase before making an on-line purchase. In my limited experience I’ve seen buyers disappointed with their purchase after buying what they thought was the perfect auto for them only to find the auto they purchased without driving first led to buyer’s remorse because it wasn’t what made them comfortable when driving or owning their purchase. The other concern I have is the danger of hackers obtaining the prospective buyers personal information causing the buyer much distress in the future.
Yakima, WA

You’d be surprised, many people don’t take a test drive of the car they’re going to buy. And that’s been the case ever since I started covering the industry.

Cyber security is a big problem for everyone. But buying a car online is no more dangerous than online shopping or banking.

Didn't Fauci say masks did no good?  Don't they make you breath your own breath?  Don't they deprive you of oxygen because of that?
Wearing them for 8 hours plus will cause fainting on the line unless they have one way valves.
Please don't repeat the directed media line that 'the president should wear a mask' nonsense.  For one, he's not infectious, second, he would be misunderstood and misquoted, then, there is what I just wrote above.
r work
Like so many things with this virus, we’re learning new things as we go along.
There were early reports that masks didn’t help that much. Now we know that is wrong. Masks do help reduce spread of the virus.
Check out this link:
The CDC is the entity that is setting the  protocols for reopening safely, Every automaker and supplier is following those protocols, which mandates that everyone who goes in a plant has to be scanned for a fever, wear a mask and gloves and eye protection.
VP Mike Pence now wears a mask when he visits facilities and admits he should have worn one when he visited the Mayo Clinic:

Hello Mr.McELroy, How Are You, Sir?  And Gary V.?  And Sean M.?  And The Rest of the Crew?   I am very sorry to have to write you about this, but it disturbed me ( I guess I'm just getting too old to see the fun in anything anymore!!! ).   And I know you are a passionate motorsports fan, but that video from the "Drift King" Vaughn Gittle, where he spun his car near his living room window, while his wife and son were watching him, and admitted that he almost "lost control" there seems very irresponsible and dangerous to me!!!   While I would admit that he is a talented driver, I think he should do his thing at an approved track, not his home!!!   Sorry.  Chas Orvis

Thanks for the feedback and your concern. I’m sure you’re not the only one who feels this way.

John McElroy

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