AD #2283 – FCA Workers Sue UAW, Mercedes Reveals New A-Class, Will GM Leave Korea?

February 5th, 2018 at 11:39am

Runtime: 8:14

0:30 FCA Workers Sue UAW
1:04 FCA Criticized for Ram Super Bowl Ad
1:36 EV Sales Stall
2:38 Hella’s New Lighting Solutions
3:18 Mercedes Reveals New A-Class
3:55 Will GM Leave Korea?
4:58 Engineering for Different Regions

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41 Comments to “AD #2283 – FCA Workers Sue UAW, Mercedes Reveals New A-Class, Will GM Leave Korea?”

  1. lambo2015 Says:

    I would hate to be in the advertising industry today. Everyone is so sensitive and eager to complain about the littlest things. Rather than being happy that the words of MLK are being remembered honored and yes even used to sell trucks, which may prompt a younger generation to google the whole speech and maybe learn something people want to complain. SMH

  2. Barry Rector Says:

    I thought the Ram/MLK commercial was one of the best of the Super Bowl. It combined many aspects of American life and the powerful words of King. It made one think and be proud of all the hard working men and women of this country!

  3. lambo2015 Says:

    As for the engineering in different regions it can be very expensive too. It would be great if a global automotive standard was developed. Simple things like the lighting specification as some countries use red side markers where the US uses amber. China requires tire pressure sensor receivers at each corner of the vehicle rather than a central one like the US because of the close proximity of other vehicles there. But having all the differences means another part number to manage and complexity adds cost.

  4. Usefull Says:

    I hope that was a typo: “FCA denies the bribes had anything to do with the contract it negotiated”

    If there were NO bribes, it should read: “FCA denies THAT bribes had anything to do with the contract it negotiated”. Big difference for FCA…

  5. lambo2015 Says:

    So what will regulators do in 2025 when BEVs struggle to achieve 5% of sales and manufacturers are making cars no one wants?
    I guess its good to have a goal though.

  6. DK Says:

    RE EV sales. Why were Bolts omitted from the list? As I understand they are down as well but probably 15% of the market so would make these numbers look a bit different.

  7. Sean McElroy Says:

    @DK – You’ll notice a number of electric vehicles were missing from the list. Tesla, Nissan Leaf & Fiat 500e are just the most noticeable that dragged the segment down. Bolt sales were up slightly (1.3%) in January compared to the year before.

  8. Mark Says:

    [lambo2015] Are you thick headed? Using dead peoples images to sell anything is crass and disrespectable since the person in question has no say in the matter.

    Companies just out to make a buck off of someone’s memory.

  9. Jonathan Brown Says:

    Make money or close down…screw South Korea…same with Europe…

    Lose money why?

    Close it down…

  10. Max Says:

    I love Ram and all things Ram related, but I thought all of their Super Bowl ads were really bad. Not necessarily in poor taste – just bad. After watching the ads, I knew absolutely nothing more about the new Ram trucks than I knew before. Not very effective advertising if you ask me…

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Here’s some more info on BEV and Plug-in hybrid sales.

    The Tesla numbers are “estimates,” and these estimates can vary, depending on the source. There is no way that BEV’s will make up 15% of sales by 2025, unless these 48v mild hybrids count toward the 15%.

  12. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Fancy headlights projecting bars….blacking out sections of light??? What!! How about proper driver instruction and paying attention to driving a car properly. I agree good headlights that are (and I stress) properly aimed are the best headlights. Some of the newest car have LED headlight that are just plain dangerous to driver coming the other direction! Some are BLINDING!!!!…and create very dangerous conditions. Where is the enforcemnt with bad, too bright lights?

  13. Dave Thompson Says:

    Great Ram Ad moving the people who are buyers, not only that but look at all the free advertising they’ve got and people are talking about it, Ram built to serve wow! Certainly will be memorable for a long time like the Apple Mac Ad in 1984

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The best headlights I ever had were 7 inch round Hella H4 lights I had on my 1974 Plymouth Duster. The high beams had a sharp upper cutoff, so I could aim them to show fairly far ahead, without blinding oncoming drivers, and the high beams were great. It seems to be hard to make “styled” headlights work as well as big, round ones, with properly designed reflectors, and good halogen bulbs.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    14 I meant LOW beams had a sharp upper cutoff…..

  16. Lambo2015 Says:

    #8 I dont believe Rams intention was to use MLK as a means to sell trucks. Which is why the ad did not speak to the features and specifications of the truck. I think it was an attempt to honor and remember the mans speech that happen to be 50 years ago to the day. No different than Justin Timberlake paying tribute to Prince during his halftime show. However other over-sensitive individuals like yourself probably found issue with that as well.

    Just an FYI no one seemed to be offended in 1992 when diet coke used the images of Gene Kelly and Groucho Marx to dance with Paula Abdulin their Coke commercial. I guess it wasnt offensive then.

  17. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Yes I can remember when the change from sealed beam headlights went to composite. Most were an improvement. I had one that wasn’t..1993 Chrsyler Concorde..dim and poor reflectors. The extreme intensity of the LED headlights are just to dazzling and hard to not to be blinding, no matter how they are aimed. I only see being mounted lower on the car and with some type of shading to prevent the scattering of light to on coming cars.

  18. Drew Says:

    I won’t get into the MLK or Prince debate, but did anyone else find it strange that FCA was advertising a truck that is still many months away from being available in dealerships? I would think they should still be trying to sell the 2017/2018 models.

  19. M Campbell Says:

    Re 18: I didn’t. In fact I would posit that utilizing the most watched event of the year to NOT advertise a company’s latest and greatest product would be the strange decision. In the case of Ram, literally every American motorist has already seen the current generation of their product; why spend that kind of money to show the public what they’ve already seen?

  20. M Campbell Says:

    Re thick headed: “We found that the overall message of the [Ram] ad embodied Dr. King’s philosophy that true greatness is achieved by serving others.”–Eric Tidwell, the managing director of the licensor of Martin Luther King Jr’s estate.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    17 The non-sealed beam H4 lights I mentioned in #14-15 were much better than the sealed beams that they directly replaced, but were actually illegal in the U.S. My next two cars had rectangular sealed beams which were much worse than the 7 inch round H4′s. My first car with composite headlights was the 1989 Dodge Caravan which I still have. Its lights are better than the old sealed beams, but not that great.

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I thought the biggest travesty of this Super Bowl extravaganza, was that they had Justin Timberlake back, but didn’t have Janet Jackson.

    BTW, I thought the game was great, especially that trick play by Philadelphia.

  23. Lisk Says:

    Tesla reports their financials tonight so Elon can spin how Tesla’s continued money losing ways is a good thing for the company. As mentioned, Tesla oddly doesn’t report sales like the other automakers which in itself is a little suspicious. In December they had a “burst mode” of being able to build 1,000 cars a week. Does this mean they delivered more than 3,000 M3s last month? Somehow I don’t think so.

    As far as headlamps, the old halogen sealed beams, round or rectangular were in improvement over the non halogens of the same style, but still lacking compared to today’s composite inits. The number of angles and surfaces puts out far more light in the right places, at least as much as the law will allow. If the manufacturers had their way, headlamps would be far more effective, however the Federal Gov’t knows beeter, you know. A great many of the aftermarket headlamps like the Cibie & Hella units that were popular in the 70′s & 80′s were tagged as “Off Road use only” because they didn’t comply to US regs.

    As for the worst headlamps, my vote goes to the 1993-97 Chevrolet Camaros. They used the GM “Mini Quads” which a) didn’t put out enough light, and b) were so deeply recessed in the front fascia, you had no pattern out to the sides. Turning on a dark street with no lighting on the sides of the car was an adventure. In 1998, Camaros got hideous composite units, but they were superior.

  24. Roger Blose Says:

    Today’s headlight war is on with blinding lights, no regulations, higher mounted CUVs/SUVs shooting through your rear windows, and more. My worse past headlights were on a 1996 T-Bird with sad headlight design. These were so week that I use to drive around with the high beams on and no one would notice and flash back at me. Talk about over driving your lights at night!! The best were my old Hella H-4 illegal units with 100 watt bulbs installed. Viability was stunning from these “flame throwers”! Waiting for the lasers to come next followed by special protective night googles for everyone.

  25. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Maybe the headlight solution will come from windshield manufacturers. An advanced form of polarized glass? Light sensitive glass to adjust to certain wave length light.

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    24 I only used the 55/60w bulbs in my Helka H4 lights, but as good as they were, I can imagine how awesome the 100′s would have been.

  27. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Elon is sending one of his cars out in space in the first test of the Falcon Heavy rocket. The launch is scheduled for tomorrow, with a launch window from 1:30-4:30 p.m., EST.

  28. Danny Turnpaugh Says:

    Proper aiming on headlights would help a lot, I see where some people are putting a LED light bar across the whole front bumper, I can’t imagine how that could be aimed.

  29. Kate McLeod Says:

    I disagree with many of the commenters. Martin Luther King’s words are so important to our American experiment. If Ram chose to leave the sheet metal aside and talk about his power and the force he was for good, for justice, for standing up and speaking out about inequality, that would be meaningful. But, I personally think associating MLK with Ram to–let’s face facts– sell trucks is appalling. His words and actions are some of the most powerful the country has ever experienced. Using him for advertising of any kind really demonstrates how much dignity we have lost as a nation.

  30. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Kate…I agree 100%.

  31. Ziggy Says:

    Sorry all you haters of the RAM MLK ad, I liked it because it educated me that that speech was out there, never heard it before. And if you are going to pay all that money to advertise on the Super Bowl you better tie it to at least one of your models or brands or you are definitely wasting stock holder funds. All you snow flakes need to get a life and realize how advertising works. Personally I liked the RAM Vikings ad the best because it was funny and did show the new vehicle off very well.

  32. Buzzerd Says:

    The Ram add seems tone deaf to me. So players are critized for kneeling during the anthem to protest what they consider human rights violations in the US. Then the NFL runs an ad using MLK to sell a truck??? It’s not the worst thing in advertising history but kind of dumb in my opinion

  33. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I never pay much attention to ads, but from the descriptions of the ad, I’d have to go along with Kate and Frederick. It seems that whoever “manages” the MLK legacy is not doing a very good job.

  34. kurt w Says:

    Noticed your MB Model A reveal discussed the Hatchback. USA isn’t getting the hatchback (Canada is), but instead gets a sedan version. Might be nice to reveal why the German vendors (and one Korean vendor) are so dedicated towards giving USA small sedans (with their tiny little trunks) instead of more practical hatchbacks!

  35. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    #31 I am 67 years old and a conservative. Owned and operated two small retail businesses. I am the furthest you can get from snowflake. Super Bowl ads are not the best place to learn history. Books and school are the better choice. If you didn’t know about MLK that is a sad statement of our education system. That is LIFE!

  36. Kit Gerhart Says:

    34 Small sedans make no sense at all, compared to their hatchback counterparts, nor do pickup trucks make sense for 90% of the people who buy them. That said, U.S. buyers want what doesn’t make sense, thus the lack of available hatchbacks, and the high sales numbers of pickup trucks.

  37. Bob Wilson Says:

    My web link is a graph showing the top 20, efficient car sales over the past four months. The January dip is obvious when compared to the local peak sales in December.

    We’ve seen this end-of-year rush in previous years that often includes inventory clearance. However, uncertainty in the Trump Tax boosted December sales over fears the EV tax credit might go away.

    In December 2016, I bought our second plugin hybrid, a Prius Prime to get the $4k tax credit for 2016. The tax credit adjusted the when, not the why.

  38. Ctech Says:

    If nothing else the Ram truck / MLK ad has got the most discussions. I did not find the ad offensive. Oddly many people who found the ad offensive never saw the ad.

  39. Lambo2015 Says:

    My final thoughts on the MLK Ram truck ad. As I listened to the varying points of view last night on TV. I have concluded that its just best to not try and pay tribute and honor someone great and assimilate their values with your product.

    I still feel that Ram’s intentions were good and it was not offensive (to me) because I did not see it as using MLK to sell trucks but rather trying to draw a line between MLKs inspiring words and values and their product. Obviously a task that missed its mark in many peoples eyes. Using the inspirational words of almost anyone else would not have received such controversy. But because MLK speeches were directed at fixing inequality, oppression and things wrong with our society, basically makes using his words for anything else, seems to trivialize his massage. I get it and I think its the difference of being a glass half filled or glass half empty person. I’m optimistic and tend to believe people have honest and good intentions as in this case. I dont go looking for a reason to have issue with things and try and focus on the big issues and let the little stuff just slide. Sorry to some that feel this was a big issue but it was one of those small things to me.

  40. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Jalopnik’s take on the Ram ad.

    That particular MLK speech said the vary opposite of “go buy a new vehicle you don’t need.”

  41. WineGeek Says:

    Comparing Gene Kelly and Groucho to MLK is a real stretch. One was an icon in a civil rights struggle that is till going on, the others were entertainers, not the same level of person or same level of respect due them. When I saw the ad I immediately thought that it was a very poor choice of audio and was extremely surprised that it was allowed by the MLK family/estate.