AD #2008 – Heavy Trucks Sales Continue to Slide, Lucid Shows Its Tesla Fighter, How Many Countries Export to U.S.?

December 15th, 2016 at 11:50am

Runtime: 7:12

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- Heavy Truck Sales Continue to Slide
- VW’s European Sales Up Slightly
- VW Adopts English as Official Language
- Lucid Motors Unveils Its Tesla Fighter
- Tire Scanner Reads Your Tread
- BMW Shows Future Interior Concept
- How Many Countries Export Cars to U.S.?

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17 Comments to “AD #2008 – Heavy Trucks Sales Continue to Slide, Lucid Shows Its Tesla Fighter, How Many Countries Export to U.S.?”

  1. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Interesting list of countries exporting cars to the U.S. I happened to know Poland, from looking at a Cascada window sticker, but didn’t know some of the others.

  2. gary susie Says:

    I didn’t know there was that many countries. What i would like to know is how many cars do we export?

  3. Mark Says:

    “We’ve seen a few automotive supplier companies do this, but this is the first automaker we know of that’s dropping its native tongue in favor of English. ”

    In 2015, Honda announced plans to adopt English as its official language by 2020.

  4. Barry Rector Says:

    It will be interesting to see if Lucid Motors will make more than one model. If so, then they will be a direct competitor with Tesla.

  5. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Perhaps heavy truck sales is no longer the harbinger that it once was (of economic health). Since Autoline has begun using this in some of their headlines it seems to not represent actual occurrence (especially of late). Oh, yeah; I could be wrong about this. :)

    It makes sense that the world has adopted English as the defacto language (for many applications); air traffic controllers/pilots have converted for quite a while now.

    Tire scanners (and an app) to read your tire depth; how darn lazy can, we as a people, get. I knew a guy I worked with that would do more work to avert answering the phone than just answer the phone (and be done with it); seems similar that it would take more work to drive over the reader, check your phone and be instructed that your tires need replacement.

  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    About 2.1 million in 2015.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8 I think that link should work once, but only once, unless you are a subscriber. It won’t show the whole article for me a second time.

  8. GM Veteran Says:

    Interesting quote from Lucid where they state the battery will provide 1,000 horsepower. I’m pretty sure the horsepower rating comes from the electric motor(s) and not the battery. Impressive claims though! The styling is attractive, the name less so.

  9. Steve W Says:

    While I don’t recall which manufacturers, some cars are exported from South Africa to the U,S. also.

  10. Rope-Pusher Says:

    Don’t forget that English was the official language of DamnliarChrysler!

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8. That’s only 746 kilowatts.

    Probably the battery is able to (briefly) provide that amount of of power, within its “C” ratings. It’s kind of meaningless information, though.

  12. David Sprowl Says:

    Will Lucid take a bite out of Tesla? Who cares!? the EV market as a whole is not that big. And refueling, er charging still is problematic.

  13. Earl Says:

    Up in Canada they have a province called Quebec and they speak a version of French called Quebecese. They are anti English when it comes to language. They’ll ignore you if you speak to them in English. They have what is known as language police that if a merchant puts a sign on his/her business it must be Quebese and English but the English letters have to be only a third the size of the Quebecese
    Also pet stores are not allowed to sell parrots that speak English only.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Is language the reason that the Canadian car plants are mostly, or entirely in Ontario? Wasn’t the Ste. Therese GM plant the last assembly plant in Quebec?

  15. Dave Forslund Says:

    I’m a day late:

    Do I think that Lucid will take a bite out of Tesla? No!

    The luxury EV market will grow as more and more luxury EV models will enter the market. Tesla and Lucid will both grow due their EV exposure. Those that will find it difficult, are those marques we now know and relate to as petroleum powered cars: BMW, M-B, Cadillac, Audi, Lincoln. Jaguar, etc. It will be interesting to see how EV vehicles change the market, not only in power sources, but distribution and service channels as well.

  16. Dave Moore Says:

    Don’t forget that Aston Martin’s new DBX derived SUV coupe will be from St Athan in South Wales (which is NOT England, by the way).

  17. Jim Nader Says:

    Interesting that South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, and India aren’t among the current list of countries exporting vehicles to the US. Fun data!