AD #2329 – No Bolt EV Refresh for 7 Years, Ford Reveals All-New Global Focus, Look at Updates to Volkswagen’s Jetta

April 10th, 2018 at 11:58am

Runtime: 7:51

0:29 BMW & Kia Develop Wireless EV Charging Systems
1:25 Chevy Bolt EV & AV Production Details
1:59 Honda Insight Hybrid Headed for 2019 Production
2:08 Mercedes to Tap smart Plant for EV Manufacturing
3:06 Chevy Refreshes the Camaro for 2019
4:02 Chevy Teases Next-Gen Silverado HD
4:23 Ford Reveals All-New Global Focus
6:06 2019 Volkswagen Jetta Updates
6:56 FCA Bank Partners with JLR & Aston Martin

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23 Comments to “AD #2329 – No Bolt EV Refresh for 7 Years, Ford Reveals All-New Global Focus, Look at Updates to Volkswagen’s Jetta”

  1. Chuck Grenci Says:

    85% efficiency charge with inductive charge; isn’t that like filling your 15 gallon (gasoline) tank, and 2.3 gallons don’t get in. That’s a pretty significant waste of energy.

  2. Mike Nassour Says:

    It will take some time if the new Focus is to live down the terrible reputation of its predecessor. I wonder if this time Ford decided to put an automatic transmission in it that would actually work?

  3. GM Veteran Says:

    Sean, how does FCA Bank relate to Chrysler Financial, FCA’s joint finance venture with Banco Santander? Is FCA Bank set up for FCA’s European operations and Chrysler Financial for North America?

  4. Lisk Says:

    GM, I think with all the EVs just on the horizon, waiting until 2025 for the next Gen Bolt to arrive will be a huge mistake. I liken today’s EVs to smartphones. Technology minded folks are used to getting new phones every couple of years (or less) and I think that trend is going to trickle down to EVs. I think the game changer in all of this will be the batteries. An EV that gets 200 miles per charge today will be looking at a 10% increase per year until 400 miles is achieved then batteries will get smaller and weight will go down. I know GM is planning other models but I think they need to keep pace with the current Bolt.

  5. WineGeek Says:

    7 YEARS??? What is wrong with American manufacturers that think a design stays current and attractive to consumers for 7 years? I guess we might also ask if the technology stays current and competitive for 7 years in a segment of the market that sees advances on almost a monthly basis. Ford has had this disease for a number of years and only found a cure while Alan Mulally was running the company, now it appears that Gm has caught the same strain of short sightedness. No wonder that the imports gain market share so easily.

    Self inflicted wounds… :)

  6. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Ford has made a huge improvment with the new Focus design. It looks much more refined and less boy racer on the exterior. The interior looks better except for the info screen sticking out of the center dash. This fad I hope will go away in the near future.

  7. BobD Says:

    Perhaps the last few years of the Bolt production will be targeted for fleet/non-retail sales. GM will have newer EVs on the market for retail, but keep producing the Bolt for daily rentals and mobility services deployment. Also, GM could also do one or two powertrain “refreshes” with improved batteries and reduce costs to keep the platform relevant.

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    #1 Wireless charging is one of the more disgusting “developments” to come along in a while. At least 15% of the electricity is thrown away as heat, just so people can be really lazy.

    It’s bad enough with phones, which are using about a thousanth as much power to charge. With phones, not only is power being wasted, but they get extra hot with wireless charging, shortening the life of the battery, and the rest of the device.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    #3 The only real advance that will happen with EV’s over the next several years is batteries, and I suspect they will use newer, higher energy density batteries in the Bolt, as they become available. You don’t need to change anything with the car to do that, except maybe some electronics with the chargers.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    The new Focus will be coming to North America, according to the Ford Media Center. I wonder if that includes the US, or if it will be sold only in Canada and Mexico, the other countries of North America. A while back, I read that the Focus would be dropped from the US market.

  11. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Autoblog states today that the new Focus will be sold in the US in 2019.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10 Tnx

  13. Barry Says:

    The new Focus looks a lot like the Cruze hatchback to me. How do the 2 compare?

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10 I see it will come from China.

  15. Albemarle Says:

    I don’t think GM sees the Bolt EV style as mainstream. The small ‘B’ size cars really only sell well in Québec; so I can understand them continuing to sell it but not focus on it. They do need to start producing more mainstream sized ev vehicles, mainly cuvs in order to grow their ev market.
    If you’re charging your car with, say, 40kWh every night, a 15% loss is 6 kWh per day or 60 cents to $1.20 a day. It will add up but perhaps is worth it for some. As they say ‘less than a cup of coffee a day’. Why are so many add-on costs compared to coffee, which we all know is an essential, not an add-on.

  16. Frederick Schmidt Says:

    Made in China keeps the Focus off my list.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    14 To me, the cost of laziness is an extra ton of coal burned a year, if you live in many parts of the U.S., China, or India. That is not a good thing for the health of the planet, even if you don’t care about the minimal cost in money.

    I like your comment about coffee being “essential.”

  18. Sean McElroy Says:

    @Barry – You’re right, the cars are very similar. The wheelbase and height are nearly identical between the two. Overall length goes to the Cruze hatch by about 3.5-inches. I think the all-new Focus’ C2 platform helps give it the nod for interior space. While rear legroom is the same between both, the Focus has better shoulder room (by more than an inch) for both front and rear. We’ll be able to better compare the two as more information comes out on the Focus and people actually get behind the wheel.

  19. Len Simpson Says:

    Based on several personal experiences ,anything ‘ Made en Chine is not allowed in my yard,. Their metallurgists were all mis-taught in the same school

  20. Albemarle Says:

    The press release said grid to vehicle efficiency was 85%. Other studies, like the one done in Vermont, showed that standard plug-in 240V charging is close to 86% to 87% efficient. So we may be talking only about a 2% difference. I am surprised it’s that little. Plugging in is no problem at all and only takes a few seconds.
    This technology might have a place at public chargers where people sometimes unplug a charging car because they want to charge and not wait.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I bet it’s “as much as 85%” relative to plugging in. I don’t know the efficiency of wireless phone charging, but I know it’s low, given how hot the phone gets. This is the case with both a car wireless charge area, and a Samsung charge pad.

  22. omegatalon Says:

    Keeping the Chevrolet Bolt for 7 years without changing anything would be like designing a notebook computer and not make changes for 7 years which is insanity and this is the quickest way for General Motors to run into a lot of trouble.

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    21 I just installed an SSD and added memory in my 7 year old Macbook, which made it much better than new. Something similar could be the case with putting then-current batteries in a Bolt in 2024.