AD #2942 – GMC Hummer EV Unveiled; Tesla Rolls Out Full Self Driving Beta Update; Ford Shows Off 4th-Gen AV

October 21st, 2020 at 11:57am

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Runtime: 10:04

0:07 China Could Hit 2019 Production & Sales Numbers
0:50 AutoNation Posts Record Profits
1:21 LG Chem Boosts Cylindrical Cell Production
2:49 Ford Shows Off 4th-Gen Self-Driving Vehicle
3:54 Tesla Rolls Out Full Self Driving Beta Update
4:28 GMC Hummer EV Unveiled
6:49 Manley Calls for EU Automaker Support
7:55 VW May Dump Brands to Raise Cash
8:39 Nissan Reveals Magnite Crossover

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35 Comments to “AD #2942 – GMC Hummer EV Unveiled; Tesla Rolls Out Full Self Driving Beta Update; Ford Shows Off 4th-Gen AV”

  1. MJB Says:

    Sean, I noticed what appeared to be “″ stamped onto that cylindrical battery cell in the video. Tried going to that website, but got nothing. Can you give us any intel on that?

  2. Bob Wilson Says:

    Tesla recently reduces prices and improved performance across their product lines. Sandy Munro has reported how Tesla manufacturing has speed and agility to innovate that reduces costs. For example, the Model 3 rear needed ~200 parts had in the Model Y rear became two castings and now a single casting. This suggests the Q3 profits will exceed ‘Wall Street’ expectations.

    As for LG Chem improving their products, they only needed to see the Tesla battery day presentation on the 4680 cells and manufacturing. They have to innovate or Tesla will take their customers.

  3. GM Veteran Says:

    Only 111 million vehicles registered in the US? My quick query came up with 273 million in 2018, which seems more in line with figures I have seen in the past.

  4. Brett Cammack Says:

    As I recall, AutoNation was put together by Wayne Huizenga and a couple of buddies who all pitched in $5 million to kick it off. They originally were going to consolidate the used car business by taking the CarMax model as far as they could go with it. In fact, numerous trips to Atlanta to the CarMax dealership there were undertaken to gather data.

    I don’t know if that was all bullshit, or they concluded it wasn’t viable, but what they actually did was start buying up independent new car dealerships for little or no cash, just stock in AutoNation. In classic corporate fashion, they built a new car franchise empire for, as I like say, three magic beans and a cow.

    All on the promises of the magic of Wayne Huizenga, Waste Management, and Blockbuster.

    How do I know this? I was there.

  5. Andrew G Bellis Says:

    The new Hummer doesn’t appear to be built like the old Hummer. So what is it really? A Silverado with batteries?

  6. don Says:

    The Hummer looks like the Rivian R1T.
    Crab Crawl similar to tank turn.
    Did GM make a secret deal, after Rivian’s Ford deal fell thru?

  7. Jim Bielecki Says:

    Just what the world is clamoring for, a $112,500 Hummer “designer truck” for the wealthy. I don’t get it.


    I hope the best for GM and the $113K Hummer. To me it is not worth it. Not with that cheap Pontiac Fiero inspired interior. I own a Fiero as a toy and that interior on the Hummer was instantly recognizable, and not in a good way.

    The stuff like crab walking and lifting the suspension is neat, but does not justify a $113K price to me. If I was into off-roading seriously, I would just get a Bronco as the smaller size is extremely advantageous off road.

  9. Lambo2015 Says:

    Manley’s request seems to highlight the unrealistic expectations or tighter emission regulations.
    1) The government lays out a tight emissions.
    2) Automakers are essentially forced to start making EVs. or pay fines.
    3) Not enough people are buying the EVs
    4) Automakers ask Gov for assistance with EV incentives, and more charging stations.
    5) Tax dollars get used to force a product that few consumers want.
    6) Auto prices go up on ICE vehicles to help cover loss by building EVs.
    7) So everyone pays more to force a product that all stems from government regulations.

    Sure clean air is important but seems that autos are an easy target when many other contributors could share in the pain. The biggest contributor is the increase of vehicles. Light vehicles are way more efficient than 1990 but we have 33% more vehicles so even though emissions are down per vehicle, Co2 emissions are up. The root cause of the problem is population growth and not much mass transit.

  10. Victor West Says:

    2 Tesla Cybertrucks for the price of 1 Hummer? Greater range too?

  11. Kevin A Says:

    … is it just me or does the front end of the new Hummer look a lot like the front end of the new uber-Jeep?

  12. Larry D. Says:

    10 2 cybtrucks for the price of one base ‘hummer’ BEV but 3 for the $113k described today.

    And how come that you could give us all these specs but when the battery was discussed, you only said it is ‘large’? Don’t you know how large? 100 KWH? 130? less than 100?

    ANyway I am very dissapointed that the wheels are only 36″. I was ready to give my $113k to Mary Barra but I thought we’d get at least 44″ wheels.

  13. John Fortman Says:

    who do you call when your electric goes dead AAA?

  14. ArtG Says:

    12. ‘Disappointed’ is spelled with one ‘s’, Mr. spelling corrector.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    12 I think the said 200 kWh in the video Chuck G. linked yesterday.

  16. Larry D. Says:

    14 very good, i am flattered that you read my posts.

    15 That would make sense. I wonder how much this toy weighs (not just the battery, the whole Rhinoceros. Did I spell it right, Artg?

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Transportation is responsible for 28-30% of greenhouse emissions in the US and EU. In Europe, 72% of that 30% is road transport, and 60.7% of that 72% is cars. Here’s an article on how it breaks out.

    The bottom line is that vehicles get a lot of the attention, maybe too much, regarding greenhouse emissions. As more wind and solar generation is in place, EVs can cut the emissions a lot. Of course, private vehicle emissions in the US would be cut almost in half, if the vehicle mix were like in most of the rest of the world. One thing EVs clearly do, is get the smog producing emissions out of the cities, which is part of why CA and European cities incentivize EVs.

  18. Larry D. Says:

    So how many sleepless nights should Elon Musk devote to calculating the number of Tesla sales he will lose to the “Hummer” BEV?

    (hint: the correct answer is zero for both above)

  19. Ziggy Says:

    I would consider a Hummer if it is amphibious, if not then that is a real deal breaker ;)

  20. Larry D. Says:

    I think the Hummer will fly much better if the wheels are 38DD”. I speak from experience on this.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    This thing of rating torque for EVs using “at the wheel” numbers, after the gear reduction, is idiotic. Using that system, my 1989 Caravan would have about 2280 lb-ft of torque, 180 peak torque of the engine, times 3.29 first gear ratio, times 3.85 final drive ratio.

  22. Larry D. Says:

    17 in some parts of EUrope there has been a major shift of electricity production from coal and nukes to renewables, wind and solar, esp in Germany after they closed down their nuke plants, which obviously means that BEVs there will not ony reduce pollution in city centers but overall as well.

  23. Sean Wagner Says:

    Quote “I own a Fiero as a toy and that interior on the Hummer was instantly recognizable, and not in a good way.”

    Two cheers for the Fiero. (Alas, it never merited three, though the potential was there.)

    Somehow, that toy design DNA has been preserved over generations and still enters far too many vehicles, from the Hummer to the Corvette (sad but so).

    It makes too many US cars look very cheap on world markets, and I find it paradoxical that the damage is so often done in the overtly plasticky details.

    The latest Ford Mustang has sells relatively well in Asia and Europe, with the traditional V8 versions proving popular.

    It’s not a coincidence it was designed as a toy for grownups rather than a serious vehicle for kids.

  24. Larry D. Says:

    21 it is consistent with GM’s original rating of the VOLT at 230 MPG. Not MPGe, mind you, MPG. And with a straight face.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    23 Corvette interiors have gotten better over the years, with the C7 being substantially “nicer” than earlier generations. I haven’t seen a C8, to know how it looks, but most reviews are positive.

    That Hummer seems to be all about bragging rights, with the 4 wheel steering, about two feet of adjustable hydraulic lift, and the rest. It, presumably, will have exceptional off-road capability, as long as its huge size doesn’t get in the way, but no one will use that capability. You’d need to bring your own generator to charge it if you wanted to drive the really challenging off-road trails.

  26. Larry D. Says:

    This Hummer (and the previous H2 and H3) are to the original and real Hummer H1 as the “new Beetle” was to the original VW Beetle.

  27. Brett Cammack Says:

    Think of it as a damning indictment of the severe income inequality in America today.

  28. ChuckGrenci Says:

    #5, The Hummer is unibody on chassis. You can think similar to Avalanche (but not really; it doesn’t have a separate cab and bed).
    #6, Crab crawl doesn’t function like tank turn; it can four wheel steer to decrease turn radius or drive sideways (think sidewinder rattlesnake).
    #7, Yes it is a designer truck for the wealthy (even the upcoming models are going to be pricey) but so was the Tesla model S.
    #8, I doubt the interior is going to be cheap looking; the new Escalade and the upcoming refresh Silverado have moved up, and mentioned, the C8 is top notch.
    #12, The tires are 35″ with space for 37′s; no modifications needed for fit.

  29. Alex Borenstein Says:

    Love that Hummer.

  30. Lambo2015 Says:

    12 Again not sure where you get your ridiculously wrong numbers but the fully loaded Cyber truck is stated to have an MSRP of $69,900 with three motors and the 2.9 0-60 times. So no where near 3 Teslas for the price of a Hummer. Only the base model with a single motor RWD only and towing capacity cut to 7500lbs and 0-60 up around the 6.5 seconds is said to be $39,900 but typical of Elon he will say that was assuming the Tax credits which they no longer qualify for which means the Tesla truck will likely be more like $47,000 which yes is still a little more than half the price of the base Hummer said to be 80k. I would be willing to bet we will never see a Cybertruck under 50K its first year or two.

    On the Hummer interior all I saw was a white dash that will certainly change for production. That would have such horrible glare on the inside of the windshield.. Dashboards are almost always dark for a reason.

  31. Kit Gerhart Says:

    30 When I was checking out Corvettes before ordering my LT1, I sat in an LT3 with a red dash, and there was a quite visible reflection. A very light color, like white would be even worse. I wouldn’t have considered an LT3 anyway, because it was at least $10K more, for stuff I didn’t care about anyway.

  32. Larry D. Says:

    From a review of a LOSER (see why below) Volvo BEV in TTAC:

    “While the XC40 Recharge comes in below its larger European counterparts on price, and often by a fairly narrow margin, its maximum range is an EPA-estimated 208 miles.

    That places it within striking distance of the bigger electrics manufactured by Audi or Jaguar.

    BUT Tesla will happily sell customers a Model Y boasting 326 miles of range for about $10,000 less than the XC40.

    (Now you understand why the VOlvo is a LOSER, and as a LOSER in SALES ALSO, it is SUBSIDIZED by you and especially ME, the Taxpayer, thanks to the CORRUPT and STUPID legislators in your COngress.)

    “The only downside is that the American brand’s sales success has already exhausted its allotted federal tax credits, meaning you’ll get more money from the government if you buy something Swedish-Chinese.”

    Even with the OUTRAGEOUS $7,500 tax credit down the drain for the Geely-VOlvo, the TESLA is $2,500 cheaper, AND has about 50% MORE RANGE.

    Losers… I can;t wait until VOlvo goes broke, but with Geely’s deep pockets, this may not happen soon.

  33. Larry D. Says:

    5, 6, 11 all correct comments. I doubt I ever agreed with KevinA before. SHould I be worried?

    This idiotic so-called Hummer BEV does not look ONE BIT like a Hummer. IT looks more like something from RIvian or even Jeep, as you said above.

    By coincidence, the fat pig BEV from Ford also shares little with Mustang Mach 1 except its name.

    Because of the above and because of the reason the idiots who will buy this faker Hummer, I propose to change its name to the “COMPENSATOR”. And there is more than one or two things that it will compensate these idiots for

  34. Kit Gerhart Says:

    33 The “fat pig BEV from Ford” shares little with a Mustang Mach 1, but it shares a lot with the Tesla Model Y, which you worship. The dimensions are nearly identical, and the shape similar.


    34) coincidentally, “fat pig” was the last square I need for Larry D bingo. So there is that.