AD #2321 – Tesla Taking It on the Chin, BMW & Daimler Merge Mobility Services, Cadillac Won’t Share New V8

March 29th, 2018 at 11:33am

Runtime: 7:11

0:28 Tesla’s Stocks & Bonds Are Falling
1:12 BMW & Daimler Combine Mobility Services
1:51 Renault & Nissan Consider Merging
3:10 VW Shows Concept Version of Atlas Pickup
3:51 New Subaru Forester
4:09 Kia Updates the Sedona Minivan
4:53 Cadillac Won’t Share New V8 Engine
5:33 New Nissan Altima Gets Massive V-Motion Grille
6:17 Genesis Reveals Sleek EV Concept

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44 Comments to “AD #2321 – Tesla Taking It on the Chin, BMW & Daimler Merge Mobility Services, Cadillac Won’t Share New V8”

  1. Bradley Says:

    Yes, VW should make a pickup.
    Yes, VW should make a pickup smaller thank the Tanoak.

  2. omegatalon Says:

    Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen demonstrating that he’s essentially brain dead and just doesn’t know it because how can Cadillac recoup development cost of their new LTA Twin Turbo 4.2L DOHC-4v V8 unless they’re willing to share variations of the engine to other companies especially when Cadillac is such a low volume seller and the LTA does not generate the horsepower needed to transform vehicles like the CT6 into super-car status.

  3. Chuck Grenci Says:

    Well for those that remember the Cadillac XLR, that didn’t share a Corvette engine either (used the Northstar) so Johann’s announcement is no big deal (other than putting the rumor to rest). Chevy is quite capable of producing the ‘correct’ engine for the new mid-Corvette. And I think the new Caddy V-8 actually uses a Chevy lower end (so you have to throw that into the mix). We’ll just have to wait and see what Corvette does.

    The new Atlas Pickup is handsome, but unless it is smaller than the current mid-sized entries, I don’t think if will make much of a splash. I, and some others here, still think that a smaller-sized pickup could make a dent.

  4. phred Says:

    Remember when GM went all in for the “Corporate Engine” in all brands? Save the Cadillac denials!
    For After Hours!! Why doesn’t the Automotive Press call out BMW for the continuing “lemon law” Mini traits in the designs in their engine and CVT offerings? Just google on Mini Problems and hang on!

  5. Lambo2015 Says:

    Yes on the VW pick-up.. looks good and smaller than most offerings.

    Well I would expect nothing else from Cadillac president as the whole mid-engine vette is hush hush and certainly so is the powertrain. His comments mean nothing as I could see GM bumping the engine to a 5.0L or more with many shared components 500+HP and then say its not a shared engine.

  6. Wim van Acker Says:

    @1, 3, and Autoline Team: do we know the differences between the future Tanoak and the Volkswagen Amarok, which has been in production since 2010, and unfortunately not sold in the U.S.?

  7. Drew Says:

    Lambo2015 – I agree. I also believe the same “uniquely Cadillac” hyperbole applies to the claim that the new CT4’s platform. Like Lexus, Infiniti, Acura, Lincoln, and any other luxury brand with a non-luxury corporate brand, I am betting there are shared components and hard points between the CT4 and at least 2 Chevy or Buick small CUVs. And you can bet Sangy Monroe (or anyone with a hoist) can Show us the commonality.

  8. Brett Cammack Says:

    Still waiting for the RAM 700 to come north of the border.

  9. Chuck Grenci Says:

    #7, Drew
    I think you meant XT4, and according to releases, this vehicle is on a unique platform. The CT4 is the replacement for the ATS/CTS, which is in the works. Not to criticize, just correct nomenclature. And there is no-foul in sharing some components; to not amortize some costs would be fool-hearty.

  10. Drew Says:

    @6 – The Tanoak and Amarok appears the be very different . The Tamoak appears to be Ridgeline-like with an integrated box/body side and derivation from a unibody CUV… whereas the Amarok has traditional separate box/body units attached to a full frame.

  11. Wim van Acker Says:

    @5: I agree with you, using the same cylinders/pistons, that 4.2L V8 could be developed into a 5.3L V10 and a 6.3L V12 for the Corvette.

  12. kurt w Says:

    I wonder why Subaru dropped the XT turbo engine from the Forester lineup, for that engine gave the Forester the power to deal with freeway passing and mountain driving. Amazing too that they added a “Sport” model with no chassis or engine enhancements.

  13. Drew Says:

    Chuck… yes… I meant XT4. I just don’t believe the press release. As Johan admitted, they didn’t develop the XT4 earlier because of financial priorities. Those same financial “hurdles” should have driven the development team to reuse underbody and other invisible components from the GM corporate parts bin. But Johan’s effort to distance Cadillac from the rest of GM (including his Manhattan playground), won’t let the press kit to admit to any commonality. I say, get Sandy Monroe to discover the truth!

  14. David Sprowl Says:

    I’m a truck guy. But my taste are different than most when stated. Honda’s Ridgeline is not a bad entry. But my litmus test is can I get a washer and dryer in the bed and put the tail gate up. Ridgeline fails. Not a big fan of the hatch in the bed. It would suck to retrieve anything stowed there when you have to unload bags of mulch to get to it. Small trucks can and do have a market waiting. If manufactures could produce a midsize with say the midgate design of avalanche fame, the attraction would be greater IMHO. Now a person could load long pieces of lumber and get the gate up and still park it in the garage.

  15. Lisk Says:

    Elon will spin another story and the “Musk-A-Teers” will stand at attention and all will be back to normal. Maybe he’ll announce Boring Co.s tunnel to China. Been watching the stock pretty closely and a 15% drop in a week is pretty serious.

    Mr de Nysschen, take a good look at what you’re really in charge of and what you have really done in the past five years. Market share is down and your crosstown rival is up. You’ve decapitated your dealer body with the confusing Project Pinnacle program, goals, and whether it’s still worth it to be a Cadillac dealer. You bring out a smaller crossover in a market you’re trying to break into at a price point a couple of thousand higher than your competition?
    And now you’re getting arrogant about a corporate engine developed by GM Powertrain? A lighter, simpler engine exists in the portfolio already, the LT4, with 100 additional HP. A Cadillac sports car? They need to work in building market share before embarking on this billion dollar folly. Sure seems like a lot of effort for 120 cars a year (sustainable)
    A VW pickup would be nice, just not this one. For all the real estate this one consumes, it only has a 5-foot bed? There are plenty of trucks like this on already.
    Looking forward to Peter DeLorenzo’s quiet rants of sarcasm prose this afternoon, as only he can.

  16. Lex Says:

    If Renault & Nissan are considering merging where does that leave Mitsubishi?

  17. lambo2015 Says:

    #11 I don’t see Chevy going away from a V8 but knowing how hard it is to package an exhaust system into a mi-engine configuration having the turbos mounted in the V of the block would help. I would suspect it could be a shared block But I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see Vette get a larger displacement engine OHC with twin turbos that looks identical to the caddy engine but with larger pistons and HP. That would keep Johan’s comments true. The engine design alone itself to a perfect mid-engine package.

  18. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    I love the VW pick up concept. I hope by the time it hits the market, VW will improve their quality issues. Reality is hitting Tesla. If the shares continue to fall and if sales don’t grow massively the future is bleak. The only people I’ve talked to that own a Tesla feel quality is an issue. The Altima…another car with a screen sticking out of the center dash with knobs. Looks like a Etch A Sketch sitting on the dash.

  19. Wim van Acker Says:

    @15 on TESLA: with all that said, their $ 45 billion market capitalization is a mystery to me. Comparables: FCA $ 30 BB, Ford $ 44 BB, General Motors $ 50 BB, BMW Group $ 57 BB.

  20. Buzzerd Says:

    Why wouldn’t you make the Tanoak if you were VW? North Americans will buy anything truckish, hell they even buy the Ridgeline, though not many, and VW fans will buy anything VW craps out. Seems like a win waiting to happen for them.

  21. G.A.Branigan Says:

    @ #3,Chuck Grenci:

    Hell yeah,bring us back the S10 sized trucks. All I’m concerned with is bed length. I can get by with a 75″ bed. A small diesel,Z71 4×4. Yeah,I can do that,in a new york minute.

  22. Lambo2015 Says:

    According to Bloomberg the Uber car that struck and killed a pedestrian had some of the collision avoidance shut off. The article wasn’t very well written or clear but it sounded like the Volvo had systems in place that would have detected the woman a second before the collision. This would have allowed the vehicle to attempt a maneuver or at least brake to a much slower speed. These systems were turned off and relying on the autonomous system or vise-a-versa. Hopefully Sean/John you guys can get a clearer description of what is being claimed here.. Bottom line they are expressing to the public that the systems did not fail and may have prevented her death. They were turned off for whatever reason to avoid conflict between the autonomus system and Volvos vehicle systems but apparently were not working together. Like I said the article was not real clear.

  23. Lambo2015 Says:

    21 G.A. you have a great idea. If they brought back the small pick-up but designed it like the Avalanche it could be attractive to a large market. The problem with many of the small pickups was only room for 2 maybe three with a tight squeeze. But as they added a back seat the beds got smaller and less useful. People want the ability to take the family sometimes and yet haul an 8ft board or plywood at times. With a midgate you get the best of both worlds. If they just offered it in a small package rather than off the Tahoe platform they could bring back the small pick-up.

  24. John McElroy Says:

    #16. Lex, Nissan now owns Mitsubishi, so it will get wrapped into the Renault-Nissan merger.

  25. Jim Haines Says:

    VW basically builds junk I have no idea why people buy their cars at all and yes I work on los of different brands of cars and light trucks. On another point about a pickup to compare BW anything to a Honda Ridgeline is a joke
    Honda quality is so far above the Germans their is no equal in Europe

  26. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    22…This sort of gives us a real world view to AV’s. When they hit the true retail market will the owner be able to partially or fully disengage any of the systems. Another facit to look at will all the systems automatically re-engage after the AV is shut off and restarted. Also what warnings or driving modes will be engaged when there is a system malfunction or software corruption. I just don’t see anywhere in the near future being able to just disengage from totally paying attention. I can only see AV’s in the near future being used on restricted access lanes created for AV’s. We will see where they go.

  27. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    25…My independent repair shop loves to see VW/Audi cars on the road. Its a steady march by these owners when out of warranty to get their cars repaired, only outdone by Land Rover owners.

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    VW could de-extend the cab of that pickup, and stretch the box to 75 inches or so. There might be a market for something like that.

  29. Drew Says:

    @20 – The body-on-frame and 2 separate bodies of the Amarok require a very unique assembly process. As such, it would be very expensive to add its assembly process to Chattanooga… or would require a unique stand-alone assembly plant that would operate at about 20% of an ideal capacity utilization rate.

  30. Tim Beaumont Says:

    12) I too was disappointed that Subaru dropped the turbo in the 2019 Forester. I have a 2018 Forester XT touring, which has the 2.0 turbo. Wouldn’t buy it without. Gutless otherwise. Having good power to pass on the highway with a load is a safety feature. Driving in eco I get 26 mpg US otherwise.

  31. Tuck&roll Says:

    A VW Pickup. Didn’t they try that back in the ‘70s? How did that turn out. I hope this Pu is not a front wheel drive like that version. But, the design. It looks like it’s taking its design cues from GM or Ford. These small pickups are confusing me. It will never compete with GM and Ford. Forget it VW.

  32. gary susie Says:

    One VW in a lifetime is enough for me. Got tired of making monthly payments for repairs. Don’t all automakers share parts?

  33. Kit Gerhart Says:

    31 The Rabbit pickups are kind of collectible now, especially with a diesel.

  34. XA351GT Says:

    So it sounds like if anyone is on the fence about buying a Tesla they better do it soon. That is a lot of money to be burning through. Just a quick look and if my math is somewhat accurate They would have to sell 2 Model S ,2model X and 2 Model 3s per hour to keep up with that current cash burn rate. Again if my math is good that’s 44 of each a day or approx. 16000 a year. So it’s doable if they can build the cars. If they start selling less S and X they had better sell the hell out of those 3s .

  35. ARHPG Says:

    For Tesla, the “moment of truth” approaches.

  36. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Tesla stock value has been insane all along. About $50/share would be more realistic, for a company that makes only a handful of cars, and it would be speculative at $50.

  37. Lambo2015 Says:

    33 Yeah except the only ones collecting them is salvage yards.. :-)

  38. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    A look in the rear view mirror at the VW pickup

  39. Kit Gerhart Says:

    37 You haven’t been to a VW show lately. They are now leaving salvage yards.

  40. Lisk Says:

    Tesla will not be allowed to fail, no matter the cost. Perhaps it can be “gifted” to Geely or BYD like Chrysler was to Fiat. They are showing 37,000+ employees on the books. Far too many to be put on the street just because Tesla is loosing a Billion or so dollars a year. Elon is just about to announce a solar panel that is 88% efficient and they will start to produce 6000 MW a week by the end of April, 10,000, end of May, 15k, end of June, etc. Sound familiar?He only needs a $2500 deposit per MW.

  41. ARHPG Says:

    Sales of the Tesla Model S are off; production, design and quality problems with the Model 3 abound; Tesla Model x has safety issues; all Tesla cars seem to be built to sub-par quality standards and the company has lost money hand-over-fist since Day One—yet the company still seems to flourish. For Musk, there is definitely a modern-day resemblance to PT Barnum, but the “day of reckoning” must be approaching soon.

  42. Wilk Says:

    Ever since I have seen the VW pickup in Mexico, I have been waiting for VW to bring them to the US. Couldn’t wait any longer and had to buy a Ridgeline.

  43. Steve W Says:

    VW missed the boat by not exporting the Amorek to the U.S. Anything now is too late!

  44. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Great Wall needs to sell a clone of a 2nd generation S-10. Build, or buy a U.S. plant to avoid the “chicken tax.”