AAH #351 – Everything You Don’t Know About The Acura NSX

October 13th, 2016 at 2:30pm

Audio-only version:

01:35Acura NSX
41:38Doctor Data
45:40 – Can Nissan revive Mitsubishi in the U.S.?
51:07Ford ends production in Australia
53:42 – German Bundesrat passes ban on ICEs by 2030
1:01:30 – Why did FCA pile on incentives for RAM trucks?

SPECIAL GUEST: Ted Klaus, Chief Engineer, Acura NSX

PANEL: John McElroy, Autoline.tv; Gary Vasilash, AD&P; Joe DeMatio, Road & Track

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One Comment to “AAH #351 – Everything You Don’t Know About The Acura NSX”

  1. Don Wagner Says:

    Great story about the NSX, but I didn’t hear Mr. Klaus mention Michelle Christensen who was said to be the lead exterior designer as shown in a February 29, 2016 episode of Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube. Mr. Klaus was there too, so why no mention of Ms. Christensen? I see that the comments about her would make one of the presidential candidates proud!

    There is no rivalry between car companies? Ha! What about the Chevy Silverado vs. Ford F-150 bed destroying building blocks or purposely slammed into the beds at an angle toolbox (who has no respect for their tools like that?)to show aluminum is softer than steel? Yeah, Duhhhhhh!