DESIGN TIME: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept

February 12th, 2009 at 12:00pm

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Take a quick walk around Chevy’s new Corvette Stingray concept with GM’s Vice President of Global Design, Ed Welburn.

11 Comments to “DESIGN TIME: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept”

  1. Episode 79 - GM & UAW Negotiate, Mitsubishi Drops Frankfurt, Chevy Unveils Stingray Concept - Autoline Daily Says:

    [...] which is set to come out in June. If you want more information about the car we’ll have a video with Ed Welburn, GM’s VP of global design, posted on the John’s Journal page on our website a little later [...]

  2. John Says:


    The rear body is really busy.

    It will take a lot of getting adjusted to.

  3. Fern Gravel Says:

    Hottest Corvette I have ever seen in my 63 years.Love every bit of it…great job..

  4. Joe Nagy Says:

    Luv it! I’ll buy one!

    Reninds me a lot of the ’63 Stingray coupe when it came out in the fall of ’62, and I just drooled over it, being a poverty stricken college freshman back then. I hope GM survives and maybe builds this puppy. Best regards from Florida,

    Joe Nagy.

  5. mike dobrowski Says:

    now that is what the next C7 should look like.

  6. Bob Kennedy Says:

    I hope we don’t se the same complant about the split window as we saw the last time in that you cannot see out the back via the rear view mirror. The back looks more like a Porche with side pods. Over all very interesting and love to see one live.

  7. Julius Lambert Says:

    Do not tease us like GM did with the Mid-engine of the PAST.Build this unit in a ZR1 4/4 with a launch MODE, to handle the POWER and I will place my order NOW.MSRP would be aprx. 125K.

  8. Larry Grimaldi Says:

    I’ve owned many Corvettes since 1973.Mostly 2 at a time.Every year you think you can’t top the past.The future looks bright

  9. Wayne Ellwood Says:

    Re: Corvette’s Latest Disaster from Styling:

    Isn’t it unfortunate that, some 40 years later, the boys in styling continue to be hamstrung by a juvenile fixation with fins, slots and phony racer idioms. To make matters worse, Tom Peters (I assume) has added references to the idiotic wedding cake design theme that drove AZTEC to oblivion and how haunts Canmaro. Ed Welbrun might well hide his head in shame for endorsing this piece of crap. Acknowledging that any production model (however unlikely) would be totally modified, I just can’t see any mitigating feature…. this is just too awful to describe…yet another failure from GM Design. Perhaps bankruptcy is the answer if this is all we can anticipate.

    By the way, as a stanch Corvette owner, I don’t mind identifying myself, as per signature block below. I stand by my opinions. And, in this case, have no fear of being proven wrong.

    Wayne Ellwood
    corvette Artricles & Photos
    129 Dunbarton Court
    Ottawa, ON. K1K 4L6
    613-741-2879 (T)

  10. Merv Peters Says:

    Oh yes very nice,build it.

  11. pete Says:

    I prefer the 08 z06 lines.. much more fluid