AAH #152 – Vapor Lock

June 1st, 2012 at 10:56am

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On the docket this week: is the Toyota sales recovery the real deal? Chevrolet drops the Super Bowl and teams up with Manchester United (they play the other kind of football) to hopefully cement the bowtie as an international brand. Plus, we’ll take a stroll down memory lane to remember the Chevrolet Corvair, the classic in the studio today. To discuss these topics and way, way more, Peter De Lorenzo, the Autoextremist, is joined by Gary Vasilash from Automotive Design & Production and Scott Burgess from AOL Autos.

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3 Comments to “AAH #152 – Vapor Lock”

  1. Matt Hansen Says:

    Great show as usual. I agree Toyota needs to get their house in order and I know they are working on it. The only reason they are selling well is loyal repeat buyers, and badge. Most of the public isn’t educated in the fact that the competition has caught up or surpass Toyota in terms of reliability, quality and competitive product. Sure Toyota might have some edge but not much. Its relying on name and past to sell its dated cars which are drab and dull. Good thing the CEO sees that as well. So Toyota will come guns a blazing. It will take time for others to prove to the public that Toyota isn’t the end all be all. I’m curious about the Altima. It will do good but not better than the Camry, that has such a strong following, it will overtime with other mid-size cars knock into Camry’s sales. We’ll see.

  2. AccessAlabama Says:

    video seems long enough

  3. David Jakab Says:

    CORVAIR BRAKES – don’t need disks

    I have kept my 1965 Monza Convertible as a daily good-weather driver for 32 years and finally upgraded the brake system. Had them install a 1967 dual master cylindar with all new lines and parts except the drums. I think the shoes and other parts are NAPA.

    As part of this upgrade I had the mechanic install a proportioning valve front to rear and I put just a little bias towards the rear.

    Even with cheap Kumho Power Star 758 185/70 R 13 86T tires it will suck your eyes out. It is so good I play games with other cars speeding up beside them to stop lights and just stopping. No tire squeel. No dive. No drama.

    In one long steep down hill left turn lane I make a left into a gas station that is situated about 50 yards from the actual left turn light. I come in 60-65 mph quickly ease them on then just stop. No fade. No smell. Just stop.

    I am certain if this car had anti-lock it could outstop my Malibu Max which has high performance low profile Summer tires.

    Even going down hill with all that extra weight on the front tires the rear brakes do not get light. I have experimented if it gets brake oversteer in hard turns and it does not.

    The proportioning valve does not have an accumulator and if you put too much bias to the rear the front brakes will lose effect. So either put in an accumulator or be VERY careful in adjusting the bias.

    Without an accumulator there is not enough stretch in the brake lines to accomodate a hard rear bias. But that could be dangerous anyway.

    And cornering? I have some experience autocrossing and even took a Skip Barber school at Road Atlanta. (My prepared Malibu Maxx just frigin ATE UP the autocross track.)

    Even got rotation in the really really tight turns under full power. Later, the instructors were sureptitiously examining the front tires for non-existant scrubing or chunking.

    Where I live is this long, down hill four lane left hand sweeper with good guard rails, and a lot of room between the two left and two right lanes. Maybe a Vet could do at 95-100mph. The Max is rock-stable at about 90, but I have not tested the limits. I suspect it would be dead neutral but don’t want to find out.

    The stupid Corvair can come through it at 85 with more to go. I go in at about 80 to settle the rubbery suspension then accelerate to 85.

    Not one single car or motorcycle has ever followed me through that turn [even while driving the corvair] though many tried and then chickened out.

    Again, I have not tested the limits, for obvious reasons [convertible] but I think it would just wash out neutral at about 90. I keep telling myself to stop doing that, but people keep trying to pass!

    I live in a very rural area where you have room to do this stuff. Haven’t had a ticket since 1996. And have stopped hot rodding on ALL two lane roads. I stopped after the stability control on my 2007 CTS [with sport suspension] tried to assasinate me with a gigantic correction that had, well bad results for every surface of the body.

    Not one airbag deployed, no other cars were involved, and I did not have a scratch. But upside down and backwards over a 15 foot cliff even at modest speed put the fear of God in me.

    I always told myself I would only permit one bad accident. Never came close before that. Maybe I should just retire when I qualify for Medicare.

    PS: If you use this in a podcast or something I would appreciate deleting the last name, unless that is against policy.