AAH #237 – Meet Chris Svensson of Ford Design

April 11th, 2014 at 4:15pm

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- Hybrids vs. diesels… or maybe you don’t need either.
- GM adds $1.3 billion charge in Q1, meanwhile invests $449 million to build more Volts
- Land Rover’s augmented reality technology could be a game changer.

SPECIAL GUEST: Chris Svensson, Ford Design Director, The Americas

All that and more with John McElroy, Autoline.tv; Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design & Production; and Chris Paukert, Autoblog

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One Comment to “AAH #237 – Meet Chris Svensson of Ford Design”

  1. Bob Wilson Says:

    “Augmented reality” is great and fortunately, the NHTSA has mandated one. “Augmented reality in a different direction” are called backup cameras.

    As for the hybrid sales fall off in the past five months, gasoline was below $3.50/gal during the same interval. But the March 2014 Prius hatchback sales have already recovered to the last time gasoline was above $3.50/gal.

    Unlike 12 months ago, there are three hybrids in the next sales tier and the Camry, Prius c, and Ford Fusion that are poised for a significant growth. Their combined sales exceeds the Prius hatchback, the market leader.

    In contrast, diesel cars are not helped by higher diesel prices, which is why VW ‘$1,000 fuel card’ is such a brilliant diesel marketing idea. As for diesel pickups and utility vans, more power to them but they really are not competing for hybrid buyers as commuter or personal vehicles.

    Bob Wilson