AD #1824 – Cadillac Big Boost to GM’s Bottom Line, Uber Outperforms Taxis, Domino’s Pizza Taps Auto Industry

March 21st, 2016 at 11:50am

Runtime: 7:57

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- Cadillac Big Boost to GM’s Bottom Line
- GM’s 5-Year China Plan
- Chevrolet Refreshes Sonic
- Uber Outperforms Taxis in Capacity Utilization
- F1 Ditches Brand New Qualifying Format
- Red Bull Shows New Driver Protection Shield
- Domino’s Taps Auto Industry for Delivery Car

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6 Comments to “AD #1824 – Cadillac Big Boost to GM’s Bottom Line, Uber Outperforms Taxis, Domino’s Pizza Taps Auto Industry”

  1. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Glad to see F1 drop the new qualifying system; I stayed up and watched and it really su, suc……aspirated. It was really awful so going back to the old system was the right thing to do. As far as the race (I stayed up late; actually got up early) and watched it live; it was pretty good. Haas (U.S. team) scored points in its first race (kudos to them) as that isn’t particularly easy to do, especially in it inaugural race. Ferrari got the jump but Kimi blew up and Vettel (team) seemed to have made a ‘wrong’ choice in tires and M/B ruled the day (again); Rossberg won.

  2. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The one-time F1 qualifying system sounded kind of flakey to me, and it worked out to be just that. It could be an interesting season, with the F cars having competitive pace with Mercedes.

  3. Lisk Says:

    Chuck, I like you got up early (east coast) to watch the qualifying and the race. in qualifying, I don’t think drivers realized how quickly they could fall from being safe (Alonso)to dropping into the elimination zone with no time to move up. I think F1 had a good idea for the fans with the idea of having constant activity on the track, but that didn’t happen, as we saw. The part I disagreed with was that if you were on a hot lap and time expired, the lap didn’t count. Previously, if your lap was in progress, I counted. The Alonso crash was horrific and I was relieved to see him walk away. I fear if he would have been hurt badly. halos would be on the cars in April.

  4. Nicholas Says:

    I think Uber is a bad idea, which the government should shut down. With taxis there are protections in place – the drivers are screened, trained and licensed as commercial drivers. The vehicles are constantly inspected and kept in good repair.
    With Uber, you take your chances. They are ordinary people from the area. No special training [how good/awful is their driving], minimal screening, driving their own personal car, which may or not be in good running condition.
    I am shocked that they have been allowed to operate this long. You may save a little money using Uber, but is it worth risking your safety? Not for this guy.

  5. Buzzerd Says:

    Didn’t watch F1 but did watch Moto GP, good start to the season and the new rules. Regarding halos, F1 has about a billion rules so why not add one more, driver head protection. Design what ever you want but you have one month to get it on the car.

  6. Rob Says:

    #4 I used Uber for the first time yesterday and I agree with your comments about the risk of unregulated transportation. The personal experience I had was overall good even though the Uber drivers car had a seriously misbalanced tire. So yes “good running condition” can be a risk. However I also like less government regulations.
    Besides I dont see it much different than asking a friend to pick you up from the airport. They have no special training and the running condition of their car can also be questionable. Anyway it worked out great for me and I will likely use it again.