AD #2578 – Honda Cuts Accord Production, Jose Munoz Joins Hyundai, BYD Creates Electric Supercar

April 22nd, 2019 at 11:41am

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Runtime: 6:55

0:07 Ghosn Charged Once Again
0:39 Jose Munoz Joins Hyundai
1:01 Tesla to Unveil New Version of Autopilot
1:27 Tesla Investor Day
2:05 Lincoln Corsair Details
3:40 Hyundai EV Performance Control Technology
5:07 BYD Creates Electric Supercar
5:46 Automakers Cut Production in North America
6:11 Honda Cuts Accord Production

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14 Comments to “AD #2578 – Honda Cuts Accord Production, Jose Munoz Joins Hyundai, BYD Creates Electric Supercar”

  1. Larry D. Says:

    Oh please. The CORSAIR is 100% and obviously a replacement for the MKC, it just looks better than the MKC and the Escape clone thereof. and this is ALL it is, it LOOKS better. WHether it actually IS better, I will wait for the CR and the enthusiast mags tests.

  2. Jack Says:

    Many people seem to really want to see Telsa to fail. That video out of China looks extremely suspicious. The closed-circuit camera “pans” left as the fire starts to ignite to fully capture the smoke and flames. Hmmm.

  3. Mac Says:

    Just hope Lincoln doesn’t restrict the safety tech to the top trim levels as they have done heretofore. Previously had to get the Reserve or Black Label just to have access to adaptive cruise control.

  4. Bradley Says:

    I am seriously still sad after hearing Lincoln dealers in China are way better than in the United States.

    I accept the fact that Lexus dealers are better in Japan-home field advantage. But to see that Lincoln is not giving home field advantage in the United States.

    I thought Lincoln might have been getting back on track, but to know that their home market is not their best showing?!?!

    Is annoying and frustrating…as a luxury brand shouldn’t just do the minimum, especially in its home market.

    I bet the German brands have better dealers in Germany too.

  5. Larry D. Says:

    This can only help make CA the EV capital of the US, already half the EVs are sold there.

  6. Larry D. Says:

    Pity for the Accord, it is a far better sedan than its rivals, esp if you include the fun to drive vs the Camry factor. But Honda has always been a cheapskate and instead of discounting them to increase sales, or sell them to fleets like the Camry and the Altima and all those Hyundai-Kias, they prefer to cut production.

  7. bradley cross Says:

    Blockchain is not needed to save settings on a server securely. You just need standard secure technology to do that. Blockchain is almost a joke of a buzzword.

    Visiting any dealership can be painful as you know there objective is to extract every last dollar from you, irrespective of the service they give you.

    Lincoln is now doing what Cadillac should have done but oh how Lincoln products have been pathetic until recently. Ford shares could be a good buy in the next 6 months.

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    5 The latest Camry handles and drives better than earlier ones, about equal to Accord, according to CR, but Car and Driver and MT like the Accord better, partly because you can still get a manual transmission. The enthusiast magazine people are starting to get over hating CVTs, because they mostly like the CVT equipped base 4 cylinder Accord better than the 8-speed automatic Camry.

  9. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 Ford is ending their racing program for the Ford GT. That should help stock prices. The program cost a lot of money, and probably didn’t sell a single car, or F-150. Even though the Cadillac racing program is doing very well at winning races, it’s hard to see how they are getting their money’s worth from it.

  10. Kit Gerhart Says:

    To me, neither Accord nor Camry are doing very well in the looks department; I like both Malibu and Fusion better, but the Honda and Toyota still rule the mid-size sedan market, what there is left of it.

  11. Larry D. Says:

    I have not driven recent compact and mid-sized sedans like the Civic, Accord and their rivals. Car and Driver had the Accord in their top 10 for a huge number of years, while they never had the Camry. Having Buick-like Steering in Toyotas and the early Lexus LS400s I drove, with no steering feel, is a major turnoff to me.

    I like the Accord styling fine, it is great value for the $ and is tasteful and smooth, while the Camry has weird double grilles as if it was born next to a nuclear waste dump (that leaks).

    As always, the Germans have the best styling besides having the best and safest cars too), other than exotic Italian design studios, the Mercedeses of 30 years ago are as pleasing to the eye today as they ever were, and some look even better than today’s Mercs. Same for VW, Porsche, and esp. Audi.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10 I’m not too crazy about the wide “chrome” strip across the front of the new Accord, but yeah, it looks better than the somewhat strange Camry front end. If I bought either, though, it would be the hybrid, and would be the Camry with its simpler powertrain that works so well. The new Accord hybrid matches the mpg of the Camry, but with some extra complexity that doesn’t add anything.

    Most Benzes over the years have looked pretty good, but recent ones are getting carried away with fake exhaust tips.

  13. WineGeek Says:

    Pretty basic to offer as full suite of safety features, but Lincoln the “luxury” division of FoMoCo can’t even offer that to its customers. I can get a full safety package in a base Corolla but not in a base Lincoln Corsair. What is wrong with the product planners at Ford/Lincoln? They didn’t even offer emergency braking, even as an option, until 2019. Only their pathetic pre-charged brakes, whatever that is/was! Pretty sad that they are so behind the times.

  14. Kit Gerhart Says:

    It seems that Toyota is leading most others, both “domestic” and European in offering safety features. A base Prius has auto emergency braking, (and adaptive cruise control), but unless things have changed recently, a Corvette doesn’t offer it at all. The last I checked, probably 2018 model year, it took an expensive option package to get it on a Mini.