Moving Land Rover Forward Is All About The Design Details – LA Auto Show 2017

November 30th, 2017 at 6:18pm

The key to moving Land Rover more upscale, making it more capable, and motivating more people to buy one is through design. Gerry McGovern, the design director and chief creative officer at LR, takes us through the specific styling details he’s using to take the brand’s on a “journey of transition.”

2 Comments to “Moving Land Rover Forward Is All About The Design Details – LA Auto Show 2017”

  1. stephen Says:

    Gerry – lose the cravate. Even the English don’t wear them anymore- well not since Lawrence was in the desert.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    The pick up or catch phase this auto show seems to be automobility…

    That’s a fun catch phase really being played up as automakers convert themselves from the dark dirty terminology car manufacturers to the hip new cool words automobility..,

    Mobility services is somehow a better phase for Wall Street.

    Well if it helps stock prices what the hell…

    The real key is to offer product that pulls at the heartstrings of consumers at a reasonable price. When they do that they will be a success…

    Just take a look at tesla.

    Innovative, efficient exciting and with the new model 3 priced well.

    Now if tesla can build the half a million he has reservations for …tesla will be all set as will consumers.

    Watching the industry shift is exciting.

    Still the bottom line is product.

    Full ev SUV s and possibly the jaguar ipace offshoot for Land Rover is a good start.


    Thanks for the coverage of the LA show and all that does,