AD #2294 – Toyota’s New Magnet Cuts Rare Earths, Part Values Driving Auto Thefts, VW Shows 1st I.D. Autonomous Vehicle

February 20th, 2018 at 11:46am

Runtime: 8:00

0:30 New Magnet Cuts Amount of Rare Earth Elements
1:28 Hella Helps Drivers Avoid Polluted Air
2:12 Rising Part Values Driving Auto Thefts
3:30 Lexus Teases New Production Crossover
3:58 VW Shows 1st I.D. Autonomous Vehicle
4:37 Kia Readies Debut of Next-Gen K900
5:24 The Future of Auto Shows

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14 Comments to “AD #2294 – Toyota’s New Magnet Cuts Rare Earths, Part Values Driving Auto Thefts, VW Shows 1st I.D. Autonomous Vehicle”

  1. XA351GT Says:

    Cadillac didn’t show up at this years Philly Auto Show , but are now running commercials touting auto show discounts. ??? I guess to give buyers the impression that they are getting mark downs on vehicles that were at the show.

  2. Albemarle Says:

    Wow Sean, I didn’t realize Detroit was still in such desperate shape. Stripped cars on cinder blocks? I guess no need for No Parking signs.

  3. Mark Says:

    So Mercedes is leaving the NAIAS in favor of debuting new vehicles at events like CES [Consumer Electronics show], an event that is not open to the public. Brilliant way to avoid the people who buy your product.

  4. Brett Cammack Says:

    No point in entering the contest. Our 2016 Outlander has leather and the 2006 Outlander is too old to qualify. Funny, I remember that vendor was around in at least 2000. Guess they didn’t keep the patterns. Disappointed

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I didn’t realize they still sold the K900. I now know why. I looked up sales numbers, and found that they sold a total of 455 in 2017.

  6. buzzerd Says:

    Auto parts- so if they wanted to reduce vehicle thefts one thing that could help is having the manufacturers gouge a little less for replacement parts???

  7. Todd T Says:

    Insurance companies are often the cause of auto thefts. By demanding repair shops to lower prices often used parts are used instead of new ones. And sometimes it’s just those repair shops on their own wanting to increase their bottom-line. The price of new replacement parts has always been 3-6 times the cost of the sum of the parts in a new car. Why VIM coded RF tags aren’t stamped into parts is beyond me. Retailers justify the costs for these tags on items priced under $5.

  8. buzzerd Says:

    and speaking or repairs, I was at an MVC the other day that involved and new F150 that got rear-ended. Was interesting to see how the aluminum on the box tore instead of folding or denting. The truck took a decent hit but still…. that box was facked.

  9. Dale Leonard Says:

    Recently in my neighborhood every owner of a newer Camry and Altima awoke to missing their headlamp assemblies. I was able to speak with an insurance adjuster who said headlamps are the #1 item he writes and if a thief takes headlamps,tail lamps,bumper covers and wheels these items will total loss a car with no problem. Sad as on the black market thief’s are lucky to get $500.00 for the lot. If this keeps up we will be paying insurance rates in the thousands a year like in the U.K.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9 Probably the thieves also do a lot of damage to the cars, when they steal the parts.

  11. gary susie Says:

    When my pickup got stolen they just dropped it on the ground, no blocks. Tow company did more damage than thieves!

  12. Ctech Says:

    Can Toyota’s magnet technology be used in speakers?

    Kit, you are correct! It is sometimes the damage done to fenders, quarter panels, hoods, and paint which drive up the repair costs when thieves steal the headlamps, taillamps, and bumpers.

    Detroit is not the only city where car theft is a problem. Throughout centrol Florida you are likely to lose your car or parts of it regardless of where you are.

    I somewhat doubt drivers in this country will change their driving route depending on pollution.

    I would love to see how the readings change on the in car pollution meter as you follow a Diesel pickup owner who is “rolling coal”.

  13. Bob Wilson Says:

    There was a time when reports of Prius battery thefts were a thing. Not so much anymore.

  14. GM Veteran Says:

    Sadly, one of the most common places you see vehicles on blocks after their wheels and catalytic converters have been stolen, is new car dealerships.

    Its amazing that headlight assemblies cost so much and still don’t provide good illumination for the driver in many cases, as Autoline has noted in a couple of stories.