AD #2962 – Honda Unveils Civic “Prototype”; GM Threatens to End Korea Production; Infiniti Reveals New QX55

November 18th, 2020 at 11:57am

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Runtime: 9:21

0:07 GM Speeds Up EV Plans
0:35 GM Threatens to End Production in Korea Over Strikes
1:11 Former GM Board Member Sentenced to Prison
1:32 GMC Makes the Canyon AT4 More Off-Road Capable
3:03 Honda Unveils Civic “Prototype”
4:01 Infiniti Reveals New QX55 Crossover
4:53 Renault Shows Off Kiger Concept
5:48 ZF Automated Coupling Assist Technology
6:24 Toyota Introduces PROACE Verso Electric Van
7:27 Morgan Stanley Says There’s a Huge Upside to Tesla

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34 Comments to “AD #2962 – Honda Unveils Civic “Prototype”; GM Threatens to End Korea Production; Infiniti Reveals New QX55”

  1. Larry D. Says:

    It is good that Honda has increased the power in the Civic, but that interior in the video, despite the spin the Honda PR types put in their news release, is just DEPRESSING.

    It is actually very disappointing that Honda’s interiors, instead of being IMPROVED every new model, are in 2021 MUCH worse than the interiors of either the Civic 91 hatch 5-speed I owned till 2016, OR, even more, the 1990 Accord Coupe 5-speed I owned until 2017. It is Appropriate to compare the new CIvic with my Accord since it was actually Lighter, at 2822 lbs, than the new Civic will be, and was also much shorter in height and narrower. Still, despite the manual transmission, that Accord with its 125 HP was pitifully weak climbing even the smallest hill unless you put it in the annoyingly noisy 2nd gear, and its lack of power was even more pronounced when, in summer 03, I took it up the mountains around LA, going to Barstow etc.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    Good to see GM speed up its EV plans as I didn’t quite understand why the Hummer production is so far out and the SUV version 2 years away when it shares the same platform. Surprised to hear all Cadillac versions are planned to be electric in 5 years. Does that mean “electrified” including hybrid or all BEV?

    ZFs automated coupling seems like a logical step as automation in the trucking industry continues to grow. So are the air connections automatic too?

  3. James Martin Says:

    Thinking about UK’s move to Zero Emissions Vhicles onlt and GM’s acceleration of Cadillac to an all EV brand. Could GM possibly be considering a return to Europe with a Cadillac EV lineup?

  4. Rey Says:

    GM finally putting EVs into mass production? About 30 years after they killed it? Truly? Honda Civic still has not gone electric? Goodbye Honda!
    Toyota should make a HiAce E or Toyota Grandia E,for the Asian Market(we can have Elec.dreams)
    Tesla upgraded by Adam Jonas of MS , i guess he finally saw the light.

  5. Larry D. Says:

    And why are most new car interiors depressing? A good analogy is with office vs home. Most people work in rather dreary offices, with those accursed colorless cubicles, or in industrial settings that are even worse, BUT while they are ok with the eyesores AT WORK, they will NOT accept them at home, and their homes look far more attractive than their work environments.

    Similarly with car interiors, people accept the sea of 50 shades of gray in buses and taxis and delivery vans, but they should NOT accept them in their personal vehicles.

    You can use the above as ONE MORE reason people are leaving new cars and buying USED. On top that they don’t want to be considered ‘fools’ by many others, including my very competent tax preparer.

  6. Rey Says:

    With Tesla getting into producing its own battery cells in the future ,it will eventually become an energy provider, both in stationay applications, via PowerPacks and MegaPacks and its Autobidder Energy solutions providing third party EV charging, thus becoming the new EXXON /Shell,BP etc, and mobility services like Tesla Uber.Elon Musk =Tony Stark in real life ( don’t know if Tony was a Billionaire tho.

  7. Larry D. Says:

    Morgan Stanley’s $530 target for Tesla shares is actually FIVE times that, $2,650 a share, if you compare it to the value of a share a year or two ago, before the recent 5 for 1 split.

    $2,650 vs what was it last year? $180 to $300? When everybody here except myself (Bob Wilson had not entered the group yet) was predicting gloom and doom and bankruptcy for Tesla (as if it was.. GM or Chrysler!) and offered all kinds of wacko conspiracy theories badmouthing the stock and the company and Musk himself. I wish the show archives were as easily accessible, show by show, as they were a couple years ago, they would make very amusing reading.

  8. Larry D. Says:

    6 Major oil and gas companies are not morons, they invest HEAVILY in Alternative and Especially RENEWABLE energy. I know this for sure for BP/Amoco, and I would be surprised if all others are doing the same.

  9. Larry D. Says:

    8 correction I would NOT be surprised if all other oil majors ALSO invest heavily in Renewable Energy, just like BP/Amoco does.

  10. John McElroy Says:

    #2. Lambo, good question about whether Cadillac will be electrified or electric. We think it’s going to be electric, as in pure BEV. That was the goal for 2030 and if they’re moving it up to 2025 then it will probably still be the goal. We’ll get the official announcement tomorrow though it will probably be announced after Autoline Daily gets posted.

  11. Larry D. Says:

    2, 10 I’d bet it includes plug-in Hybrids and pure BEVs. Plain hybrids do not use electricity but GAS for fuel (or diesel in some EUro models) and should not be included.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    4 It seems that both Honda and Toyota are slow with embracing BEVs, but the global BEV market share is still only ~3%. I suspect both companies, and the other “stragglers” will get more serious about BEVs in the not-too-distant future. Right now, they need to be locking in sources for batteries, and maybe “rare earth” materials for motors. BEV powertrains will be a commodity, but access to the materials to make them could be a problem as volumes increase.

  13. Lambo2015 Says:

    11 Plain Hybrids do use electric and have batteries other than the standard 12V. They are also considered “electrified vehicles” even though they never need plugged in.


    1) The interior is like the TESLA model 3, just with a few more buttons and a driver gauge package. Both are linear designs with the uni-vent and a tablet stuck onto it. Both are equally forgettable and depressing.

    You know what else was a linear designed interior with a uni-vent? The Chevrolet Beretta. Stick a tablet onto that Beretta interior and you have the 2021 Civic and the Tesla Model 3. Both have gotten this retro thing very wrong.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    14 I had a Beretta, and the thing I remember about the interior, is the sideways knobs for the lights and wipers. The instruments were fairly comprehensive, with a tach, nice to have with my manual transmission car.

  16. joe Says:


    Honda and GM have many joint programs that’s in progress that you many not be aware off. What you mention about Honda lack of doing, might be listed below.

  17. Kit Gerhart Says:

    13 Sometimes, the term “electrified” is used very loosely, even including 48 volt mild hybrids, that increase mpg only a little.

  18. Lambo2015 Says:

    17 Agreed, that was my point as some manufacturers make announcements that sound drastic at first glance. Like (all our models will be electrified by 2022) but in reality that can include mild hybrid versions. So they may still have ICE’s but just some form of electrification. I do believe Cadillac will try and go with all models being at a minimum PHEV but that’s still not completely BEV and that was my question to ALD. Barra’s announcement could be taken either way.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Heck, my 31 year old van is electrified. It has electric lights, electric radio, electric starter, and even electric spark plugs.

  20. Lex Says:

    I truly hate any automotive design that incorporates a huge fish mouth grill design feature to the front of these vehicles.

    First Lexus, Genesis, Toyota, Hyundai and now Honda. What a horrible look. I like clean lines with plenty of body color surfaces.
    I would say Tesla has the cleanest lines and their vehicles are easily recognizable as Tesla’s.

  21. Lex Says:

    @ # 19 Kit Gerhart. You made a FUNNY!

    I am worried that about the time I retire there will no longer be any affordable 60′s, 70′s or early 80′s vehicles for me to purchase as a project car.

  22. Drew Says:

    The new Civic has a lot more content than a 1990 Accord… side curtain air bags, front passenger air bag, stability control, connectivity, reverse camera, crash structure for offset impact, and stronger roof pillars/joints for rollover protection… to name a few advancements in the past 30 years. Can anyone guess what the new Civic lacks relative to the quoted 1990 Accord?

  23. Lex Says:

    GM should consolidate brands again in North America and bring back Saturn, Pontiac and Oldsmobile nameplates to be other brands EV fighters.

    Nameplates ION, SKY, VUE, Aurora, Achieva, Firebird, Trans Am, GTO-e (Got There On – Electric)

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    23 What about Dynamic 88? That was a good name. I don’t know what the 88 meant, or the 98 used for the bigger, top model line Oldsmobiles.


    21) Depending on your budget, it may already be too late for anything from the 60s, 70s, 80s. Values have went crazy on those era of vehicles. The 90s is the next frontier now.

    15) I thought those podcasts mounted knows were pretty neat too. Ford must have as well because they copied it for the Tempo.


    25) that is pod mounted switches. Autocorrect really failed me there LOL

  27. Earl Says:

    24…Oldsmobile had a Delta 88….I had a 1979 with a 359 CID

  28. Larry D. Says:

    If Caddy is going to ‘electrify’ all its vehicles relying on the lame 48v hybrid tech, then its announcement is no big deal.

    But when all these States, including the UK, say they will ‘ban the ICE”, if this is accurately reported, then they will need to forbid even PLUG-IN Hybrids, since they also have gas or diesel engines. Which is sure a HUGE deal.

  29. JoeS Says:

    21 Lex you are welcome to my 74 GTO. Between the big bumpers and the low power smog motors, most of the cars from the mid 70s are not in demand. They may just disappear from lack of love.

  30. Kit Gerhart Says:

    29 I generally like to see collectors keep cars as original as possible, including powertrain, but with mid 70s cars, I make an exception. It took until the mid 80s for car companies to more-or-less figure out how to make cars run decently with emission controls. Yeah, those bumpers, and big rubber appendages didn’t add much either to some of those cars.

  31. Kit Gerhart Says:

    28 Mild hybrids aren’t much, or any of Cadillac’s plan. They intend for most of their products to be pure BEV by 2030.

  32. Lambo2015 Says:

    30 I can appreciate a good restored collectors car and keeping things original. However I equally appreciate and if it were something I were buying I would want a resto-mod. The early 1920s thru the muscle cars of the 60s and 70s include a bunch of great looking cars but with their loose steering and inadequate brakes and suspension they need help to make them fun to drive. Like you said though the later 70′s after banning lead gasoline and catalyst mandates the power was pitiful. The HP war between Mustang and Camaro was like 205 and 210 at the time. So those cars defiantly need some modifications. Its nice to see when shops throw a modern LS motor in those with all the modern emissions equipment on them. That’s what I’m doing on my Lambo build. I ditched the carbureted V8 idea and I’m using a 2007 DTS motor with its emission equipment in tact.

    I’m not a huge fan of the rat rods and have even seen a solid body painted like it was rusty. I appreciate that more like art work but not something I would want. Growing up in Michigan I already drove my fair share of rust buckets and like the shiny and new look.
    With the banning of ICEs I wonder what if any exceptions for classic cars will be made. This truly could force a drop in classic car prices.

  33. Kit Gerhart Says:

    32 ICEs won’t be “banned” any time soon, except maybe in a few urban areas. Fewer of them will be made, over time, and they will disappear as they wear out, while some of them will be preserved and restored by collectors. As now, probably most safety and emissions rules will not apply for cars over 25-30 years old, because there won’t be that many of them on the road.

  34. Kit Gerhart Says:

    FCC takes V to V sprectrum from auto industry.