AAH #136 – Oh My God, it’s Michael Paratore!

February 10th, 2012 at 11:39am

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This week it’s all about auto ads, and we’re bringing in the automotive advertising queen to help us get down to the heart of the matter. Jean Halliday is the voice behind AutoAdOpolis, and we’re sure she has some opinions to share about the big Super Bowl ad event. We’ll also get into the news of the week and that includes the Chicago Auto Show, and we’ll discuss the implications of the Ford management changes that went down this week. All this and more with John McElroy and Peter De Lorenzo the Autoextremist.

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One Comment to “AAH #136 – Oh My God, it’s Michael Paratore!”

  1. Truman Lewis Says:

    Peter, need some chill pills, I am from Oklahoma and never been to Detroit and what John was saying and watching TV shows shot in Detroit, sure gives a real negative view of your area from down this way, so anything bulids you guys up, no matter who’s behind it, a postive is a postive.Peter I like you, but your not all knowing and are wrong sometime (I was wrong once also) And why does no one say anything about Ford borrowing all the money from AIG and bringing them down? are am I wrong on that?