AD #1941 – China Accuses Nissan & Hyundai of Cheating, Elio Beat to Market, Lexus Shows “Edgy” Crossover Concept

September 9th, 2016 at 11:48am

Runtime: 9:37

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- China Accuses More Companies of Cheating
- Volvo Launches Autonomous Program
- Canadian Company Unveils 3-Wheel EV
- Lexus Shows New Crossover Concept
- Dodge Brings Back Colors From the Past
- Porsche Panamera Hybrid Details
- EPA Looking Past 2025 Standards

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23 Comments to “AD #1941 – China Accuses Nissan & Hyundai of Cheating, Elio Beat to Market, Lexus Shows “Edgy” Crossover Concept”

  1. Kit Gerhart Says:

    In the unlikely event that Elio ever builds any of their machines to sell, the price will be a lot closer to the $15.5K of the Solo, than the $7K Elio has been claiming.

  2. RumNCoke Says:

    Man, I am really glad that, by the time everyone is reduced to motoring around in their electric powered autonomous three wheeled bubble cars, I’ll be up in heaven cruising around in my L88 Corvette. Call me a dinosaur but there’s still no replacement for displacement.

  3. Chuck Grenci Says:

    “Marco”…’Solo’, “Marco”…’Elio’, “Marco”… “Polo”; it has been said that Marco Polo really didn’t know where he was going; sure hope these three-wheeled ‘explorers’ have a clue.

    “Plumb Crazy”: always my favorite Dodge color.

  4. Steve W Says:

    Elio’s only purpose seems not to be manufacturing vehicles, just collecting money from investors and deposits from gullible people. It’s years since their inception and they have never produced a production vehicle!

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    3 Today’s Plum Crazy seems to hold up a lot better than the early ’70′s version, which seemed to peel off after a couple years.

  6. Brett Says:

    Elio is the Moller of the 21st century.

    I dearly wanted an Aptera. Shame they didn’t make the cut.

  7. Drew Says:

    @6 – remember the Carmichael? Another 3-wheeled sham, from a 1970s transvestite.


    There’s little doubt that we’re heading to a zero-emission country; but we won’t be going straight to electric because the US power grid cannot support the demand on power which means fuel cell powered vehicles and not hydrogen fuel cell as we’ll most likely see gasoline and even liquid-natural gas fuel cell vehicles first.

  9. Lisk Says:

    How can 3-wheeled cars possibly sell for $15,000 when Can-Am Spyders go for $18,000+? With no roof, defrosters, wipers, etc.
    Wait a minute, I know, there will be no $15,000 3 wheeled cars…

  10. Brett Says:

    Wasn’t that called the “Dale”?

    Two of my favorite episodes of Top Gear were Jeremy Clarkson trying to drive across country in a Reliant Robin and where they turned one into an ersatz Space Shuttle.

  11. Drew Says:

    Brett, yes, it was called the Dale. The official name of the shell of a car company was 20rh Century Motors. Liz Carmichael was a man and convicted of fraud and other charges.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    One Dale, capable of moving under its own power, was built.

  13. Drew Says:

    But the Dale’s wheels were suspended by 2×4 lumber and the door hinges were from a hardware store. The whole thing was a scam.

    Given the reports from China about EV cheating, perhaps ALD can give us a history lesson of scams (like the Dale) and blatant unviable start-ups that crop up whenever a new government initiative has agencies and investors too anxious to get on the ground floor.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    While Tucker has been glamourized recently, it was considered a scam, at the time, by people who knew the details. The cars used airplane engines that, alone, would cost much more than you could sell a car for. They used Cord tranmissions from salvage yards, etc., not the way you build a viable car. They did build about 50 cars, though.

  15. W L Simpson Says:

    NOBODY cheats more than China !

  16. W L Simpson Says:

    Kit, I was a teen when Tucker appeared. crawled under a tent flap at the dealer only show in Miami, found myself looking up at the Continental.

  17. Chuck Grenci Says:

    The Reliant Robin had the single wheel in the front; now that’s the vehicle that is “unsafe at any speed”. (As Jeremy demonstrated)

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Has anyone here heard of Stutz cars? There was a national get together of Stutz owners today in Kokomo. They went under in the mid 1930′s, but made some cool stuff, like a twin overhead cam, 4 valve/cylinder straight 8, in the 1920′s.

  19. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Stutz Bearcat is the only Stutz that comes to mind; but I don’t know much more than the name (and believe it was a sports type car for the wealthy).

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    A Bearcat was a chassis with a very minimal “speedster” body with no doors or top, and often no windshield. There were no Bearcats here, but various other body styles, from basic tourers, to a long wheelbase dual cowl phaeton. Stutzes were sold as chassis with custom bodies, and were very pricey.

    Today, there was another show in Kokomo. Organizers tried to get as many Indiana cars as they could, for the bicentennial of statehood. There were Auburns, Cords, Stutzes, and Marmons, but no Duesenbergs that I saw. Oh, and Studebakers. It may have been the best collection of pre-WWII Indiana cars likely to be in one place, other than a museum.

  21. BobD Says:

    18 – The Stutz production plant was in Indianapolis (10th and Capital). The building sat idle for a number of years, then rehabbed into a business center that specializes in mostly artists studios.

  22. RumNCoke Says:

    Elvis owned a Stutz in the 70′s. Not sure if he put a bullet into it though.

  23. Samsum Says:

    Why doesn’t EPA regulate and restrict emissions from chimneys and heating systems ? Proof they are on an anti auto agenda ! Home and industrial heating systems are about external combustion and use oil, coal, low grade fuel oil totally unabated 5-8 mo a year 24/7. Most photos you see of smokey smog cities are in winter and caused by heating. Cars are uses about 20min a day ? So what gives ?