AD #3022 – Jeep Asked to Drop Cherokee Name; Hyundai Reveals IONIQ 5 EV; Lexus Gives the IS More Power

February 23rd, 2021 at 11:52am

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Runtime: 11:43

0:07 Jeep Asked to Drop Cherokee Name
0:59 Kia Shows Off Military Concept
1:43 EV Startups Struggle on Wall Street
2:16 Bolt EUV Gets Downgraded Super Cruise System
4:09 Hyundai Reveals IONIQ 5 CUV
6:43 Lexus Gives the IS More Power
8:50 Gordon Murray Dedicates Special T.50 to Niki Lauda
9:54 Continental Invests in AI Chips for AVs

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35 Comments to “AD #3022 – Jeep Asked to Drop Cherokee Name; Hyundai Reveals IONIQ 5 EV; Lexus Gives the IS More Power”

  1. Kevin A Says:

    Sean, Just to head off the PC or non-PC comments, is the Cherokee nation claiming that they own the copyright on the word Cherokee? If they don’t, are they claiming that Cherokee is an insulting or pejorative term? If neither of those, then what is their beef? I truly don’t understand. Cities don’t complain when their names are used for vehicles. Even your own last name can be used unless you have a copyright on it.

  2. Alex Carazan Says:

    EV BUSINESS CASE?: BEV’s have been available in USA market for a decade. They have only reached 1.6% sales share! EV’s offer little value to consumers and have big issues: Lower range than ICE, long charge time, little charge infrastructure, and high price. Besides other issues like dealing with charge cords, fast chargers high cost, and battery fires. Tesla owns ~75% of the market with luxury performance high tech niche volume. Cheaper basic EV’s like Nissan Leaf and Chevy Bolt have tiny sales and likely have never come close to paying off investment or making profit. Business cases used to be decided by NPV (net present value) of cash flows including upfront investments so either that was thrown out the window or EV forecasters in the USA are ignorant, misinformed, blind, biased, or working for another agenda….or maybe all of the above. Do we think investment in Tesla was paid off from margins made by making Tesla cars? Many new EV announcements made recently and many with very high prices…they think they conquest Tesla to get a small piece of niche volume in USA.
    In EU and China with strong arm socialist and communist mandates the only way EV’s sell is by force. In USA, regardless of President, American consumers cannot be FORCED to purchased EV’s. Enjoy the show!

  3. wmb Says:

    In a different post, someone mentioned that the US military uses other Native American tribal names for some of their vehicles, like Apache and Comanche, with seeming little push back. While one can see their point, unless one is in the military or lives by a military base, the use of Apache and Comanche may not be a every day occurrence. But a Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and soon the Grand Cherokee L, maybe things that will be seen every day on the road, parked at the mall, at work, part of a rental fleet and owned by a next door neighbor! While I do not believe Jeep has any malicious intent in the use of the name, for those impacted by it use, I can see how they might feel slighted. I would think that this is something that the two parties could respectfully work out, that would be mutually beneficial for all involved. If some type of agree were reached, it might be nice to see Jeep in corporate some of the tribe’s heritage as, for lack of a better expression, ‘easter eggs’ throughout the cabin. This way the general public can become better acquainted with the tribe that is the vehicle’s namesake. As long as it is respectful in its usage. Just a thought.

  4. Lambo2015 Says:

    Oh how I wish some of these corporations would just stand up to these special interest groups and tell em to go cry to someone that cares.

    Jeep has used the Cherokee name since 1974 and I guess now that everyone is offended by everything it needs to be changed? Not sure how having a vehicle named after your tribe is offensive. In fact it would seem just the opposite to me. Many organizations and people have been recognized or honored by having vehicles named after them: Edsel. Harley Davidson, Harley Earl, Many Ferrari’s bare designers names.

    However if they are truly offended, then yes Jeep, Cleveland, Kansas city and everyone else should delete any and all Indian names like they never existed. Careful what you wish for cause when future generations have no recollection at all that doesn’t seem to honor your heritage either.

  5. MJB Says:

    Jeep, buck the trend of those who caved to the pressure of the ‘cancel culture’ before you. Stick by your guns and retain the Cherokee name!

    1. Jeep’s use of the Cherokee name does no harm and casts no disparaging shadow whatsoever upon the Cherokee Nation.

    2. For Jeep to forfeit the name would be of no benefit whatsoever to the Cherokee Nation.

    In other words, they don’t suffer from Jeep using it, and they don’t stand to gain anything at all by them not using it.

    As a point of comparison, as a black man I’d probably feel a bit of pride if there were a hugely successful car brand with the name of my native African tribe plastered on it. Especially considering that Jeep didn’t name it that as a form of degradation, but instead to honor the Cherokee’s.

  6. cwolf Says:

    Those getting bent out of shape and offended over a name has gotten out of control! A lable like “redskins” could be found offensive, but Cherokee? Cherokee are a people and Cherokee is also an accepted soverign nation. Does this mean giving anything a name such as American, German or Swiss unacceptable and is offensive?
    Political correctness has gone too far.
    I’m sure this can be found offensive too, but IMO, these Injun’s might just want more “wampum.”

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    6 That’s what I was thinking. If FCA would give the Cherokees a few bucks for each car sold, they might be happy.

  8. Wim van Acker Says:

    @2: “In EU and China with strong arm socialist and communist mandates the only way EV’s sell is by force.”?

    Apparently you do not understand what socialist is, so it remains subjective, but in that context I would argue that the EU is less socialist than the U.S. If socialist is having more government influence on the economy, the U.S. is much more socialist than most EU countries. The U.S. government debt to GDP ration stood at 140% at the end of 2020. So U.S. government accrued over-spending stands at 2.5X the level of debt of Germany, U.K., and the Benelux and the Nordic countries. So, I would say the U.S. is far more “socialist”. The U.S. is only on par with the worst run EU economies France, Italy and Spain.

  9. Gary S. Says:

    If Europe is not socialist, then I do not know what socialism is. In every country, the government dictates the first diaper a baby poops into, schooling is controlled by the government by almost 100% public schools, religion is being pushed out of existence (“if you don’t believe in God, you believe anything”), freedom to speak almost not existing anymore because of a belief in political correctness, and then they dictate the materials a coffin must be made up of. And, oh yes, taxation, taxation and taxation, which is theft, theft and theft. Europe has lost its identities, all countries become more and more the same, and all the Europeans worry about is their next vacation. What has Europe contributed to the world in the last 75 years, after centuries of war? Pretty much nothing.

  10. Nick Thomas Says:

    Sean, the version of Supercruise that the Bolt EUV will get is the same as what appeared on the CT6. It’s not exactly a “downgrade” when the Escalade just got the latest “enhanced” Supercruise system with lane change capability. The Bolt EUV will still get the Supercruise functionality that pretty much everyone has experienced thus far.

  11. XA351GT Says:

    Sorry Cherokee nation ,but you had over 50 years to bitch about the name. Tough darts. If this crap is allowed to continue there will be absolutely no end in sight to this garbage. All this is ridiculous. The Redskins the Indians those nick names have been used for decades the Indians and redskin names actually closer to a century . I fail to see how a name on the side of vehicle injures anyone.

  12. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9 Since this is an automotive forum, something Europe has contributed is some of the best cars on the planet. Also, they have demonstrated a good use of socialism, universal health care.

  13. XA351GT Says:

    MJB @ #5 Well you can forget that Jeep is now owned by the French and we how well they stand us to adversary. I’ll guarantee if they were being paid for every vehicle that used the name there would be no bitching.

  14. DON H WAGNER Says:

    So some Cherokee “Chief” wants Stelantis, FCA, , Seribris, DaimerChrysler, Chrysler, Renault, and AMC, to drop the Cherokee name? Why give him the publicity? Is he running for some political office? Sorry, but my current 2019 and previous 2014 and 2015s made no difference in how I regarded the Native Americans in this country. Seems to be a tribute, not a derogatory term. Our local Milford (Michigan) Highschool athletic teams did change their mascot from Redskins to Maverick which they think are horses. I think that a maverick is wild cattle. But having a horse for a symbol is better than a cow I guess.

  15. Wim van Acker Says:

    @9: yes, you apparently do not understand what socialism is. Secondly, you apparently do not know what European societies are like.

    As to taxes: the overall tax rates are fairly close to ours in the U.S. if you account for city taxes (which are close to zero in most European countries), cost for education and healthcare. But then our tax rates are fake tax rates: we run $ 1 trillion annual deficits during the “good” years and last year $ 5 trillion. So a huge financial involvement of government in our economy. That is socialism as far as I am concerned. The result of mismanagement of the economy in general and our fake capitalism: capitalist on the way up and everybody on the dole when it goes wrong.

    The overall result: our debt level, which is teh accumulated effect of government over-spending is 2.5X better run countries. Call Germany, U.K., Benelux and the Nordic countries socialist all you want, but their true financial involvement of government in the economy is a fraction of ours.

    Dream on in our fake capitalist society, of which the economy was last in capable hands in 2009.

  16. 2doorit Says:

    I think Chrysler (I refuse to use Stellantis for anything USA based) should resist any attempt to change the Cherokee name for it’s vehicles, just think of all the publicity they are going to get if this turns into “a thing”, and even though it might be bad publicity in some circles, I think any mention of the Cherokee vehicles will be a plus for sales since it will highlight a vehicle that some might never have heard of and will research to see what all the fuss is about.

  17. Sean Wagner Says:

    About the Hyundai. It reminds me of some (now defunct) I.D.E.A design studio creations.

    Also, I’m with the Jeep tradition. There should be room for compromise. Cheerio, ‘kay?

    Americans who conflate Europe – a heterogenous continent and one of the world’s biggest free markets in goods and services – with Socialism have absolutely no clue about either.

    Wim has it right. It might pay to closely observe and learn a few things from the right places. And this is an automotive forum.

    Which brings me to that hot Lexus. That should be one hot seller. Cadillac might be turning green with envy when the sales numbers come in. There’s only one thing to be done: bring back the ducks in the emblem!

  18. Buzzerd Says:

    So now separating religious dogma from public schools is Socialism?? Europeans and I would say Canadians are mostly ok with things like higher gas prices because it pays for roads and healthcare and other things. I don’t know what you call a society that wants good roads but loses its mind if it has to pay for them but wanting a benefit but not paying for it sounds closer to socialism to me.

  19. Lambo2015 Says:

    11 “Demonstrated good use of socialism through their universal heath care”. I suppose it could be considered good as everyone has some coverage and everyone pays for it. But there is also still private insurance and private practice which means if you want the really good Dr’s you pay on top of the tax you already paid to get into see the best Drs.
    We see how well the Gov runs VA hospitals so I doubt they would do any better on a larger scale. Besides when the government provides you everything they can also take everything away. You are at their mercy.

  20. Phred Says:

    Jeep can move to an “animal name badge” that avoids “outside claims” Hoe about renaming the Car the jeep Wolverine”. The animal wolverine is a furious natural solitary animal that lives in the wilds of the USA North.

  21. Kit Gerhart Says:

    17 The VA hospitals have been underfunded for decades, and deal with people coming in with major health issues. They are not on even close to playing on a level field with the most-expensive-in-the-world civilian US hospitals.

  22. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I always thought maverick was an early ’70s Ford, and the “call sign” for a character played by Tom Cruise in a film. I just found that a maverick is a motherless calf.

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    12 Wasn’t there a “Cherokee Chief” version of the ’74-whatever Jeep Wagoneer?

  24. JWH Says:

    #21 – Believe so – & I do know that our 1984 Cherokee (first year of the XJ) was a Cherokee Chief.

  25. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22 Top trim level?

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22,23 or did they have a Wagoneer version of the XJ from the start?

  27. ArtG Says:

    Good thing Pontiac’s out of business.

  28. Kit Gerhart Says:

    Tiger Woods was in a serious crash in a 2021 Genesis SUV.


    To me the name of the jeep is unimportant. Sadly though, the chief missed out on an opportunity for his people. He choose to complain instead of enlighten as so many other cancel culture people do. He could have worked with FCA to add Cherokee nation history into things such as advertising, or vehicle features. Maybe put some Easter eggs in the car that make people inquisitive and want to learn more about the Cherokee people. Vehicle features that would endure and inspire adults and children for decades to come. Maybe hold annual owner gatherings at Cherokee nation locations where the owners and their families can get exposure and familiarity to the Cherokee culture. A real positive thing could come from this that would last entire life times.

    Instead, the path this Chief picked has led to 15 minutes of fame and nothing more. That is just sad to me.

  30. wmb Says:

    Look I’m not trying to start a fight with anyone, or to suggest that either Jeep, Cherokee Nation or any other Native American tribe is wrong in the way companies and others use their name(s). But when you look back at the history and even in some parts of the country today, their are a lot of ways that Native Americans have been and still are being mistreated today. I know their are tribes that have own private land and casinos and other things, but by and large, many on these reservations are denied or don’t have access to many if the things we take for granted. With that as a back drop, to then see a corporation make billions of dollars using your name and that of your children’s, I can understand them taking issue issue with that. Imagine you being taken advantage of and abused by a symbol of authority for years, and then for big business to use your name to make billions of dollars with with your name and you having no connection to it, or any influence and how your name is being used. From your position you are struggling, but others are benefiting from using what is yours! I’m not saying that Jeep has done anything wrong or disrespectful in using the Cherokee name, nor am I taking sides in this situation, but there is an opportunity for both sides to benefit from this situation if correctly!

  31. Lambo2015 Says:

    19 Yeah! and I’m sure a government run hospital wouldn’t have any underfunding problems either like medicare, medicade, SS, and the current VA hospitals. And they too would have to deal with all sorts of serious medical conditions so that’s irrelevant.

    25 I assume your referring to the 49-58 Pontiac Cheiftain?

    26 I heard that Tiger mangled his right leg pretty bad and is getting some rods and pins installed. Also heard the vehicle performed quite well and had it been many other vehicles he might not have survived. So kudos to Genesis as they do have a pretty good safety rating on that model.

  32. JWH Says:

    #23, 24 – You’re really testing my memory. They did have a Wagoneer from the inception of the XJ, however, since we liked the Cherokee Chief trim I didn’t study or remember the Wagoneer trim levels & pricing. The Chief was the top trim level on the Cherokee.

  33. Roger Says:

    When I think of the Jeep Cherokee and the Cherokee people the words that come to mind are – adventurous, rugged, outdoor spirted and travel anywhere. All which are positive images.

  34. Marshy Says:

    I know I’m late here, but that ioniq dash display has no hood. Is that a great idea?

  35. Robert Petrach Says:

    Funny the chief didn’t mention the proud heritage of fighting for the Confederacy.
    The name should be a non issue, it certainly does not dishonor the Cherokee, as 33 said, words that come to mind with the Jeep Cherokee are all positive.
    It’s time for people to stop looking for ways to be offended.