AD #2122 – Autonomy Could Generate Trillions, Takata Recall Rates Still Low, Car Sales Continue to Slide in May

June 2nd, 2017 at 11:46am

Runtime: 8:00

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- Study Says Autonomy Could Generate Trillions
- Takata Recall Rates Still Low
- May, 2017 Sales Breakdown
- 37 Seconds with the VW Atlas
- Toyota Could Supply Fuel Cell Tech to Truckers

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14 Comments to “AD #2122 – Autonomy Could Generate Trillions, Takata Recall Rates Still Low, Car Sales Continue to Slide in May”

  1. Dan Turnpaugh Says:

    Auto makers will be coming out with new models soon so I can’t see cutting production, they will be putting money on the hoods to move the current year models out.

  2. Wayne Says:

    Has anyone ever asked the public if they want autonomous cars?

  3. Chuck Grenci Says:

    #1 Dan
    Right you are; already seeing low rates for leases and major bucks (off) of MSRP on a lot of GM’s and other makes. What has happened is that the pent up demand has pretty much been satiated and growth has flattened to the point of decline. I don’t think we are at a doom and gloom period but a certain normalization is and will continue to occur.

  4. Ukendoit Says:

    2) I WANT ONE!! Oh, I thought you were giving them away. I really would buy one after a few generations. Once the bugs are worked out, especially after V2V & V2I are standard, it would be nice to go on vacation without having to drive so long or go to the airport. Once we can say, “drive to the beach” or “drive to the Grand Canyon” and relax with our families, I could see many people choosing that over the airport fees and hassles. I would still like to drive occasionally, but long trips and bumper to bumper traffic for an hour would not be missed. I also see many tech loving younger folks that have no interest in driving, so it will be welcomed by them and the handicapped as well as anyone else that can’t drive themselves. I still don’t think I would ever put the baby in there and say, “drive to grandma’s”.

  5. BobD Says:

    I don’t know that it is necessarily that owners don’t care about the Takata recalls, more so that there is a lot of confusion over which vehicles are included, and some people who already had their air bag replaced may not realize that some of those replaced air bags may need replacing again. Further, I suspect there is significant frustration when someone asks about their vehicle and the dealer says, “Yes, it is on recall list, but it may be a year before we have the parts.” Also some of the recalls were done in stages to give higher priority to the highest risk cars in the south, so some people may have checked early on, and don’t realize their car may have been added later. FINALLY, it is a real pain to take your car in for a recall, and a lot of people don’t have the luxury of owning a second car to get around for the day. How about the dealer offering to pick up your car while you are at work and return it before the end of the day if they really want people to get the airbags replaced. Or have special evening hours for recalls. Or perhaps PAYING owners for their inconvenience to get the recall completed.

  6. Gene E Says:

    RE: Airbags…I agree with BobD on some of the reasons that the take rate is low. I know of some who have them replaced twice and were told that no one was sure the cause of the defect was eliminated…..I was told that it could be possibly another 1 to 1&1/2 years for the parts to be available for my vehicle. This was during the second trip to get the airbag module and sensors replaced under recall.

  7. Ziggy Says:

    Re VW Atlas: I’ll stick with our tried and true 2013 Dodge Durango and I won’t have to contribute money to a company that tried to screw the environment with their polluting diesels.

  8. John C Says:

    I’ll be glad to take my ’06 Mustang in for the passenger air bag recall if they ever get the parts. The recall was announced about a year ago, with part availability estimated around October or November last year. I’m still waiting!

  9. Albemarle Says:

    I think some of the airbag recall problem is the poor customer databases at manufacturers. I continue to get notices for vehicles we haven’t owned for over a decade. Since there is a strict vehicle registration system, why is it impossible for manufacturers to keep their records updated?
    This is a serious flaw in the system, particularly for important safety recalls.

  10. Alex Carazan Says:

    Tesla is not the best performer. A small volume increase for Tesla gives a large % increase from prior year smaller volume! Give Tesla real volumes. Ditto for other low volume niche players. If a start-up company sells 1 new widget in month 1 and 2 in month 2 then they had a 100% sales increase….so what! Is that good sales? By the way has Tesla ever made a profit? No!

  11. XA35GT Says:

    Tesla shot up 42% compared to what? What are their actual sales numbers? I’m sorry but to me if you only sold 20,000 cars compared to GM and Fords 200K + I’m not all that impressed.

  12. Andy Says:

    I also don’t agree with Sean about the Takata airbag recall… My wife has a ’08 BMW X5 impacted by the recall & if up to her, she would not be driving the vehicle. We continue to contact the dealer for service & waiting for follow up and replacement parts to become available. I believe we are in a low risk state; otherwise, if we were in a higher risk location & had the option, our family wouldn’t be driving the vehicle. Pretty disappoint…

  13. David Sprowl Says:

    The atlas… yawn. many of the same features exist in other cars Rouge comes to mind… and at a better price.

  14. veh Says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t express any opinion on Tesla sales since the numbers are ALL estimates.