AD #3173 – Hyundai/Kia Sales Tanking in China; BMW’s New Overspray Free Paint Process; Ford Maverick Efficient Towing

October 1st, 2021 at 11:55am

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Runtime: 10:40

0:07 Foxconn Buying Lordstown’s Plant in Ohio
0:54 Cruise & Waymo Get New AV Permits in California
1:49 Hyundai/Kia Sales Tanking in China
3:09 BMW’s New Overspray-Free Paint Process
4:27 New Type of In-Car Wireless Charger
5:33 Ford Maverick is Efficient At Towing
7:00 Cadillac Designers Given Carte Blanche
8:26 Toyota Launching 3-Wheeled Scooter in Japan
9:19 GAC Rebadging Trumpchi SUV as Dodge Journey for Mexico

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38 Comments to “AD #3173 – Hyundai/Kia Sales Tanking in China; BMW’s New Overspray Free Paint Process; Ford Maverick Efficient Towing”

  1. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I fail to see the point of gadgets like the Toyota scooter thing. What happened to the concept of walking? I doubt that many people who can’t walk would be able to ride stand-up scooters either, or be able to pick up the ~64 pound machine to move it around.

  2. Lambo2015 Says:

    Seems like Foxconn could have negotiated a better deal than paying 210 Million more than Lordstown did for the plant in such a short period of time, but maybe Lordstown has made a lot of improvements.

  3. ChuckGrenci Says:

    So I guess BMW’s overspray free painting has taken an inkjet printer idea into the paint-jet printer realm. Good idea (I think).

  4. Lambo2015 Says:

    BMW painting process is a huge improvement. This could change so much when it comes to exterior paint schemes. Really would like to see more on that and how the finish compares and how much more time its adds. Doesn’t look like its a great option for a single color paint job but great for stripes, accents and stuff that would otherwise be decals and striping. Very impressive!

  5. Kit Gerhart Says:

    My 1974 BMW motorcycle had stripes that were hand painted, with a brush. How things have changed.

    BMW’s idea sounds good, if the quality is good.

  6. John Lockhart Says:

    BMW’s paint solution sounds interesting, but I think it may be an evolutionary, not revolutionary concept. 10 years ago I toured the John Deere Waterloo plant, and was amazed to see yellow and green being applied side by side with no masking. Sounds like BMW is taking it to the next level.

  7. Rey Says:

    Looks like the foreign JV has served Chinese auto co.s well, they now have the production techniques and quality of the foreign co.s and now have as good as the Japanese and Korean makes, they have their big market and can now kick out who they wish, their new startups like Nio, XPeng and more established brands like BYD and Geely auto group are as good as any foreign makes, this is what Sandy Munro has been saying for years now. After satisfying the home market, Europe is next, then North America, like I have said many times in about 2- 3 years,Michael Dunne of ZOZOGO has said it as well, for about the last 2 years, and they will eventually assemble cars and trucks Stateside, to skirt trade tarrifs,you can count on that, and we will be buying their cars and trucks like we do Japanese and Korean cars and trucks, Ford and GMs marketshare will continue to shrink, Toyota? They will soon shrink as well, they have no BEVs today, any planned for the future are just trying to placate the cash regulations and get E. Credits ,Playing around with FCV aka FOOLCELLS will eventually haunt them, as i have said, it is not the Fuel Cell technology, it is the Fuel- Hydrogen, you cant make that Fuel economicaly, and sell and transport, store it as well.

  8. Rey Says:

    Spell check : placate the CARB regulations and get E Credits

  9. Rey Says:

    About the Chinese nationalism; the Japanese made vehicles are very expensive in China,any turf arguments like the Daiyo Island claims are going to make selling Japanese cars impossible in China, has happened a couple of years ago already.
    The West has made China their sweat shop, and now all trade will come at a cost, we might need them more than they need us, all the stuff we buy at any store, whether Dollar store or Costco or Home Depot, Lowe’s and Best buy comes from China, we are their dumping grounds and they are our labourers. But they market to the whole world, while the US and Canada exports are mostly raw materials and farm produce.
    The recent resolving of Huawei CFO Ms Meng Wanzhou is just one example how strong China is,she was free to go,after being on house arrest, in her two Multi Million dollar homes in Vancouver, no extradition, and 2 Canadians imprisoned for nearly 3 years were repatriated home, what did the US get? ZERO .

  10. Rey Says:

    Toyota 3 wheel scooter starting @ $3000? Who are they trying to fool? A Wuling HongGuang sells for $4500 in China and has 4 real wheels, even tho they’re small ones, somebody in Toyota HQ needs to get their head examined.

  11. Rey Says:

    Toyota 3 wheel scooter starting @ $3000? Who are they trying to fool? A Wuling HongGuang sells for $4500 in China and has 4 real wheels,and seats and windows and is a car., somebody in Toyota HQ needs to get their head examined.

  12. ChuckGrenci Says:

    The Maverick ‘is’ a real pickup if you include the Santa Cruz and the Ridgeline as being equals. They all do truck things, but depending on mission, will yield to the body on frame alternative(s). The new small compact pickups are real and do what they do well, and even compared to the bigger boys can be a real alternative, but when you need more, more is available in the vein of the original midsized pickups.

  13. Kevin A Says:

    Rey, the US STARTED the whole Huawei CFO case by requesting Canada arrest her to be extradited to the US and then leaving her in Canada. The US and China took turns kicking Canada around like a football and then you whine because the US didn’t get anything out of their mistake. You go into politics. You clearly have the intelligence for it.

  14. Ed Says:

    13 Huawei CFO Ms Meng Wanzhou was arrested for a reason. The Canadians did not have to arrest her if there was no good reason, maybe if they had been smart would have matched her living conditions to the imprisoned Canadians in China.

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    12 The Maverick would be a real pickup for the way most people use them, especially if they had a version with a real bed. The use of hybrid synergy drive is great, for people who would do a lot of city driving, probably a majority of people who will buy them. Then, there’s the 2.0 turbo for people who want more performance, and don’t mind using about twice as much gas in city driving, and probably 30% more on the highway. I suspect it will sell well, “real truck” or not, if they actually build some at the advertised $20K price, or even $25K if that’s what it takes to get cruise control and a little nicer interior.

  16. Kit Gerhart Says:

    7 Toyota has the best powertrains around for most “one car families,” with the hybrids. I agree, though, that they do not seem to be preparing for the future very well. Hybrids are an clearly interim technology, but may be a “thing” longer than people now realize, if a reality sets in with difficulties getting materials for batteries and motors, and lack of capacity to make batteries.

  17. cwolf Says:

    16). I agree with you, Kit. I read an article which followed your logic but in greater detail. Besides the problems you mentioned, they added the extended chip and cargo shipping situation. Keeping hybrids around awhile longer will help manufactures weather the storm and still be profitable.

  18. Rey Says:

    #13kevin, I’m A Canadian citizen, and I can read between the lines, we have an extradition treaty with the USA, D Trump was the President, when Meng was detained,chances are he knew about her where abouts and got the US AUTHORITIES to use that treaty to get her detained, Canada’s PM Trudeau and our Border Services detained her, not knowing what shit they were getting into, Trudeau was and is a Teacher and knows ZERO about politics , even as I speak he is MIA on the day he proclaimed the ” Truth and Reconciliation day for Indigenous Natives”,Why would I “whine for USA”, Trump was trying to get Meng for a bargaining chip for China trade or the China flaunting the Iran sanctions.
    There are still at least 2 more Canadians in Chinas jails for drug importation or dealing, and China is not lenient on drug traffickers, be they Chinese or Foreigners, often Death is the sentence.
    If you ask me D Trump was the worst USA Presiden, ever, like Justin Trudeau is the worst Canadian PM,but maybe that’s another topic.

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 Are you a new Canadian citizen, or were you a Canadian citizen when you were in Michigan?

  20. Rey Says:

    #19 what you trying to say? Been a Canadian for over 45 years , and I would never go to Michigan or live there, the one time I went there for a day in 1975, crime was real bad, The US is too violent for me, everyone packing a gun you can’,one time I crossed over to Buffalo , I had to prepay for ⛽ gas,no need to do such thing in Canada,nobody going to run away for $50 worth of gas here.

  21. Sean Wagner Says:

    Korean battery companies that had newly set up shop in China were left out in the cold over the missile flap too. It’s safe to say the deep freeze stunted their growth.

    7 Rey – Since you follow Sandy Munro’s channel, you’ll know that he has done extensive work with and for Chinese automotive companies. Those are among the most interesting comments he makes.

    There’s one essential counter to autocratic China’s aspirations, and that’s to arrange better terms of trade (or rather exchange) with other nations, from South Korea to Viet Nam, Mexico and the EU.

  22. Rey Says:

    #21sean, I’m an Ex Filipino, my old country has a spat with China and the SC SEA as you know , so I have no love for Chinas leadership and its policy of stealing islands, but we have to live with that and let the world court decide like the Hague, like I have said we in the West have let China be the sweat shop for decades and now we must pay for it as we can’t live without them , our Walmarts and greed for chasing goods @ the lowest price has its price, like loss of jobs, and like I said we hardly make anything in the West anymore, when was the last time you bought a toaster that was Made in USA, or your Washer / Dryer set,

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22 My 1980s GE washer and dryer were made in the US.

    9 The US exports farm products and oil, but also a lot of airplanes, various weapons of war, and construction equipment. Aren’t Boeing and Caterpillar the top US exporting companies by value of exports? They were at one time, though that could have changed.

  24. Rey Says:

    Sean,About setting up trade with Vietnam, from my knowledge that country is still autocratic,or was at the least a communist govt in the past,and probably still is, if the West wants to trade with the SE Asean countries ,they are welcome too, I know that the Philippines is open to Western trade, but the Chinese companies are more aggressive in this regard,there are now Chinese Auto dealers there, Geely , MG, Yutong Bus,they are actually outcompeting Ford and GM there,even as the Filipinos still look up to the Americans.
    If you really follow the automotive news,US automakers have largely abandoned most of Asia in terms of manufacturing,for Ex., GM sold their Thailand factory to some Chinese Auto co , same with India, US auto is in retreat in most of Asias markets,at least manufacturing is.

  25. Rey Says:

    Kit, LOL , I used to deliver Fridges and stoves and all kinds of appliances and Tvs ,up to the mid 90s,We stopped making them things around that time, I also started working for Mitsubishi Electric, juggling two jobs, Mitsu and trucking mid 80s Mitsu-that company started building factories in China in mid 80s to early 90s, in pursuit of lower costs, I remember Mitsubishi Engineers/Management going to China to help oversee QC as all the workers were farmers,who didn’t know a transistor from a resistor, often mixing the things in the PC board, our products had over 60% defects and often were scrapped as most were returned by the customer.
    If you go to the Philippines , most of the farm equipment are Kubota, , graders are often Mitsubishi, Hitachi, backhoes are Hyundai and Daewoo,, small farm equipment are Honda powered or Chinese made copies of Japanese machines, the only thing US made are Boeing planes and even those are in competition with Airbus, last time I went there it was Boeing to Taiwan , then Airbus to Cebu, oh maybe you have forgotten the Boeing 737 MAX debacle, I think they stopped flying for nearly 2 years, Thats Boeing for you,they can’t even compete vs Space X for space launches, Elons other Company, go figure.

    Todays Chinese manufacturers are a far cry from those of 30 years ago,their countrys leadership might be a one party system but they are driven by trade.
    The US? Biden wants to play favorites, support his Union Buddies with $4500 advantages,let’s see how that will play out in the coming years when the Chinese start setting up shop with factories in the US of A,
    FYI , everybody thought Tesla sales would tank after the 200,000 Federal tax grant was reached, here we are,nearly ten years later Tesla is the most valued company making cars.

  26. Kit Gerhart Says:

    GM still manufactures and sells in South Korea, and exports Encore, Trax, and Spark to the US from Korea.

    There is a lot of manufacturing in Vietnam. I see “made in Vietnam” tags on clothing, and my most recent Samsung phone is from that country. Samsung has completely quit manufactuing in China

  27. Rey Says:

    Kit , in case you didn’t know,China has a twin engine jet almost ready,its about the size of Boeings 737s and Airbus 320s, was probably developed with the help of Boeing thru tech transfers,the one area China lags behind in US aero space is jet engines and reflyable Rocketships,
    Oh,the Bombardier a220 was sold to Airbus for a song ,because Boeing wanted to keep it out of US skies, and Delta bought quite a few of them things, and they are very good planes, in a class all its own, quiet and short takeoff and landing, its Prat & Witney turbofans are one of the best, that program cost us Canucks plenty,and I believe Airbus is building it now somewhere in the Southern USA.

  28. Rey Says:

    US is a sue happy country,if you can’t compete sue, that’s what drove the C series jet and Bombardier to Airbus arms, now Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos sueing Space X because they dont have a viable moon lander or a way to get there.

  29. Rey Says:

    Oct 2 2021 Tesla announced delivery numbers 241300 BEVs for 3rd qtr. Far exceeding targets of many analysts of around 233,000 ,and on the track a $150,000 Tesla modS Plaid demolished a $500,000 Lambo AventadorSV in 1/2 mile drag race,

  30. cwolf Says:

    Rey, did you give up your Ann Arbor condo and sell your place in Italy? And the Beamer you bought for a song that is trouble free. For saying you are a Canadian, you sure don’t convey yourself as one.

  31. Rey Says:

    #30 cwolf,You confused? Been to mich only once @ nite and that was during 1975, my cousin took a drive there, I went along for the drive, Police sirens kept me up all nite, and I asked myself ” Is this really America?”.
    Been a naturalized Canadian since 1976 ,3 years since arrival,I lived in LA Calif for a year,1985-86 all my siblings and Mom live there, and that cousin who drove to Michigan in 75, Yeah even Calif is scary,everyone packing a gun, my Sisters Corolla got broken in while i was there, baby stroller and my Remote control toy from Radio Shack stolen from the car,that toy was for a Christmas present for my son in Canada. Also my Brotherinlaws father came to visit , somebody swiped the Vans battery , we checked under the hood ,reason for no start,, Two years prior to that they just bought a house, came back from Church,house was half empty some gang family had packed a rented Uhaul and cleaned the house, the neighbors were wondering how somebody who just moved in were moving out, Calif was getting invaded by Mexicans,I could tell you more stories, but you’d get bored, like I said I was born in the Philippines, but I have lived in Toronto, Canada almost all my life.
    China, Tesla and Elon Musk will change things in the world and Autos too, like it or not, learn to accept those facts. Cheers.

  32. Rey Says:

    #30 , I was doing appliance deliveries in early 90s,my appliance Rental company leased some appliances to some GM Mexico management trainees here in Oshawa ” The Town GM Built”, those Mexicans do a good job assembling GM products, GM closed Oshawa almost two years ago, There’s a new documentary movie ” Company Town” by CBC, please see it if you can, it’s a story of GM workers affected by that GM closure, I live in this town today, the GM plant about 5 kilometers from my house ,and some Satellite plant/ suppliers only 2 Kms away, that is gone now, in its place a Costco store,that land stood empty for over 10 years after they demolished the GM plant,the old factory that was slated for demolition was given a new lease on life, GM likely will assemble ICE Pickups, like i said we gave GM a Bailout in 2009-10, they chose to abandon Oshawa, now they are coming back, but are giving us crumbs, not the steak, Steak goes to Michigan, Mexicans get Burritos, and Chili beans and Tacos.
    But that’s ok , Real Estate in Canada is going well,houses inthe GTA toronto are over 1 million dollar a and in Oshawa is average $700,000 – $800,000, Condos? Hard to find one for $400,000, $600,000 would be more like it, oh, never been to Europe.

  33. Kit Gerhart Says:

    32 Based on those prices,it looks like Oshawa has become heavily gentrified, with GM gone, leaving no “middle class.”

    Do you still have either of your diesel Benzes?

  34. Rey Says:

    #33 closest I had to having a Benz was my B inlaw, he had a 1972 350SL convertible, thats the first year, before the 450 SL, I offered to buy it , he sold($12,000) it before I could raise the money , year 1985, I wanted to import it to Canada, those cars were popular in TV shows, like Hart to Hart.
    GM is coming back to Oshawa , maybe ICE Pickups, was in our local news,but will not be a lot of production, at one point GM had 3000 employees, when they shut down it was 1000, that was 2 years ago. Try to see Documentary film ” Company Town ” CBC docu.


    20) 20 years ago I spent a night in Toronto and experienced everything that you did. What should I think of Toronto and all of Ontario based on that experience?

  36. Rey Says:

    #35 The USA has the most guns per capita in the world except for Afghanistan i suppose and the rest of the ME likea Iran and Syria , we get our share , imported from the USA for our gangs and drug dealers, like I said I was 1 whole year in LA, California, that place not for me, even as my folks live there, in Simi Valley, which is way safer than LA, and yes Toronto is not as safe as it was 30 years ago, but life is still better here than big cities in the USA, we dont need guns to go to the bank,and as my cousin says, keep a look out when going to a bank, you never know when a ” Takeover is going to happen”,that was in 1989 when he told me that, the year he moved to Riverside California.


    36) OK. So you are saying that I should think Toronto and indeed all of Ontario is dangerous. Got it.

  38. Rey Says:

    Toronto and Ontario is safer than any US city, our crime per capita is way lower than any
    US major city.