AD #2390 – GM Grabs Pickup Crown, Genesis Moves to Build-to-Order, Ford Fusion Name Will Live On

July 12th, 2018 at 11:43am

Runtime: 8:11

0:31 GM Sells More Pickups Than Ford
1:28 Genesis Switching to Build-to-Order Model
2:59 Ex-Tesla Employee Makes Damning Claims
3:49 BMW Shows a “Concept” at Goodwood
4:47 Fusion Name Will Live On, Likely as Wagon
5:54 Why VW Won’t Electrify the Jetta

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35 Comments to “AD #2390 – GM Grabs Pickup Crown, Genesis Moves to Build-to-Order, Ford Fusion Name Will Live On”

  1. Fred Schmidt Says:

    Finally Ford is making a smart move with moving the Fusion name to wagon to compete with the Outback. I wonder two things, will it have a V or opposing 6 cylinder engine we have not heard of yet to go along with the ECO Boost 4 cylinder? And will they all be all wheel drive. The answers will have a big influence on how well it will sell. Then will there be a hybrid or all electric version? Opps… thats three things. I hope the answer is yes to all three.

  2. Brett Cammack Says:

    The Focus Active and the Fusion Active sound like a pretty smart idea.

  3. XA351GT Says:

    Congratulations GM it only took you 4 models worth of trucks to out sell Ford’s 1 . We’ll see what happens once the Ranger comes back.

  4. Drew Says:

    I ca envision a future comparison of the Fusion “Active” and the Buick Regal Tour X.

  5. XA351GT Says:

    I never understood why Ford didn’t offer a US version of the Mondeo Estate. It’s not like they would have had to do a lot of tooling for it.

  6. Fred Schmidt Says:

    Whether or not the Tesla claims made by Tripp are true, its another negative for the brand. The shine on the Tesla nameplate is getting cloudy as time goes by. I wonder what the real world opinions are by owners after owning the car for more than a year. Also what is the owners experience with trying to charge their cars when they are on a trip that hits the end range while traveling. How is day two of a trip and is the range as good as the first day when the car has been charged at home.

  7. Bradley A Says:

    yes we want a wagon.
    yes Ford sells them in Europe
    yes to selling that wagon in the USA

    NO do not just give us a raised hatchback
    NO do not raise a wagon
    No do not put plastic on the wheel arches.

    Save money just simply take the Euro-Wagon and do what you must to make it legal in the USA.

    If you build it. They will come.

  8. Lex Says:

    I mentioned back when Ford announced that it was eliminating their sedans that they should continue the model names like “Taurus” and “Fusion” just with an “X” behind the name to signify the new CUV / SUV version. Ford needed to continue the legacy and nameplate recognition for diehard Ford fans. I am glad to hear that somebody at Ford reads our comments here at Autoline Daily IMHO.

  9. Bradley A Says:

    I thought GM might have something with the TourX.

    1. They cut ties with Opel, so there isn’t a longterm pedigree
    2. They raised it
    3. They added plastic to the wheel arches
    4. Its too freaking big

  10. Bradley A Says:

    Oh Yea..And I just bought a used Outback Touring addition.

    Yes, its lifted, but its a Subaru they have always been lifted. So I guess I hate plastic wheel arches more than lifting a car.

    However, if Ford had an AWD wagon. We’d be driving that. As we had a Lexus IS 250 before the Outback and my wife misses its crisp handling and grippy brakes. But the Lexus IS 250 didn’t meet the family’s needs.

  11. Lex Says:

    If Elon Musk builds a Tesla plant in China he will loss total control of his company and all it’s intellectual properties. He probably should license the current Tesla Manufacturing process to a Chinese Partner. Elon should take bids from Chinese Investors looking to partner and put up 100% of the money needed to build the plant and infrastructure necessary to build Tesla’s vehicles and Power-Halls in China and retain 49% ownership in the holding company. This maybe the only “winning” scenario for Elon in China, IMHO.

  12. Lambo2015 Says:

    #1 Ford will not develop an apposed 6 just because their competing with Subaru. I would suspect the vehicle to have the same engine offerings AWD and hybrid versions the Fusion currently has I mean its Ford we are talking about. They are basically going to rebody the Fusion powertrain platform with a hatch crossover body. At least I wouldnt expect anything more.

  13. Bradley A Says:

    Why do my comments have to await moderation?
    I have added random tid bits for over 10 years…

  14. Wim van Acker Says:

    @6 Let me start off mentioning that I neither own a TESLA (and am not intending to do so), nor own TESLA stock.

    Real world opinions: I have several friends owning TESLA’s and they all rave about their vehicles. One purchased his used, and drives a lot. I travel to Amsterdam five times a year; most taxi cabs at the Amsterdam airport are TESLA Model S. Introduced in 2014. They have started replacing those for new ones as of 2017. The ones are sold after having driven 220-280,000 kilometers (130-160,000 miles) and have factory warranty. The experiences of the passengers, drivers, and the taxi companies have been positive.

    Long road trips: my friends drive at times Detroit-Chicago and Detroit-Harbor Springs. They charge for 30 minutes and take care of e mails while charging. They are fine with it. Second day: I don’t know. I would remark that few people driving high-end vehicles go on long road trips. Especially not multi-day, so I am wondering how relevant that question is. The people I know with high-end vehicles take flights. When going to Florida for the winter they use a transportation service for their vehicle, if they don’t have one they like at their destination.

  15. Lambo2015 Says:

    Again! It sure would be nice if the government required energy producers to include on your electric bill the emissions produced per KW.

    Then you could do a fair comparison of a hybrid vs something like the VW Jetta. Its already easy to see the fuel economy numbers but if emissions are your other concern you really should be given all the information to make that choice.
    Would really be bad for the tree huggers to find out that their Hybrid creates more emissions that are just displaced to the power plant than a highly efficient gas vehicle.

  16. Lex Says:

    This upcoming refresh of the Honda Pilot is to make it look more “Rugged” and less “Minivanish”?

    When is the New Pilot Sport / Passport to debut? I hope it is not just a renaming of Honda’s UR-V from Asia. The Honda UR-V is just Honda’s version of the Ford Edge. Honda could have shrunken the t third generation (2009-2015) Honda Pilot by 3/4s or 2/3 and had a perfectly good vehicle with enough interior volume to satisfy American tastes with that 272-306 hp 2.0 Liter engine found in the New Acura RDX and Civic type R, IMHO.

  17. Victor West Says:

    I find it interesting that some people don’t like sedans because they are too low and they “hit their heads on the door frames”. Remember when K T Keller designed the 1949 restyle of Chrysler products, “he wanted them to be tall enough for the driver to wear a hat”. What did that do to sales when Ford and GM buried them with new sleek designs. Design sells.

  18. Lex Says:

    Why wouldn’t VW electrify the Jetta? I would think the “Jetta E” would make a perfect commuter car for our friends in California.

    Speaking about California, the only reason California is threatening to split into three separate US States is to gain a commanding voice in Washington DC. Think about it, They would gain 4 more senators and probably additional congressional seats due to redistricting of the entire state. In this way California would become the “New Capital” of these “United States of America”, IMHO.

  19. Lambo2015 Says:

    18 Lex I’m guessing they wont electrify the Jetta cause it would probably add weight to the point that the current MPG would suffer making the gain negligible. Not to mention all the added complexity and cost.

  20. Bob Wilson Says:

    Using the SEC filed, Tesla quarterly and press releases, the web link shows a graph of the TOTAL number of Model 3 produced. The growth trend suggests there will be 100,000 Model 3 by the end of Q3, September 30.

    Since Tesla achieved 5,000 Model 3 in the last week, 24×7, of June. This suggests no need for major capital expenditure. Just buy the materials, tweak the production staff, and make profit.

    Although a little ‘fumble mouthed,’ the “Autoline After Hours” presenters implied there is an editorial policy to not even say “Tesla” much less discuss what they are doing. Yet “Autoline Daily” today published a report critical of Tesla. So if we bad mouth or backhanded compliment Tesla, we can discuss it here?

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    It sounds like Ford plans to take the very nice Mondeo wagon, and screw it up with stupid body cladding, a lift kit, and mandatory AWD, that almost no one needs.

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    7 Exactly, and sell it with FWD, at prices competitive with Golf Sportwagon. A hybrid version would be even better, with mpg close to Camry hybrid. I’d consider that as a move up from the Prius, if it got 75-80% of the mpg of a Prius.

  23. Len Simpson Says:

    Tesla –overpriced , over weight , relatively short batt life,12 K replacement costs , no longer a novelty. I predict the simplicity of the Nissan ePower is going to eventually blow them all out of the market. aaannd CHINA RULES ! even if they haven’t figured out their metallurgy deficiencies yet

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    When/if the basic Tesla 3 is sold for $35K, it will be be fairly priced. We’ll see if that happens.

    E-power, with its big motor, big generator, and combined power losses will always be be an expensive, inefficient way to do a hybrid powertrain.

  25. joe Says:

    XA351GT #3 :For your information, GM does not count the GMC’s or any other truck they build except the Silverado. Their has been many years when GM sold more trucks than Ford if they counted the GMC and that is a fact.

  26. Bradley A Says:


    Yes, it does.

    Literally my wife loved the sportiness of the Lexus IS250 and she doesn’t understand why an SUV can’t be like that.

    A wagon with sporty driving is exactly what she wants.

  27. RickW Says:

    When we get a driving report on the VW Jetta from the Autoline Team.

    I’m interested in hearing your professional opinion.

    Thanks Guys.

  28. Bobby T Says:

    #17, I agree that design sells. But 1949 Fords and Chevys were still easy to get in and out of compared to today’s sedans.

  29. XA351GT Says:

    joe@25 For your information you better re-read the article . It clearly stated that the Chevy and GM fullsize and midsize trucks were counted in the numbers stated in the article. I stand by my statements.

  30. XA351GT Says:

    #28 Bobby T yes they sat much higher off the d though. You have to factor that in. Cars sat on top of the chassis ,not around it. The Studebaker was the 1st sit like a modern car does. I believe that was early 50s. So the vehicles with the lifted bodies and ride height are returning to the days of old.

  31. Kit Gerhart Says:

    “Easy of getting in and out of cars” is a little subjective, and maybe depends partly on the physique of the individual. I can say that, for me, a Prius or MINI is easier to enter and exit than a Corvette,, and about the same as a slightly lowered 1989 Dodge Caravan.

    Here are a few “height” numbers to compare:

    1949 Ford sedan———63″
    Current Ford Taurus——61″
    Ford C-Max————–64″
    Ford Fusion————–58″
    Ford Edge—————-69″
    Ford Escape————–66″
    Ford Explorer————70″
    Ford F-150—————77″

    What’s my point? Not much, but I find these numbers “interesting” in regard to some of our discussion. My numbers for the new cars are from the CR web site. The number for the ’49 Ford is from automobile catalog, a collector site.

  32. Kit Gerhart Says:

    “Seat height from the ground” numbers would be interesting for comparing new and old vehicles, but they would be very hard to come by.

  33. Joe S Says:

    #9 Bradley A – Agreed plus:

    5. No 310hp V6 like the GS


    I agree that ingress/egress is driving people to trucks/SUVs. An interesting number to publish would be seat bottom to door frame height, not the overall opening height.

    When I was searching for a new car 3 months ago, I found the Honda Accord and Civic were the only 2 sedans with proper sized door openings. Literally every other sedan I looked at from Ford and Chrysler had me bending my neck to get around the door frame. Maybe it is because of side airbags?

    My parents who are both 74 years old in age went with me. They complained about every sedan and hatchback except for the Accord and Civic. In fact, they loved the accord/civic because ingress/egress was so superior.

    Sadly, 3 Months ago Honda did not have good lease deals and I now drive a Ford F150 which also had good ingress/egress for me and my parents(once I added the power folding step). Maybe I will get an accord when this lease is due. Maybe by then Honda will have figured out how to offer competitive leases.

  35. veh Says:

    Build to order? It will be very interesting to see if Genesis can succeed. The latest stat I read was that 95% of US car sales come from dealer inventory.