AD #2827 – Tesla Profit Should Worry Competitors; Bollinger Shows Commercial EV; Hyundai Design Head Steps Down

April 30th, 2020 at 11:40am

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Runtime: 10:37

0:07 Tesla Profit Should Have Competitors Shaking
0:52 Tesla Model Y Profitable in Q1
1:53 Musk Goes Off on Stay at Home Order
2:31 Musk Could be Worried Quarantine Hurting Tesla
3:27 Bollinger Wants to Tap Commercial Market
4:14 Porsche AR Technical Service Triples in Use
5:05 Porsche Extends Warranties Worldwide
5:16 Luc Donckerwolke Steps Down as Hyundai’s Design Head
6:12 GMC Hummer EV Reveal Delayed
6:31 Fill Up While Gas Is Cheap
7:42 Benefits of a Composite Battery Case
9:27 BMW Driver Honing Skills on Simulator

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41 Comments to “AD #2827 – Tesla Profit Should Worry Competitors; Bollinger Shows Commercial EV; Hyundai Design Head Steps Down”

  1. MJB Says:

    John, I don’t know what it is, but it seems that ever since AD got shifted into COVID-19 social distancing mode, the shows have grown in average length and content, which is a good thing! I don’t know if you’re still in one-man operational mode there at the studio, but keep up the great work!

  2. Kit Gerhart Says:

    In spite of everything Elon Musk has accomplished, it sounds like he is as deranged as some other people I can think of. Disappointing.

  3. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Have most, or all of these Models Y been built in Shanghai?

  4. MJB Says:

    Gotta step outside the automotive topic a moment here and make a social comment.

    Why is it perceived as the ultimate taboo to pronounce the F-bomb over public airwaves, but when it comes to saying the Lord’s name in vain, there’s not one ounce of reservation?

    I already know the answer to that. but I’m just trying to invoke some deeper thought.

  5. Roger Says:

    Does anyone in the real world believe people will buy an electric Hummer? Not I.

  6. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4. I think both should be ok, since they are in common use with a lot of people.

  7. WineGeek Says:

    Elon, shut the F up!

  8. ChuckGrenci Says:

    Perhaps Shell’s premium fuel has even more of the cleaners in its gasoline, but according to their website: “All three grades of Shell gasoline contain the patented Shell Nitrogen Enriched Cleaning System”. Wouldn’t hurt to fill up with premium but with continued use of regular or midgrade (I’m thinking) would yield the same. Using TopTier, in general, is a good thing (all manufacturers).

  9. Kevin A Says:

    John, Why does Elon Musk feel the need to build a pickup plant at all? With the current economy and his high stock price, he should be able to buy Bollinger, Rivian AND Workhorse in a share swap. I have to believe at least 2 of them would be interested in guaranteed survival if he buys them out!

  10. Jonathan Says:

    Another great show. Autoline is the best.

    Fwiw I agree with Musk. We flattened the curve for the sake of the hospitals and now that national concern is over.

    We never agreed to wait until wow stopped getting sick..

    We all feel.bad for the .02 percent of the people that pass away but that’s part of living.

    The experts were wrong on their facility rate projections.

    Now the idiot Democrats who claimed Trump was a king? Are literally acting like monarchs after a state of emergency gave them special.powers.

    Time for those powers of governors be stripped away.

    My point is…Musk is right…

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    8. I was under the impression that all grades of Top Tier had the same detergents, and so all grades should be ok for cars with GDI. I’ve used all Top Tier, mostly regular in my Corvette, and it’s running fine. I’ll have to check out the Top Tier site again. I may have missed something.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    10. We’ve sort of “flattened the curve” in some locations, because the physical distancing worked. Still, we are having new “hot spots,” like in meat processing plants, with the number of new cases more than doubling last week in Nebraska, close behind in Iowa and Kansas.

  13. Drew Says:

    @10 – Wow. Seriously?. The National concern is not over. It’s not close to over. Present testing has high failure rates. We can live with false positives, but it has a very high rate of false negatives.

    The death rate is not .02%. It is 2-8% of known cases. And its lethality is not restricted to a predictable population.

    One year from now, we will look back and declare we were either too lax or too strict in following the stay at home and social distancing regimen. You may want to be more lax, but don’t put others at risk. Wear a mask and gloves!

  14. Buzzerd Says:

    Right on Musky, and what’s with all these stupid seat belts??? barely anyone is killed in a car anymore and don’t get me started on fire codes and building codes! Buildings are so safe now why do we need those. Fascist governments just trying to justify there jobs. – sarcasm

  15. ChuckGrenci Says:

    11, All grades of TopTier have the required additives to earn top tier status for any brand represented; my conjecture was whether they (Shell) added even more to their premium. Their marketing alludes that it may but I’m suspect that all grades have the same amount and Shell is just not addressing it as such. (you know, marketing)

  16. bradley cross Says:

    Also Tesla outlined their EV credits (from FCA/GM?) which helped them obviously. And they will be getting credits for the next 2 years.

    Its tricky to get the restart right and obviously some places should and some should not. Its great to be king/governor but if you keep it too long without obvious reasons folks will reject it gradually.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    15 I just read some of the Top Tier site, and a couple other articles about Top Tier, and they didn’t seem to say if premium had “more” of what makes it Top Tier, but that it complies with the standards. I suspect there is no harm from using premium occasionally, even if you don’t need it, and it might do a little good. At today’s prices, why not? I’ll stick with regular in my Camry, though.

    Yeah, marketing is a big thing in gas, as with everything else. Shell uses “nitro” in their advertising, I guess meaning that their gas will make your Corolla run like a top fuel dragster.

  18. John McElroy Says:

    #1. Glad you like our longer format, and the content. I’m still the only one in the studio, but the rest of the crew is making all our shows possible by working from home.

  19. Fensterlips Says:

    I can hear our politicians now saying, “ if it saves just one life”. Nobody wants people to die but as Ben Franklin said, “those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither and will lose both”. The original goal was curb flattening but now it’s to reduce the infection incidence rate to very low levels. More people will die from lack of access, lack of work, lack of money (oh, never mind there. The government printing press is on overtime who’s paying for this, again?) lack of other medical care, than will die from CV19. Have we all agreed if we’re worried enough the Constitution can be thrown out the door?

  20. ARHPG Says:

    2. Precisely. There is perhaps a fine line between genius and madness; whatever the case, Tesla rolls on for another day with an incredibly inflated stock value! The “genius” in this case is more of a “native cunning,” an ability of EM to stay just ahead of the curve.

  21. GM Veteran Says:

    A recent report stated that the 1st quarter sales of EV credits for Tesla totaled $360 million. So, again, without credit sales this company is a money losing proposition. They have achieved some great things but ultimately they are a car company and they need to find a way to make money building and selling vehicles.

    In two years, all Jeep models worldwide will have some level of electrification. That will apply to much of the rest of FCA’s lineup. Ditto for GM. When they no longer need to buy Tesla’s credits, how will Tesla make money?

  22. ArtG Says:

    Most of the Shell stations in my area are gone. The only one I know of is a distance away and is ridiculously overpriced.

  23. cwolf Says:

    I want to share my good fortune and,yet, sadness with you.
    I was fortunate enough to spend a few days with my nephew, Kenny John Lantz, at the Norwalk Ohio Speedway in 2019. This was the first time I saw Ken in 30 years since he moved to Seattle area. You see, Ken was the crew chief for Hancock & Lane race team and I was invited to be a part of it. Cody Lane set a new National record on the last day driving his Cavalier in the Super Stock Division. We had such a good time we made plans for me to spend a month with him and the team on the circuit. Sadly, I didn’t make it due to the passing of my in-laws, then the epidemic. I planned to head west as soon as it was safe to travel. Cont.

  24. MJB Says:

    @18 – Thanks to the rest of the Autoline team as well then!

    @13 – Correct, CDC reports roughly 6% of known cases. The problem is, however, what that percentage does not represent (which the media won’t even mention) is that there are exponentially more cases than those reported.

    A. MANY carriers are asymptomatic. They show zero signs of it, and therefore don’t even know they have it.

    B. Many others show only minor to moderate symptoms. So minor that they mistake it for cold or seasonal allergies, and never seek medical attention.

    C. The remnant are those who show full-blown symptoms and seek medical attention. These are those who show up in the statistics that would other wise indicate that the pandemic has a whopping 6% death rate. Which for that reason is largely deceptive.

  25. cwolf Says:

    We Phoned and text often about the project of a life time; Ford asked the team to test their Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 at the Ford proving grounds! I’m sure many of you read the review in MT and C&D, but the excitement he often shared was far more breath taking. You have no idea how tough it was for me not to be able to share this with The Autoline gang but I promised to say nothing until published.
    Sadly, at the end of the trial Ken had a massive heart attack and passed away instantly during the celebration.
    What is worse was that family could not attend his funeral nor comfort his wife Joanne. I plan to fly to Seattle this summer to honor his memory. Say a prayer for him. The last picture I saw of him was in the video of Jeff Lane’s arm around him while walking back to the pit. What a tale he has to tell in heaven!

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    25. Sorry to hear that.

  27. MJB Says:

    #24cont. In other words, that 6% death rate is in reality much closer to the .1% to .2% of the common seasonal flu than the media would like to admit because the vast majority of people who have (and HAVE HAD) C-19 never reported it.

  28. MJB Says:

    25. Yes… Very disheartening to hear.

  29. Kit Gerhart Says:

    28. Until, and unless we know actual infection numbers, there is no way to know the death rate. Now, of course, the death rate is vastly undercounted, with people dying at home, likely from the virus, but not confirmed, so their deaths are listed as “other causes,” or something.

  30. cwolf Says:

    Kit, in your state of Florida it was said the number of deaths reported do not include the snowbirds like you.

  31. Bob Wilson Says:

    Kudos to Autoline who in the face of the current pandemic has done great work! You’ve added extras but there is not web link to find them easily. Perhaps in the future.

    As for Elon, his recent tweets about the COVID-19 shutdown has all but guaranteed another UAW representation vote. Heck, even the local public health officials will work for the union.

    The only thing Bollinger Motors is missing are photos of customers taking delivery. Lucid Motors has the same problem. Give anyone free prototype articles but only one free “pre-production” article. Thereafter they must provide photos of first, production deliveries.

  32. Kit Gerhart Says:

    30 I heard that just yesterday, with likely correct speculation that the governor is doing counting that way to lower numbers, so he can justify opening things up sooner than is probably advisable.

  33. Earl Says:

    #2 #7 If the Loose Cannon gets wind of Musk’s comments he’ll be inviting him to Washington to appear at one of his afternoon misinformation sessions. Or better still invite Musk to be on stage when he starts his farewell tour

  34. Mark Says:

    I’m not fan of Elon, the cult of personality around him makes me sick, but John, don’t call it a tirade when he rightly calls out the overreach and economic destruction being caused by our government.

  35. Mark Says:

    I’m not fan of Elon, the cult of personality around him makes me sick, but John, don’t call it a tirade when he rightly calls out the overreach and economic destruction being caused by our government. To all those that want to stay at home because they are paranoid, uninformed, or of terrible health, go for it. It’s call freedom.

  36. Kit Gerhart Says:

    34,35 It was a tirade. A major function of governments is to protect the health and safety of people, which is what state and local governments are doing.

  37. Kit Gerhart Says:


  38. blueovalblood Says:

    WTF?!?!? You can’t say the words to WTF, but you can say Goddamn?!?!? BULLSHIT!!

  39. Larry D. Says:


  40. Larry D. Says:

    38 It’s an abbreviation, not just a concealment. Saves time.

  41. Larry D. Says:

    35 Good points. The opening is VOLUNTARY. if you are at risk and have preexisting conditions, you should STAY HOME, even if your state is open. Our Governor here has overreacted and shut MI for another month, and the media demonize the protesters who are in DIRE ECONOMIC STRAITS aftwer so many weeks of closing down.