Mazda CX-5: Zoom-Zoom With a Vengeance – LA Auto Show 2016

November 16th, 2016 at 8:27pm

Mazda defies all the conventions in the automotive industry. At a time when so many predict that only the giant automakers will survive, Mazda is the little company that punches way above its weight. Robert Davis, the Senior VP of Operations for Mazda North America, points out the highlights of the new CX-5. Even though the prior version came out four years ago, the new one has an all-new body, all-new interior, and a big surprise that’s under the hood.

2 Comments to “Mazda CX-5: Zoom-Zoom With a Vengeance – LA Auto Show 2016”

  1. Bradley Says:

    Would have like to asked him about hybrid/electric options if any for this vehicle.

    Did he imply something for the Detroit autoshow?

  2. Ron Paris Says:

    Mazda has shown little interest in electrification. Their answer to CAFE remains two-fold: turbocharging and diesel. And that’s OK by me and a lot of other fans!