AD #2441 – Porsche Drops Diesels from Lineup, Tesla Making Progress with Semi Truck, GMC Sierra eAssist Details

September 24th, 2018 at 11:25am

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Runtime: 6:52

0:34 Peugeot Introduces New Plug-In Hybrids
1:15 Tesla Making Progress with Semi Truck
1:55 Volvo Trucks Suspends Operations in Iran
2:48 GMC Sierra eAssist Details
4:06 Porsche Drops Diesels from Lineup
5:16 The Mid-Engine Cadillac That Never Was

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10 Comments to “AD #2441 – Porsche Drops Diesels from Lineup, Tesla Making Progress with Semi Truck, GMC Sierra eAssist Details”

  1. Larry D. Says:

    a few comments:

    1. Peugeot plug-ins. I saw the same newsitem earlier today at the Top gear site. I don’t object to telling us what goes on in Europe, but PLEASE, when you mention ranges and MPGs for European cars, I hope you will always tell your readers that these are VERY optimistic, in facxt unrealistic estimates, and if they were EPA numbers here, they would be 2/3rds of what the Europeans claim, for the same vehicles.

    2. Tesla Semi-truck. A few months ago Tesla got 100s of pre-orders and deposits for this truck from major users (FedEX, Walmart, UPS etc), so it’s not surprising to see a few of them being tested. However, your writers should correct the phrase “The truck is powered by four electric motors, which gives it a range of 300 miles”. The motors do not give the truck even one foot of range, let alone… 300 miles. The BATTERIES do, as I am sure you know (but your writer’s do not)

    3. Porsche and Diesels was an odd couple anyway. I bet if they did not offer the Cayenne they would never have bothered to borrow the diesels from their siblings in the VW Group.

  2. Larry D. Says:

    correction I cannot believe I wrote “writer’s” instead of “writers” above. Typing too fast…

  3. Kit Says:

    That Peugeot wagon looks nice, but of course, we will never see it in the U.S.

    In the AAH, Lutz alluded that the Tesla big truck was made of wood, or something like that. It looks like he was wrong.

  4. Buzzerd Says:

    the show with Lutz was entertaining as always. Question- how long do you think he would talk if you left the mike on and didn’t stop him?

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4 Lutz didn’t seem to think much of Tesla. To me, the most interesting part of what he said, was how tooling cost was kept down on Viper and Solstice/Sky, by limiting options, etc. I remember Solstice/Sky and variants to be sold in Europe being made in the Delaware plant, which had previously built fairly high volume cars like Chevette, Beretta/Corsica, and Malibu. Lutz blames the UAW for the too-low-volume-for-the-plant Solstice, etc. being built there, and maybe he is right.

    Yeah, he would have talked a few more hours, if John had let him.

  6. Bob Zigmanth Says:

    If Bob Lutz were still talking, I’d still be listening.

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 Lutz will be back. I’d also like to see Peter DeLorenzo again. He is always entertaining.

  8. merv Says:

    Bob Lutz has been on my top 10 car guys list for more years than i can remember

  9. Jon Brown Says:

    We want to see the cadillac concept that was the rear mid engine car…

    Make it happen guys.,.

    With the rear mid engine c8 corvette coming out soon…there would be tremendous interest in seeing the cadillac rear mid engine that almost was…

    Wouldnt mind seeing the corvette prototype from that era as well at some point..

    Question : do you think old cadillac paid for a portion of the development of the rear mid engine car?

    Do you think new cadillac after the bailout of GM gave any funding to bowling green plant or any of the c8 rear mid engine development even though their version of the c8 seems to have been axed…?

    Is that one reason the hot V cadillac engines are being built in bowling green?

  10. Joey Says:

    Tesla has been serious in creating their pickup and refining the truck parts to enthuse the truck aficionados.