AD #2823 – Non-Union U.S. Plants Could Open First; Europe Passes China in Q1 EV Sales; Genesis G70 Impressions

April 24th, 2020 at 12:17pm

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Runtime: 10:30

0:07 VW Group Ramping Up Production
0:58 Non-Union U.S. Plants Could Open First
1:50 People Staying Away From Mobility Services
2:52 China Continues to Slash EV Subsidies
4:00 Europe Passes China in Q1 EV Sales
4:50 Bentley Owners Not Happy with Continuation Models
5:41 Hyundai Gives Prophecy the Green Light
6:30 A Few Escalade ESV Details
6:58 MINI Changes Name of ‘Corona Spoke’ Wheels
7:14 Genesis G70 Impressions

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39 Comments to “AD #2823 – Non-Union U.S. Plants Could Open First; Europe Passes China in Q1 EV Sales; Genesis G70 Impressions”

  1. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I don’t much like the Mini Corona wheels anyway, never mind the name.

    Will they change of the name of Corona beer? I’ve heard that sales are way down, while beer sales, overall, have been pretty good.

  2. Kevin A Says:

    John, Maybe that Hyundai should be released as a Genesis … maybe as kind of an electric Porsche 911 ?

  3. bradley cross Says:

    Genesis cars will be great deals since initial maintenance is covered and they will come and pick up the car for you.
    I assume there will be some crazy deals; the mind boggles on their used prices in a couple of years. Will they be at K900 prices?
    If Kia stop making the Stinger there will also be some good deals on the Stinger.

    Hopefully EVs will give us some interesting shapes though not sure they will sell. e.g. Polestar 2.

  4. bradley cross Says:

    China will protect Tesla and do what it takes to make them succeed. Just witness the last 12 months.

    As for the UAW, not sure they really care about the vehicles they make. They seem focused on enjoying their slush fund.

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Except for the Corvette plant, is there even much reason to be in a hurry to re-start any UAW plants?

  6. WineGeek Says:

    John I wouldn’t take an Uber/Lyft now I’m a nervous Nellie when it comes to COVID-19 and am afraid that the Uber wouldn’t be clean and I’ve never been a germaphobe.

  7. WineGeek Says:

    Hey John was the rear seat in the new Genesis G70 any bigger than the little kids only rear seat in the last one?

  8. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I just checked CR’s evaluation of the G70, vs the 3 Series and C-Class. The G70 had a worse subjective rating of “rear seat comfort” than the others, but the measured leg room was comparable, actually better for the Genesis than the Benz. The thing that stood out, was that the G70 was both slower and thirstier than the others, even though the power ratings are nearly identical, and the weight of the cars very close. The G70 uses regular gas, though, while the others say premium. Still, Hyundai must over-rate power, or have very bad selection of gearing and shift points.

  9. Ziggy Says:

    John, could you quote engine speed with power and torque ratings, now that engines are getting smaller by the day I would like to know whether I will have to wind the piss out of it to get it going or will it have great low end get up and go. Thanks.

  10. Bob Wilson Says:

    Well done, Autoline After Hours, $506, (see web link to YouTube.) Your guest Bob Galyen is exactly the type of engineer anyone should admire. Even Anton Wahlman was well behaved.

    Those who missed the broadcast may want to use YouTube and increase the playback speed. After all, we all have lives to live.

  11. Larry D. Says:

    I have no idea why you bother talking about the DISMALLY FAILED genesis G70. This should be a MASS market car, the BMW 3 series is it supposed to rival (it must be the 20th failed BMW 3 series rival) sold 10,000 units a MONTH. The G70 sells that in a WHOLE YEAR.

    In addition, the 3 Series itself has been detrhoned by the Awesome, Revolutionary Tesla Model 3.

    So, again, who cares a rat’s behind about a FAILED Entry level so-called near luxury sedan who tries to ape ther 3 series AFTER that same 3 series has been VANQUISHED by the Awesome Model 3?

    Not me, for sure.

    The PROOF is in the SALES NUMBERS. Especially for a Mass Market Model like the G70, and there it has failed DISMALLY, despite the 100 “employee of the month” awards by all kinds of auto press.

  12. Larry D. Says:

    11 and for anybody who is new here, I do not care for the 3 series, especially its current not thrilling styling, or the G 70, OR the model 3. The only Tesla I would be interested in buying, new or used, is the outstanding flagship, the Model S, 8 years young and still as awesome as ever.

  13. Larry D. Says:

    8 Only CR would care to do a thesis on “rear seat room” for vehicles like the 3 series or the G 70. Did they also do it for the 911? it is absolutely LUDICROUS. Tell me, among 100 prospective buyers of these kind of vehicles, who gives a rat;s ass about… rear seat room? Trunk space maybe, but sure NOT rear seat room.

    These entry level vehicles are usually bought by young couples who at best have young children whose legs can fit even in the 911′s joke of a rear seat.

  14. Larry D. Says:

    13 con’d similarly and equally ludicrous is to do a test of vehicles like minivans or large non-luxury sedans or delivery vans and write a diatribe about their… 0-60 and especially quarter mile times. WHO CARES????? The people SERIOUSLY considering to buy those kinds of vehicles could not care less.

    So it is NOT a “one size fits all” auto test like CR and other mags like to do. They should focus on the Relevant features.

  15. ChuckGrenci Says:

    11,12,13, Seems what should be considered ludicrous is your diatribe against Autoline’s review of simply another choice in the market. I don’t care for Genesis on iota but do enjoy reviews of most offering (whether I’m in the market or not for that particular offering or similar).

  16. Larry D. Says:

    15 NO. The G70 is not simply another choice, it is much more than that, Genesis itself is Hyundai-Kia’s 15th attempt to sell a luxury range, AND its 15th FAILURE.

    “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then QUIT. No point making a fool of yourself”

    (from Murphy’s laws on work)

    PS The sales data are real, and they prove my point. Many Automaker decisions are NOT made rationally, obviously. Look at Fiat and Alfa’s debacle (for at least the SECOND time) to enter the US market. Did the others look and learn? NO. PSA is trying to enter the US market itself, and never mind NO (NONE!) Euro non-luxury automaker has made it in this market the last 50 years.

    Facts are stubborn things.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13,14 CR rates the rear seat comfort and access for the Porsche 911 in the bottom category of 5.

    Maybe you’re not aware, but rear seats of 3 series, C-Class, etc., are used at times, and some people might like to know how they compare. The poor rear seat room of the Cadillac ATS compared to 3 Series is part of why the ATS sold poorly, even though it drives better than the BMW. Also, some people, like myself, find this information interesting, along with 0-60 times of very dis-similar vehicles. CR, and the enthusiast magazines are doing us a favor by publishing this data. For acceleration times, CR is the best, since they test them all the same way, and use cars they bought, rather than sometimes “tweaked” ones provided by the car companies.

  18. Kit Gerhart Says:

    16 The G70 is very much “another choice” in a crowded market segment, and it is far from the only one that doesn’t sell well. I haven’t looked up sales numbers, but I doubt that Jaguar XE, Alfa Giulia, Lexus IS, or Acura TLX are selling that well either. There’d be an Infiniti and Volvo in that group too.

    With the coming depression, I’m sure you will be very happy, “Larry,” when all of the low volume cars disappear from the market, and only your favorites will remain. I, for one, like to have a little variety in the market. I’d like even more variety, especially in car-height wagon versions of existing cars, like say, Camry hybrid.

  19. Kevin A Says:

    Larry, Just because you aren’t interested doesn’t mean other people aren’t. Or are you such a Trump that you think only your opinion matters?

  20. Bobby T Says:

    Larry, your opinion = the facts. No wonder you like Trump.

  21. JWH Says:

    #20 – Or like Trump – The infamous mr d will let no facts get in the way of his opinion.

    To all – Have a good rest of the weekend.

  22. cwolf Says:

    Kit, I glanced at the growing number of law suits against GM on Vettes for the last few years because of wheel rim cracks and failures. They say the process to make the aluminum rims to save weight was lacking thus causing major blow outs, air loss and cracks. Would this include your car and what do you know?

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22 I hadn’t really heard about wheel problems, and haven’t had any problems. I’ll search it, and see what I might learn.

    My car has had an easy life, though, only ~20K miles, and no “hard use” on race tracks, etc. I have the standard 18-19 inch wheels. Maybe some of the other wheels have had more problems, but I suspect it would mainly depend on the stress put on them.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22,23 I found some stuff about the wheels, and it sounds like the failures are mostly on 2017 Grand Sports. They would be 19 inch front, 20 inch rear. There would have been multiple wheels available, but maybe paint color/chrome would be the only difference on the GS. It sounds like they break more easily than they should, but wheels fitted with 25 and 30 series run flat tires would have a pretty rough life. If the wheels really are substandard, they should be covered by warranty, and apparently they aren’t being covered by warranty.

  25. Larry D. Says:

    15 and anybody else who wants even more “choice”.

    in 1988 there were less than 300 different models on sale in the US, and the car segment had not yet been annihilated by the crossovers and the pickups.

    in 2020 there must be over 1,000 different models, it is really RIDICULOUS.

    Why is this bad???? let me count the DOZENS of ways it is.

    Especially those of you that lament the decline of cars in the US market, I have already suggested a solution to make the segment still profitable and have GOOD product to the consumer, and that is to KILL HALF THE CAR MODELS available today, if not TWO THIRDS, get rid of the clear losers, and the rest who already did well, will do EVEN BETTER.

    WHy is it better to have 500 lame models instead of 250 BETTER ones, and better priced?

    How many different car models do you need at a minimum?? DO you really need 150???

    Why do you think Toyotas are so good? Because the company kills the losers (like the Venza) and focuses on its mass volume models, and because of its high profit magrgins DUE to the economies of scale, its models are really GOOD DEALS to the consumer.

    I am not saying to just have the corolla in the econobox segment, But Do you REALLY need 50 models in this segment? Even 20? DO you need BOTH a Hyundai AND a Kia “Corolla FIghter”, both of which FAIL? Isn’t it better to have ONE, BETTER, and BETTER PRICED for whatit offers?

    All this is COMMON SENSE. Those of you who myopically think from the point of interest of the consumer, miss the point. A healthy maker will be able to offer bETTER models at better prices.

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    25, In 1988, there was far more REAL choice in the U.S. market than there is now. There were front drive wagons, rear drive wagons, and 4wd wagons, all available with manual transmissions. Now, there are zero rear drive wagons, and only about two or three real, car height wagons of any drive configuration. In 1988, there were a number of 2 door cars of various sizes from mainstream brands. Now, the only a handful of two door cars, and except for “pony cars,” a handful of sports cars, and Honda Civic, essentially all of them are overpriced products from “premium” brands. Yeah, in ’88, there weren’t 150 lifted wagons, but there were a few of them, with various powertrain configurations.

    I certainly agree that some of the Hyundai/Kia models are redundant, like Accent and Rio, but some are not, like Soul, which does not have a Hyundai equivalent. Maybe they should combine the H/K dealerships, which would make things more efficient, even if they kept both “brands.”

    Something I’ve mentioned before that could help improve the dismal lack of car choice in the U.S., would be standardization of regulations between the EU, the U.S., and Canada. Then, they wouldn’t need to do anything special to sell a few hundred, or thousand manual transmission C-Class wagons, or other such cars in the U.S.

  27. Kit Gerhart Says:

    25 Also, there was far more real choice in pickup trucks in 1988. There were actual smallish S-10 and Ranger, and the Toyota, Mitsu, Isuzu, and Nissan trucks were still fairly small. For those who wanted mid-size pickups, there was the Dodge Dakota. The original Toyota T100 was “mid-size,” but I don’t think it was out yet in 1988.

  28. ChuckGrenci Says:

    So who decides what models proliferate? This is still by and large a free market. You ‘throw your dart’ (make an educated guess on what will sell and build it) and see if it sticks. Models that don’t make it will eventually be removed/dropped and that’s the way it works and should continue to work. I didn’t respond the first time nor this time to create an argument, my feelings are just closer to laissez-faire economics than yours and I’ll stick with that philosophy and try to drop out of this conversation.

  29. cwolf Says:

    I have something rather special to share tomorrow that is most dear to me. In the mean time refresh your memory of the MT and C&D article about the Mustang Cobra Jet.

  30. Larry D. Says:

    Today I took a leisurly walk around my condo complex. The 360 unit place has extensive grounds, artificial lakes etc that takes half an hour to walk, I went evens slower to check the almost 200 cars in the lots and the driveways.

    While previously I thought we have a ton of Subarus, I think the top number were the Toyotas (not Lexi), there were a whole lot of them, also a lot of Priuses (and a lone lousy little Prius C) and a Highlander hybrid, and several Rav4s and Rav4 hybrids.

    There were lots of Hondas also, especially Odysseys, from new ones to 20 year old ones. I must have counted 10 Odysseys. No wonder it has been the king of minivans for decades.

    The only Mercedes was my own. There were several 3 series, a yellow corvette, a camaro or two.

    note that this area, while having outstanding location, is still very affordable. While large homes in the neighborhood routinely go for $600-800k, and many above 1 million, (even in March 2020 under the CV, 88 homes were sold, and one fetched $1.65 mill, and 10 others around 800k), the 360 condos go for $200-300k (the low end being the 2 bedroom and the higher the 3 BR models). They were built 50 years ago or so, were not luxurious even when new, have only a 1 car garage, one-two car driveway, and no basement.

  31. Kit Gerhart Says:

    At this point, the lack of choice probably won’t affect me too much, but 12 years ago, I would have liked to buy a manual transmission C-Class diesel wagon, like a rental in France.

    Another thing that I miss, though this is not unique to the U.S. market, is the lack of interior color choice. I don’t know when color choice ended, but my 1989 Caravan has a blue interior, as did my ’86 Celebrity wagon. My parents’ ’81 Dodge Omni had a maroon interior. Now, except for specialty, and some “premium brand” cars, the only choices you have are black, grey, and beige. That’s disappointing.

  32. Kit Gerhart Says:

    30 My 240 unit condo complex has a lot of Nissans. I think price is the main reason. A number of them were bought used, and Nissans depreciate more quickly than some others, at least Honda and Toyota. Also, there are a lot of Kias and Hyundais. About 2/3 of the units, including mine, have a garage, so the few Corvettes are usually in the garages. There are a few Benzes and BMWs, including an M-Class (now GLE) at my building. I haven’t seen any Porsches in the complex. As is the national trend, a lot of the newer vehicles are CUVs of various sizes and brands. The complex is under-represented with pickup trucks, which is fine with me, especially since the recent ones are so huge that they barely fit in a parking place.


    31) I also lament the bland color palette of modern cars. The Teutonic 3 have taken shades of grey and made it a boring art. I don’t want to return completely to the ’80s though where the entirety of the interior was washed in a singular velour color, but definitely more color choice would be appreciated.

    The 2020 Corvette has 2 tone interior options though! They offer 2 red and 1 blue two tone as a color choice! Although I have never seen a blue interior, even a blue accented interior, that I have ever liked. Let’s hope people choose any one of the red or blue options so that more color choice is offered in the future!

  34. Kit Gerhart Says:

    33 I ordered my 2016 Corvette with red/black interior. It’s a 1LT, so the only red is the seats, and everything else is black. The higher trim levels can have more color, with some red on the door panels and console cover.

    It seems that nearly all of the C7 Corvettes I’ve seen in dealer stock had basic black interiors, except a few “special editions,” like some 2017s which had blue/black interior, and some stripes on the front fenders.

  35. JWH Says:

    #34 – I got the Kahlahari 2LT interior in my shark gray 2016. I preferred the appearance of the 2LT compared to the much more expensive 3LT. Glad they offer various options so we can select what we prefer.

  36. Kit Gerhart Says:

    35 The 3LT with red, and probably with Kahlahari, had the lighter color on the top of the dash. I would not like that, because you get reflections in the windshield. Actually, I didn’t like the looks of the 3LT red interior very well anyway. I liked the 2LT a little better than the 1LT, but not ~$6K better. Other than the extra color, the only thing the 2LT added that I would have cared about was Homelink.

  37. Brett Cammack Says:

    It’s his world. We all just live in it, apparently.

  38. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Here is an unconfirmed progression for C8; this is the second time I’ve seen this from two different sites: If interested, it’s about 9 minutes:

  39. Kit Gerhart Says:

    38 It sounds like they are seriously in the Corvette business. Maybe I’ll email them, and see if they do employee purchases.