AD #2194 – Qualcomm’s Intriguing V2V Chipset, Nikola Teams Up With Bosch, Who’s Getting Ready for a Drop in Sales?

September 20th, 2017 at 12:02pm

Runtime: 9:00

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- Nikola Teams Up With Bosch for Fuel Cell Semi
- More from the Ford Mobility Company
- Sliding Doors on Cars Could Become Common
- Qualcomm’s Intriguing V2V Chipset
- Meet Auria Solutions
- Who’s Getting Ready for a Big Drop in Sales?

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19 Comments to “AD #2194 – Qualcomm’s Intriguing V2V Chipset, Nikola Teams Up With Bosch, Who’s Getting Ready for a Drop in Sales?”

  1. Buzzerd Says:

    I like the idea of the sliding door as it looks like entry and exit of the rear seats of the car looks sooo much easier. Here’s the part I don’t get though- so many small and mid sized cars have huge B pillars that make it difficult to navigate your food around yet cars with sliding doors have nothing. So would a middle ground not be to simply make the B pillar smaller?
    Oh and while we are at it, get rid of the stupid door pockets that take up the other big chunk of room.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    I don’t understand ML reasoning. Wouldn’t a influx of vehicles coming off lease drive more new car sales? Sure a few will buy out their lease but its not like they will turn in their lease and buy a used car.
    What it should affect would be those 10 to 15 year old cars being retired for a newer off lease or low price used car if the prices drop as expected. But then again I don’t follow their reasoning.

  3. Chuck Grenci Says:

    If Qualcomm’s V2V Chipset works, wow, that would eliminate the Betamax to VHS boondoggle of years ago; while two separate technologies can create competition, it could also create chaos.

    I think a big drop in sales could occur, however, predictions to 2025; I don’t see much accuracy in even trying to place a number (on sales) that far in the future.

  4. Lambo2015 Says:

    Love the sliding door. Easier egress especially with really tight parking spots and no door dings. They need to expand like one concept I saw where the front doors slid forward.

  5. Lex Says:

    As the average new vehicle price increases above the present day average of $33-$35K many will be looking to CPO vehicles as a cost cutting measure. This shift will delay the timeline for the phase-in of autonomous vehicles. I predict the average age of the vehicle fleet will increase from 11.5 years
    currently to 15 years and beyond.

    Autonomous Vehicle Technology (AVT) will cause many consumers to hold onto their vehicles for longer lengths of time because of the trepidation and concerns related to safety and cost. Collector cars will see a boom in prices in the 10 to 30 years as people who love to drive purchase them for the pure pleasure of driving. Resto Mods will also see increases in demand from this same demographic.

  6. Lex Says:

    @4 I agree with you Lambo2015 about sliding doors. I like to see them slide half way back for front passengers to egress and full back for rear passengers to egress the vehicle.
    Depending on the body style of the vehicle this would be and attractive selling point.

    Tesla needs to jettison the “Falcon Wing Doors” on the Model X and replace them with sliders.
    This will reduce cost and eliminate snow from entering the vehicle.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Those sliding doors are a great idea. I really like them on my 1989 Caravan.

  8. Lambo2015 Says:

    John I am so confused by ML estimates of a pending sales drop. First, their reasoning doesn’t make sense in reference to new car sales as I mentioned above but beyond that if they want to attribute it to leases ending and dropping even used car prices.. Isn’t the 17M number total car sales which includes new and used? Seems if prices drop for used cars, sales will increase also.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8 I’m not John, but the 17M referred to is new, not new plus used.

    As far as cars coming off-lease, I’d think most of them would be replaced with new cars. The off-lease ones would take sales from new, though, further increasing tbe average age of the vehicle fleet.

  10. Drew Says:

    @1 – it is not easy to shrink or eliminate the B Pillar in a conventional body side. Vehicles with sliding doors still have a B Pillar, plus B Pillar-like structure in the leading edge of the sliding door. If you can peak inside the cavity of a super cab pickup’s rear hinged rear access door, you will see B Pillar- like structure in its forward sheet metal and that it latches to both the roof and floor.

  11. Drew Says:

    And that B Pillar structure plays a critical role in side impact crash protection (FMVSS 214).

  12. Albemarle Says:

    I think the 13 million estimate is wildly negative. You need more than too many used cars to drop 4 million new car sales a year! That’s enormous. Where’s the predicted recession? Sounds like they assume everyone would prefer to buy used but can’t find a car so settle for new?

  13. G.A.Branigan Says:

    I’m with ya Kit.I love my sliding doors on my mini ram wonder van.And I have barn doors in the back.Best of both worlds imho.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    12 Maybe they are predicting that car nut “baby boomers,” like myself, will downsize our fleets, putting well-maintained, well treated, low mileage cars on the market. Those would steal new car sales.

    Now, I’m not too serious. There aren’t THAT many of us.

  15. Ziggy Says:

    Did ML take into account all the hurricane flooded vehicles that will have to be replaced? I read one place that it is estimated there will be over a million vehicles that will need to be acquired for those vehicles that are written off, I’m sure some of them will be new purchases.

  16. Jonathan Says:

    Unit sales of new car sales because pricing is ridiculous. Preowned off lease vehicles will ship overseas so new car sales in the USA should be stronger than ML prediction.

    China sales will remain strong while europes financial crisis could have a negative impact on unit sales.

    As electric car sales begin to gather momentum I believe ownership will extend further unless leasing continues as a main method for most consumers…the perpetual leasing consumer will continue but will hunt value subsidized lease deals even more so in the near future.

    Companies like GM that are preparing for short term lease deals to consumers and then have a secondary leasing consumer like lyft drivers is an ingenious plan.

    Great topic of discussions and I imagine the cuv craze is consumers planning and preparing to own their vehicles longer than ever before.

    What makes me suggest this? Cuv s tend to age or become styling dated products much slower than their passenger car counterparts…

    Sedan sales are slowing….much like sport coupe sales slowed down and never recovered years back. Why? Because although styling hits as they release. Their appeal and attractiveness fades more quickly …

    Sports coupes< sedans< cuv s with regards to how long they remain contemporary from a styling standpoint. As vehicle ownership or vehicles remain capable of use, the slower consumers want them To date stylistically.

    Who the hell knows if what I'm saying is true or not…it's really just my opinion.

    Some would say it's the space utilization and that's a contributor as well.

    Meanwhile cuv s sales rage on. EV cuv s that are stylish will prevail. Chevy s bolt is less than appealing in its current styling iteration in America. Hopefully a GMC cuv version will appeal to the professional grade consumer …unless as has been rumored Buick GEts its bolt derivative…

    Just my two cents…great show as always and I look forward to the autoline after hours coming back after a two week hiatus.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    16 Are many off-lease cars from the U.S. sold overseas? I wouldn’t think there would be much market for mostly expensive U.S. spec used cars other places. I could be wrong, though. John or Sean?

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    When will the CUV craze end? Minivans lost favor, because of the “mommymobile” image. CUV’s would seem to have that, on steroids.

  19. Ukendoit Says:

    I didn’t understand why VW says the electrics have more room underneath for the large sliding door mechanisms. Isn’t there a large battery array there as opposed to a FWD ICE car having virtually no need to put anything there? I realize the ICE usually puts a fuel tank somewhere around there, but that could be higher, more central, or rearward whereas the battery pack usually takes advantage of the low center of gravity with a low, wide pack.