AD #1781 – Nissan May Bring Kicks To U.S., FCA May Be Forced To Limit Pick-Up Sales, Laser Lights Coming To A Car Near You

January 20th, 2016 at 12:09pm

Runtime: 8:54

- FCA May Be Forced To Limit Sales Of Pick-Ups & SUVs
- FCA Going Whole Hog On 48-Volt
- Laser Lights Coming To A Car Near You
- Nissan May Bring Kicks CUV To U.S.
- You Said It!

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37 Comments to “AD #1781 – Nissan May Bring Kicks To U.S., FCA May Be Forced To Limit Pick-Up Sales, Laser Lights Coming To A Car Near You”

  1. Al Says:

    These brighter headlights are great if you are on a lonely country road but where 90% of usage is in town they need to do something with low beams. I used to inspect vehicles years ago and always checked headlight alinement. I haven’t seen anyone do that in years now – too hard to do with these aerodynamic lights. Also fog lights. No one knows how to use them correctly and I bet most drivers don’t even know where the switch is.

  2. M360 Says:

    John – After listening to Autoline Daily, I often wonder if it would be possible for the sponsors of the show, such as Bridgestone, Continental and Dow, to put together an Infomercial of their products so that we could access it on the web whenever we want. I know there have been times when I, personally, have been very curious about what exactly they offer. For example, what can I learn about Dow’s products? I’ll bet their portfolio of products has changed a lot in the last 5 years and they probably are going to change again with their merger with DuPont. What do you think about my suggestion?

  3. WineGeek Says:

    John to address Lex’s concerns with autonomous driving I drive a Subaru Outback with the Eyesight system. Yesterday I was driving in DC and turned onto an exit ramp where the traffic was stooped dead in the middle of the exit ramp and I didn’t see the cars in front of me soon enough, the Eyesight stopped my car and prevented me rear ending another vehicle. I was shocked when it worked so well.

  4. RumNCoke Says:

    So we’ve gone from replacing a sealed beam for about 8 bucks at Pep Boys to taking out a second mortgage when a rock goes through your self leveling, computer controlled, multi matrix laser guided forward illumination system.

  5. Rob Says:

    Jon gotta get in the habit.. Its 2016..

  6. Buzzed Says:

    So here’s a question concerning autonomous cars, if I’m driving in bad weather in car X and it doesn’t see a curb or loses control and goes of the road will I be able to go back to dealer X and get warranty for any damage? Hey, your car drove into the snow covered curb and broke the suspension, that’s not my fault.

  7. Buzzed Says:

    Juke question also- yes it has quirky looks but they do seem to sell a lot of them, a ton in Europe, so how do sales compare to the competition?

  8. Tripptee Says:

    I like the idea of the laser light, and the lens can be made of a lexan type product to protect it. Cost is an issue, but safety comes first. If you have ever traveled down a flat road with a decline ahead, and a car with LED is coming the other way, the low beams become high due to angle or plane. I have been totally blinded by these new LED Bright light systems and it isn’t fun. From what I see, Lasers would have the ability or intelligence to angle down as the road crowns to avoid blinding oncoming drivers.

  9. G.A.Branigan Says:

    @ Al: I use my fog lights whenever I drive at night.Lights up the side of the road for me as I don’t want to have a thing with a herd of elk.I’ve had more then enough close calls with them.And when I switch to my high beams,the fogs turn off.There is also a huge difference between foglights,and driving lights.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    7 Here’s some info on sales numbers of small SUV’s. Juke doesn’t sell very well, compared to a lot of others.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Off topic.

    I just looked at a new Prius at the local dealer. I didn’t drive it, but from everything I’ve read, it would drive considerably better than my 2010, especially handling.

    As far as the styling, I thought it looked better in person, than in the photos. It looks a little odd from the back, but not particularly ugly, at least to me. The interior is more attractive than the outgoing car, and the displays are more “colorful.” My car has blueish green one-color displays, while the new one is multicolor.

    The bad thing, is that compromises were apparently made in sharing a platform, rather than having a Prius-specific platform, as with the gen 2 and gen 3 cars. The roomy, under-floor storage area in the trunk of the gen 3 car is gone. Also, the floor is not as flat with the back seats folded down. I suspect they were able to package things better when using a dedicated platform for the Prius.

  12. Chuck Grenci Says:

    On Varroc’s concern of the law of a manual switch between high and low beams: Cadillac currently has “Intellibeam”, which is automatic high to low (and back). It can recognize on-coming headlights and also red taillights. The system has manual controls too, so that seems to be the simple answer with the Varroc system.

  13. kit gerhart Says:

    11 Oldsmobile called it “Autronic Eye” in 1952.

  14. OMEGATALON Says:

    Sergio Marchionne is a piece of work as awhile back his desire to merge with General Motors was to acquire hybrid technology.. but the fact that Chrysler is prepared to build a Pacifica Hybrid and other hybrid vehicles says Chrysler had Hybrid technology and Marchionne had an ulterior motive like General Motors’ cash reserves.

  15. Buzzed Says:

    @9 actually those numbers seem reasonable to me. Juke is on the small end of that segment and is more of a sports car type like the 500, those kinds of cars tend to have smaller sales.

  16. Buzzed Says:

    Also it’s one of the oldest cars in the group and sales tend to go down the longer the vehicle is around with out a major upgrade.

  17. Jonathan Says:

    I’m loving the new Buick coupe that could be green lighted along with its european Opel divisions GT model.

    Give the gt a turbo four for Europe and give Americans a twin turbo v6 or better yet the less expensive to build LT1 v8!

    Call those two 400 hp Buick coupes the wildcat!

    Dodge has the heavy hellcat…Buick needs the iconic Wildcat…

    Everyone …every red blooded American wants to own a Wildcat!

    Of course if GM insists on putting the LT4 in the Buick coupe that would make for an insanely popular and very fast WILDCAT!

    John? What say you….will gm make good on its goal to lower Buick buyers with a high performance WILDCAT!

  18. Jonathan Says:

    Lower Buick buyers age by offering a Buick Wildcat!

  19. Glenn Says:

    I believe that at first, we will not see the big advantage with autonomous autos. The reason being that until a larger percentage of all the vehicles on the road are autonomous, we’ll have more issues with the non-autonomous cars running into autonomous cars. The auto cars will be stopping to avoid something but the drivers following without it, will still be driving into the cars with it.

  20. Enn Norak Says:

    Having recently bought a powerful tactical flashlight, I can hardly wait for laser diode technology to be adopted by the car industry. Laser diodes are inherently rugged and very efficient light producers.

    As for autonomous cars, I think a big problem will be to get people to trust their lives with them even artificial intelligence errors prove to be an improvement over human errors.

  21. W L Simpson Says:

    The autonomy 4 Billion would save a lot more lives if it was spent on our falling down bridges & roads.

  22. Lisk Says:

    If Buick does the Avista, Call it the Skylark and make a GS with a 455 HP LT1 and a Stage 1 with the 650hp LT4. Only thing it would spoil Buick’s long standing 510 lb/ft claim of the 1970 Stage 1 455. I know the Skylark name got tarnished after 1972, but maybe everyone has forgotten?

  23. Rob Says:

    I look at autonomous vehicles like any other improvement. I remember when cars became computer controlled (replacing the old points and rotor) and EFI made people leary as personal computers were not very reliable then. Yet even after personally replacing a few control modules gone bad, the technology has proven itself reliable. We see no problem with trusting the electronics to help stop our cars using ABS or engage an airbag durring a collision. Folks with back up sensors will not even look in the mirror and trust the beeping sound to tell them when to stop in a parking spot. We ride on elevators a hundred feet in the air controled by computers yet people say they dont trust their life with a computer. Sorry but you already do.

  24. Rob Says:

    22 point being safeguards will be in place and the technology will have to prove itself but it is coming and I for one will be sad as I love to drive.

  25. G.A.Branigan Says:

    @ 16,Johnathan:A new Buick Wildcat,brilliant!!

  26. cwolf Says:

    I do not look forward to autonomous vehicles, nor will I buy one. The only exception would be to taking an autonomous taxi and not paying the driver!

  27. Bob Wilson Says:

    I remain skeptical that 48 volt systems can deliver enough to make a significant MPG effect. GM tried that in several micro-hybrids that failed since 2004-5. The problem is they do not turn off the engine often enough unless you get a stunt driver, a hypermiler.

    I see the Pacifica minivan as their stealth, power hybrid that can scale into their trucks. With fond memories of our Voyager minivan, this two Prius owner looks forward to the hybrid Pacifica IF it is serious.

    Bob Wilson, Huntsville AL

  28. kit gerhart Says:

    26 The Pacifica seems a great candidate for a plug-in hybrid, with all of that battery space in the middle, if you give up “stow and go.” I’ve always been impressed with the amount of wasted space underneath my first generation Caravan, with the flat floor positioned to clear the tallest undercarriage components. My van could probably be made into a pure EV with 200 mile range, without losing any cabin space. It would need a lot stronger suspension springs, though.

  29. Patrick Says:

    Re autonomous cars we will eventually see freeway systems with cars travelling at hyper speeds with 6 feet of separation. Electronic sensors imbedded in the highways will communicate with the autonomous vehicles. In places with freeway systems like LA’s it will speed up commute times and eliminate the need for freeway expansion by using existing systems more efficiently. It’s coming folks…

  30. kit gerhart Says:

    26 Also, re. the GM mild hybrids, the regenerative braking was “through the gas engine,” so the regen braking was minimal. The cool thing about the GM mild hybrids was that the gas engine started silently, via the belt driven motor-generator.

  31. blueovalblood Says:

    John, why not do a show on answering/responding to our comments?

  32. FSTFWRD Says:

    @#16 Jonathan, Everyone?? I don’t think so, I don’t want to own a Wildcat. I’ll have to check the color of my blood, it must be Ford Blue.

  33. Jcc Says:

    Hey John, just a reminder its 2016. In your opening, you say it’s 2015…

  34. MJB Says:

    #22. Devil’s advocate here – I’ve got backup sensors and backup camera, but will NEVER stop craning my neck backward whilst grabbing the passenger seat headrest to back into parking spaces and whatnot. It would take a lifetime to pry me out of that habit.

  35. MJB Says:

    Off-topic: While everyone is griping about the Lincoln (I almost said Chrysler – as in 300 ;) ) that got dumbed down from it’s original concept, I don’t think anyone can say the same of that absolutely stunning production ready Lexus LC 500 (aka – LF-LC).

    THAT will be my next Lexus, for sure! It’ll go in the garage right next to the one that started it all, the SC400.

  36. Rob Says:

    #34 same here, I also have both back up sensors and a camera but still turn around. But that because habits we started with. Emagine if you just started driving today. You might be more inclined to trust the systems rather than use the habits we started with.

  37. Kit Gerhart Says:

    35 The spindle nose definitely works better on the LF-LC than on most most other Lexi, but I suspect the car will be priced for people having way more spare money, than I do. It will be a nice addition to the automotive landscape.