AD #1243 – 3rd Quarter Earnings Posted, 2015 Hyundai Genesis Revealed, Heads-Up Helmet

October 24th, 2013 at 11:44am

Runtime: 8:27

Ford, Daimler and Hyundai posted strong earnings in the third quarter. And speaking of Hyundai, the company just released a couple of renderings of the new Genesis that’s set to debut next year. One company has created a motorcycle helmet that features a heads-up display. All that and more, plus Design Handbook’s Jim Hall explains why big wheels are one of the secrets of proportion.

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Welcome to Autoline Daily. Later in the show, you’ll see the 40-inch wheels of Jim Hall’s American Underslung from a mile away. And that means we’ll have another well-rounded edition of the Design Handbook later in the show. But first let’s get to the news, and we start out today with a string of earnings reports.

Ford is running strong financially, but not as strong as it was a year ago. The company sold 1.5 million vehicles in the last three months, up nearly 16% over a year ago. And its revenues jumped 12% to $36 billion. But here’s a shocker, the company’s net profit fell 22%. That’s because Ford took a one-time charge of nearly half a billion dollars to cover restructuring costs in Europe, and for lump-sum payments to pay for early retirement of employees in the United States. The company did post record pre-tax earnings. Even so, Ford’s earnings in its North American profit machine fell flat as the company put more money into investments for new products and facilities.

Meanwhile, the numbers game looks a lot better at Daimler. It sold 594,000 cars, trucks and busses in the last three months, which is a 13% gain over a year ago. That pushed revenue up to $40 billion, a 5% gain over a year ago. Think about that a minute. Even though Ford sold a million more vehicles than Daimler, the German automaker brought in more cash. That shows the value of having a luxury brand and why Ford really needs to get Lincoln back on track. Daimler saw its net profit shoot up a jaw dropping 53%, hitting $2.5 billion.

Hyundai also posted its third quarter earnings, but the company does not publish a lot of financial details. We know that it sold 1.1 million vehicles and that its revenue came to nearly $20 billion, up 6% from a year ago. And its net profit came in at just over $2 billion, up 4% from last year.

Speaking of Hyundai it just released a couple of renderings of the new Genesis that’s set to debut next year. The company didn’t release much info about the car other than to say it’s better than the outgoing model. The 2015 model carries over some styling cues from Hyundai’s HCD-14 Concept that was unveiled at the Detroit auto show. Above the beltline both cars are pretty similar but the front-end for the new Genesis isn’t quite as bold as the concept.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying that we learn from our mistakes. Well, the founder of Skully motorcycle helmets falls into that category. After getting into an accident while trying to read a street sign, Marcus Weller came up with idea for the P-1. It is a DOT-certified motorcycle helmet that has a navigation system, 180 degree rear-view camera and Bluetooth capability with voice control. The P-1 uses a HUD to project the info onto the bottom right corner of the visor, out of the riders primary field of vision. If you think the P-1 may be up your alley, then head over to the website to sign up to become an approved beta-tester before its official debut next year.

Yesterday, in the Autoline Garage Sean McElroy showed us that big wheels can cause big headaches for customers. Coming up next, Autoline’s Know-it-All-in-Chief Jim Hall weighs in on the issue, so don’t roll out just yet.

As we’ve said, more and more cars these days are coming equipped with bigger wheels than ever before, and that can be an expensive proposition. But, if we’re talking looks, you can’t beat a car with whopping big rims. Just look at any teaser sketch released before an auto show; now THAT’S the car the designer wishes he could build! Big wheels are one of the “Secrets of Proportion” in the Design Handbook.

(Today’s Design Handbook is only available in the video version of the show.)

Now, if you’ve got ideas for Design Handbook, or if you just want to reminisce about your favorite plastic tricycle, you know where to go: [email protected].

Don’t forget to join us for Autoline After Hours tonight. Our guest is Mike Sweers, the chief engineer on the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma, and he’ll be bringing the brand new Tundra into the studio with him tonight. So if you’ve got any questions as to what Toyota is doing with its pick-up trucks, tonight’s the night to ask them. Join me and the Autoextremist Peter De Lorenzo for the best insider information in the business tonight starting at 6 pm eastern time and of course it will be posted later for your convenience at

Anyway, that wraps up today’s report, thanks for watching.

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89 Comments to “AD #1243 – 3rd Quarter Earnings Posted, 2015 Hyundai Genesis Revealed, Heads-Up Helmet”

  1. Bradley Says:

    1. Why do OEM wheels seem to be 1/2″ narrower than the standard aftermarket counterpart?

    2. Maybe this is only on Japanese OEM wheels, but they always have a marking that looking like a JL put together, what is that?

  2. ColoradoKid Says:

    ” No excuses .. No more crappy cars ”

    That’d sure be a nice change of pace ! Here’s hoping … in vain most likely … but here’s hoping

  3. ColoradoKid Says:

    Fords profits . Down ?

    Excuse me ?

  4. T. Bejma Says:


    One of the reasons is that in some regions there are requirements about keeping the wheel/tire within the fender lip (we recently had to add an extra lip on an export vehicle to meet the requirement without changing the tire). Another reason is stone chip protection. Both are not in the consideration for aftermarket wheels which are only concerned with appearance and usually a little wider wheel or a little of the tire sticking past the fender looks better.

  5. C-Tech Says:

    Hello. Just a follow up to yesterday, Pedro it wazs the BBC Top Gear test of the FR-S which said Toyota used the Prius tires.

    Didn’t Volvo (when owned by Ford) use the “cleaner than outside air” line in their U.S. ads years ago?

    I am not a cyclist, but the helmet lookes cool!

    If U.S. parents bought more Big Wheels than Power Wheels for their kids, the country will have healthier kids (IMHO).

  6. ColoradoKid Says:

    One last . Seems GM in general [ pun intended ] cant recall their own history !

    Note to GM … Buick is 41 years old … not 40 !

    Oops !

  7. ColoradoKid Says:


    ” If U.S. parents bought more Big Wheels than Power Wheels for their kids, the country will have healthier kids (IMHO) ”

    +1 … times as many as you’d like !!!

    [ FYI ; That aint no opinion .. humble or otherwise C . Thats a bonafide fact ]

  8. T. Bejma Says:


    I was thinking the same thing. All of the media is falling all over themselves about how great Ford did and John comes in saying the opposite. John is technically right, but it was still a really good quarter for Ford. I am sure some of that $8-10K on the hood of the F150′s is cutting into profits as well.

  9. Tony Gray Says:

    That P1 helmet looks interesting. The GPS interface would be nice, but the rear view is what I have my mirrors form By the way my ONLY accident on the street happened at a red light when some knucklehead kid who wasn’t paying attention slammed his mom’s Explorer into the back of my Harley. Maybe if the P1 comes with a link to automatically fire a Hellfire at anybody approaching from the rear at breakneck speeds I might be in the market.

  10. Tony Gray Says:

    Sorry about the typo’s guys. I wish there was an edit feature, but alas, you will have to put up with me being fat fingered.

  11. C-Tech Says:

    @ #6 Not to start a fight, isn’t Buick about 100+ years old? I thought it started building cars around 1905-6?

    @ #10 No problems here, the Hellfire option sounds promising, We need Q to look into it right away.

  12. ColoradoKid Says:

    #6 revisited

    I knew something was wrong the instant I hit ‘ submit ‘

    Its the Buick Regal’s anniversary .. not Buick’s !!

    More coffee … more coffee

  13. ColoradoKid Says:

    11- No fight . My bad . Mea culpa . See #12


    8 – You being civil ? Heck ! May have to do the same then !

  14. ColoradoKid Says:

    9 – As an associate of mine is so fond of saying

    ” Theres not a problem on earth that cant be solved with a well loaded rocket launcher ”

    A bit extreme perhaps … but then again ;-)

  15. Jon M Says:

    @ #3 – Yes, profits are down, $359 million as stated, which nets a decrease on per share basis of $0.10. But analysts don’t just look at the bottom line. As they noticed, there were some special one time items that impacted net income. Excluding those items, Ford beat the analysts’ EPS estimate of $0.38/share. In other words, operating income—pre-tax profit, not net income—returned $0.45/share. Therefore, while net income decreased, analysts aren’t concerned since there were one time items that reduced an otherwise profitable 3Q.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I’ve noticed the same thing. Maybe the aftermarket wheel makers assume that anyone who buys their wheels will “up size” the tires, but when I’ve bought wheels, that wasn’t what I wanted.

    Also, as far as OEM wheels, American car companies, and maybe Japanese ones seem to use wheels on the narrow end of the spec for the tire size fitted. I’ve heard that they do that so the fat part of the tire will be wider than the wheel, reducing the likelihood of damaging wheels by scraping curbs when parallel parking, etc. There would be some compromise in tire performance by using narrower wheels than the middle, or wide end of the spec for the tire size.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6, Huh? Buick is about 110 years old.

  18. HtG Says:

    Great Design Handbook, JH, as per ever.

    I wonder if the Eurocrats that created the pedestrian protection rules did a cost benefit analysis on the costs of big the wheels and tires it takes to hide the sperm whale front ends on cars. Everybody now has drive around in an overgrown hoopty so some dork with little white earphones can read the latest tweet. They’re still going to the emergency room, hehehe.

  19. MJB Says:

    Totally off-topic here but what the heck, I’m feeling happy.

    Just picked up an ’05 Lexus LS430 over the weekend to replace my ’93 SC400 (which I’ll be keeping to restore later). Drove it back from Peoria, and boy is that thing made for cruising! Those cooled seats come in real handy on long journeys.

  20. Bradley Says:

    Buick Regal “40 Years”, alright with the help of China that achievement is real, but the Regal wasn’t always for sell in the United States. Isn’t GM an American company? :P

    I was behind an ATS yesterday. The styling really needs improved, it exhibits the Cadillac overuse of angles syndrome. The driver was at least double the age of GM’s target market. The size of the vehicle was good, but it was BIG for being considered a small RWD sedan.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think the ATS looks pretty good, for a four door sedan.

  22. T. Bejma Says:


    Regal was only not for sale in the US between the 2004 and 2009 model years.

    GM is a GLOBAL Company headquartered in the US.

  23. ColoradoKid Says:

    Oh heck .. did it again ( put two links in )

    Sorry Ben . More fool me !

    ( new post coming gents )

  24. ColoradoKid Says:

    EV Delusions cont. ;

    Hmmn . Lets see now . At least two ( CA & VT ) are parasite states ( do not produce even a large percentage of their own electricity … VT getting a majority from CDN and CA from OR and WA )

    At least one’s ( NY ) major provider [ ConEd ] has repeatedly stated they do not and will not in the near or distant future have the capacity to support an increase in EV’s

    Yet here they all are pushing forward ObamaClaus’s deluded visions of an EV future .. at again the Tax Payers expense …. with little or no infrastructure in place to support it … like charging stations will solve anything when there’s not enough electricity to go around

    Brilliant !

    Ahhhh the ‘ Year of Living In Delusion ” advances ever onward


    Kit – 17 – please refer to the self correction in #12 … I biffed it – caught it – and promptly corrected it … not enough coffee and too much of a rush [ as well as no editing function ] I’m afraid


    20 – LoL !


    19 – Enjoy the new ride !

  25. ColoradoKid Says:

    Oh heck …. G.A’s gonna hate me !

    I know .. I know G.A. … and I’d probably hate myself even more if I did ( not to mention potentially incurring SG’s wrath )

    But … with all the goodies this one comes with .. I gotta at least go look ( at the current model till the Polar comes out )

    Sorry G.A. My bad .. or I’m Br Ba … one or t’other

  26. ColoradoKid Says:

    23 – Hmmmn …. ‘ Global ‘ …. hmmmn … well … I could comment on that … but errr … seeing as how you started the day in a very civil manner … well … I guess I’m inclined to do the same

    Balls in your court Bradley ! ;-)

  27. T. Bejma Says:

    The blasphemy!!!

    Electric Drag Racing!?!?!? Another reason to hate EV’s. You can’t have drag racing without (a lot) of noise!!

  28. Bradley Says:


    Ah, its ok. Global is cool now, so GM doesn’t have to hide. Without Opel GM wouldn’t exist. To think during the collapse there were headlines stating GM is considering selling Opel. What does that leave us with? The Camaro and Corvette? As I think the majority of the current offerings have roots back to Opel.

    My days of being the Lorax are behind me. I no longer have to persuade die hard Ford fans to pop the hood on their Ford Probe to convince them they aren’t driving a Ford.

  29. HtG Says:

    27 It looks to me, TB, like one of the ‘Rs’ in NEDRA is both silent and unseen.

    Oh, the humanity!

  30. T. Bejma Says:


    There are still several GM products that do not have any Opel “influence”:

    Cadillac, Trucks, Full Size SUV’s, Small SUV’s, Lambdas, Corvette, Malibu, LaCrosse/XTS/Impala Basically anything that isn’t a small car and some of those even have more Korean “influence” than Opel.

  31. ColoradoKid Says:

    These guys are freaking brilliant !!!

    Not to mention the best functional excuse for bigger wheels ever !

  32. Kit Gerhart Says:

    24, Sorry about 17. A bunch of posts, including 24 came up while I was typing 16 and 17.

  33. Kit Gerhart Says:

    CA is a parasite state, but VT is not. Here is a list of states that use more power than they produce:

    Yes, I know some people don’t trust wikipedia, and I don’t trust them on some things. This article seem valid, though. The thing that prompted my looking this up, was the existence of the famous, or infamous Vermont Yankee nuclear plant in this state with small population.

  34. Kit Gerhart Says:

    27, 29
    Drag racing is a good application for battery powered cars. You don’t need much range.

  35. pedro fernandez Says:

    Question for Toyota truck dude, will the Tacoma ever get smaller again? Stupid question, I know but I gotta ask!

  36. Chuck @ GM Says:

    @27 – For similar reasons I quit going to the Gold Cup races on the Detroit River. Those jet engines aren’t anywhere near as cool as the old Allisons and Rolls Merlins.

  37. C-Tech Says:

    @ #19 MJB good luck on the (newer)ride. The engine and trans are almost bulletproof. I’ve only done a driver’s window reg. in those. When the time comes, put some Bridgestones on it.

  38. Bradley Says:


    Yes, one smaller Tacoma please. If Toyota had a 2004 Double Cab Tacoma for sale today, I would probably be wrestling with a sales person right now.

  39. pedro fernandez Says:

    #19 Excellent choice, many years of happy motoring are ahead for you!

  40. pedro fernandez Says:

    I saw a new Tacoma that a client had just purchased, double cab, thing was huge! a few yrs ago. that would have been a full sized truck.

  41. pedro fernandez Says:

    I must admit, just about any vehicle looks good with extra large wheels/tires but the negatives far outweigh any positives. Notice that artist’s rendering of an upcoming model ALWAYS has over-sized wheels

  42. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I went to hydroplane races in Seattle in 1981, during the transition between Allisons/Merlins, and the turbines. The big V12′s were getting scarce, but also, the turbines are better, with higher power/weight and better reliability.

    Still, the turbines don’t sound right. Maybe the rules should be changed to require piston engines, as with “unlimited” air racing. Even if they can’t get those V12′s, a couple or three car V8′s geared together would sound more proper than the turbines.

  43. G.A.Branigan Says:

    @ 25,CK: LOL,it’s just another ‘sticker jeep’ as we call them,with inflated prices.Jeep has been doing this for a long time,like the ‘mountain’edition, ‘island’ edition, ‘cod’ edition,etc,etc,etc.It’s still the same rolling junkpile under the gliltz, ;}>

  44. Brett Says:

    Electric drag racing is great if you’re talking about belt sanders.

  45. pedro fernandez Says:

    Will Jeep do a “Zombie Apocalypse” version of the CJ as well? with their legendary lack of reliability, the zombies should have quite a feast eating the occupants as the thing conks out.

  46. HtG Says:

    45 You’ve started something now, Pedro.

    Duck Dynasty CJ

    Rally Beard CJ

    World of Warcraft CJ

    Uncle Sam CJ

    X Factor CJ

    Top Gear CJ

    Kanye CJ

    BrBa CJ (light blue is extra)

  47. pedro fernandez Says:

    How about a G.A. CJ ? Diesel engine, not even G.A would buy it?

  48. MJB Says:

    @37+39. Thanks!

    I’ll look into those come spring. Any reason to go with them over the OEM Michelins?

  49. HtG Says:

    Torino Edizione CJ. Very chic and stylish, comes with Lupo Elkann signature drapes.

  50. Kit Gerhart Says:

    48, I’d think the Michelins would be the way to go. They probably use them OEM for ride quality and quoetness, along with good tread life. On that car, they would use what they considered the best, regardless of cost.

  51. HtG Says:

    VEBA CJ. IPO, UPO, We all PO.

  52. Kit Gerhart Says:

    50 That was quietness. Yeah, we need an edit function.

  53. HtG Says:

    Work B!tch CJ. Get ‘em while they’re still hot.

  54. HtG Says:

    Hillary2016 CJ. As is, no warranty

  55. HtG Says:

    NSA CJ. Free internet connection, standard.

  56. pedro fernandez Says:

    Miley CJ Sounds terrible and shaky rear end! KimKanye CJ only comes in puke green!

  57. ColoradoKid Says:

    Kit – 33

    I know what Wiki says . I also know what VT likes to claim … but …. first off … VT Yankee’s a pretty inefficient complex and has never served more than a small percentage of the demand .. and

    ….I lived there . 2/3′s of VT gets its electricity from Canada .. including where I lived . And with VT Yankee’s impending closer [ environmental mandates from within the state ] rapid destruction of the few remaining hydro electric dams ( [ same reason ] … that percentage will go even higher

    HtG -46

    The Sarah Palin OutThere Edition

    JK Cruz

    McCain Backtrack Edition

    The Rove Limited

    None of which will function as advertised , make a damn bit of sense or live up to their promises .. but there’ll be fools out there that’ll still buy them anyway !

    [ sorry .. couldn't resist ]

  58. HtG Says:

    I’ll stop, now. But I think I could go all night. My apologies.

  59. ColoradoKid Says:

    Jeep Wrangler Musk(rat) Edition – Guaranteed snow jobs .. ;-) … but won’t function in the snow !

    Marchionne JK Strunz – You gets what you pays for !

  60. ColoradoKid Says:

    59 – No fair .. just when I was getting warmed up !

    Thpppppppt :o

  61. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I found another link yhat you might like better. I ‘ll post it when I get home. You can look up each state’s energy usage of all types, and see the amount of electricity they import or export. VT has among the highest, if not the very highest ratio of power exported to used.

  62. HtG Says:

    I don’t want to go too far, CK. Esp. with political angles.

  63. ColoradoKid Says:

    Kit – Links are links but reality is reality and the reality is ..

    3/4 of VT’s electricity comes from Canada . And anyone that lives or has lived there knows it

    I’m not trying to be contentious here Kit … I’m just telling it like it is from one who was for three years .. on the ground and paying those bills to our northerly neighbor .. Quebec . I also know … from on the ground the scope of coverage the company I sent my monthly payments to was .

  64. ColoradoKid Says:

    63 – Oh come on ! You gotta admit no matter what your preference that bunch ( 58 ) was pretty funny

    And anyway.. that was just one set … sheesh

  65. HtG Says:

    64 Greedy. :) One was just for you, belli capelli.

  66. Kit Gerhart Says:

    You can believe what you want. The link I’ll post later is very “official.”

    Think about it. The entire state of Vermont has about the population of Denver. Any nuclear plant, like Yankee, produces a lot of power. Vermont also has hydro capacity. You should really try a little harder to check facts before you post. If you did that, the rest of us would be more inclined to believe stuff you post, that isn’t so easy to confirm, or debunk.

  67. ColoradoKid Says:

    66 – The link you’re about to post is FOS ! Just like you nine times out of ten

    I lived there ( Georgie Plain and Lincoln )

    I paid the goram bills ( Electricity is the highest cost source of energy in VT )


    Because if you did Mr Fact Checker .. you’d find out toot suite that VT Yankee has never lived up to its supposed potential … and the power VT sends out is NOT produced in state ..

    But is rather transferred … from Canada to other areas

    And what pray tell of mine have you EVER debunked .. Mr Engineer !

    But please .. do carry on . Extra shovels in the back room if you need it …. Mr Engineer .

    Or better yet … call ALD’s office personally … and get me booted . I’m sure you must be tiring of me constantly making an ass out of you .. Mr I Love Manuals then go buy a C4 with one of the most pathetic slush boxes GM ever made in it .

    Yeah Kit … real consistent as well as accurate . Thats you thru and thru …. and btw

  68. ColoradoKid Says:

    67 – BTW genius … VT has a smaller population than the city of Boulder . Fact is … CU has a larger student/teacher population .. so what does that prove other than you not knowing your head from your @$& about VT CO … or much of anything else ?

  69. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The bottom line shows the amount of electricity VT uses LESS than the amount the state produces. Go to the top of the page and check CA, and there is a large positive number, because CA uses MORE than they produce.

    Just because you say something is so doesn’t make it so. You need to learn to accept that.

  70. ColoradoKid Says:

    67 – BT there’s even more

    IF you knew your head from your pathetic @&$ about VT … you’d also know the overwhelming majority of those hydro electric dams have been either … torn down .. put out of commission .. or simply no longer function due to lack of maintenance

    But like everything else here Kit . You don’t . Know much of anything that is

  71. ColoradoKid Says:

    70 – You and your link ( vaporware ) are as always

    FOS !

    And just cause its on the net does not make it true either

    Because everyone including CA and OR WA knows the CA statistics are pure unadulterated BS as well

    Care to try again Mr Engineer ?

  72. ColoradoKid Says:

    Like I said as well Kit … that electricity coming from VT … is being transferred from CDN …

  73. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The link shows THE AMOUNT OF ELECTRICITY A STATE USES, RELATIVE TO THE AMOUNT IT PRODUCES. Yes, it does not trace its path through the power grid.

  74. ColoradoKid Says:

    70 – Want to know another BS statistic on that site thats out of context /

    The one that says VT has the lowest usage of natural gas

    Sounds real impressive … doesn’t it

    Want to know why ?

    Because 95% of the state’s population DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS to natural gas due to the rural nature of VT … which means they use Propane !.. in tanks … delivered .. and its the #1 source of energy as well as the cheapest in VT

    Context Kit … thats the one thing your vaporware research cannot provide … Context .. which is everything

  75. ColoradoKid Says:

    74 – Damn right it doesn’t Kit . So instead of getting in my face and all full of yourself / attitude … why don’t o you try discussing the matter in a civil rather than confrontational manner

    I DID live there Kit . And I’ve got zero to gain by BS’ing you !

    So try in the future to take that into account before getting all in my face … online that is

  76. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Regarding the Corvette, I buy and sell quite a few cars, and buy some “just for fun,” if I can get them at a price where I can sell them in a year or two and get my money back. That is the case with this car. As I said a couple days ago, if you buy a 17 year old car in excellent condition for a good price, you can’t spec the options.

  77. T. Bejma Says:


    Just ignore him Kit. When he gets to the point that he starts insulting your car (or your occupation, pay, etc.), you have to just take the high road and let it go.

  78. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The thing that started this whole discussion, is that you said VT used more electricity than the state produced. That didn’t sound right, so I researched it. Low and behold, VT uses LESS electricity than they produce. If you call that “getting in your face,” so be it, but when I see misinformation, I like to correct it.

  79. HtG Says:

    Phew, has the smoke cleared?

    I’m noticing more than my fair share of the new Lexus IS sedans. CR didn’t recommend it, but I see more and more. Those things look so different than other cars. Personally, I like them.

  80. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I haven’t seen one yet, but I suspect I’ll see them when I get to Florida, or on the way there. I don’t much like it in pictures, but that doesn’t mean too much. I like the looks of the new MKZ better “in person” than I did in pictures.

  81. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Just thought I would chime in on the Hi Tech Motorcycle helmet: to me (I think) it would be a distraction. When I’m riding, there is already enough going on (for me to monitor) than looking (or being distracted by) a little box (whether discretely or not so discretely) flicking information to my peripheral vision. A motorcycle rider uses a lot of peripheral vision watching out for inattentive drivers/pedestrians/obstacles/even wildlife so I think I’ll pass. JMO

  82. pedro fernandez Says:

    Following yesterday’s last entries, I’ll probably end up with another Corolla, due to all the miles I drive and the price of gas which will go up no matter what it’s doing now, I looked at a Yaris, but they cost almost the same used, so it makes little sense.

  83. Kit Gerhart Says:

    81, That was my thought too. I don’t like distractions at all when riding, and would not even want to use a radio while riding, though some, or many do.

  84. Kit Gerhart Says:

    82, What about the new Corolla, if you’d want to spend that much money? I haven’t driven one, but I think it looks decent, including the interior, and you have the choice of CVT, the old 4-speed, or a manual trans, depending on trim level. It might be good to wait a while if considering the CVT, even if you liked it, because it is “new and different,” at least the one in the Corolla.

  85. ColoradoKid Says:

    So……. this week I’ve got Cliff Claven telling me all about the state ( VT ) I lived in – paid taxes in – paid the bills in – oh .. not to mention did a full Cost of Doing Business study when considering moving a family manufacturing business there in … because of course Cliff reads the internet – everything on the internet is accurate and true … and Cliffy knows everything

    [ BTW Cliffy .. in my haste I got one thing wrong . Boulder has a higher population than the state of VT whereas CU Boulder has more students than Burlington VT has residents .. gee .. a mistake on my part ...]

    Then just to add insult to injury mien freund loses his sense of humor for who knows what reasons why

    Yeah … this has become a real good use of my time and effort … never mind the bottles of Excedrin I’m going thru

    Add to that the fact that the only thing more messed up and convoluted than politics these days is the automotive business …..

    And .. well … I’ll let Mr Stipe take the lead out


    @ Ben – ALD – Do us both a favor Ben . Save yourself the time and effort of listening to the whiners and me the temptation of posting here again and Blip me off the site . No need to notify .. I’m requesting it . Cliffy & Co know everything .. I’m not needed ;-)

  86. HtG Says:

    I am ‘ihre Freund,’ CK. Too much heat on the comment board is hard for me. It’s an escape.

  87. Kit Gerhart Says:

    CK, If you think the information compiled by EIA is wrong, so be it. FWIW, what you said re. VT using more electricity than they produce WILL be correct in about a year, because the nuclear plant is scheduled to shut down.

    You didn’t seem to get my point on VT’s population at all, which was, VT has a very small population, ~600K, has little industry, and has a nuclear power plant. Any nuclear plant makes a lot of power, even a smallish one, like Vermont Yankee, that makes “only” 600 some magawatts, about 4 times as much as the hydro plant at the Hoover dam. When you make a lot of power, and have a small number of people using it, as with Vermont, it seems likely that the state will be a net exporter of power, which I found to be the case. You don’t seem to want to believe that, just because you happened to live there for a while.

  88. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Correction, Hoover Dam makes more power than VT Yankee. Yes, some things you find on the internet are wrong, including a site that said Hoover Dam produced ~150 MW. Other sites say much more, like ~2 GW total.

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