AD #3201 – Automakers Boost EV Investment; Buick Teases New GL8; Ford Moves Back to Vertical Integration with EVs

November 10th, 2021 at 11:44am

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Runtime: 9:15

0:08 Bosch Leads Consortium on Silicon Carbide Chips
1:08 Automakers Split on UN Climate Pledge
2:04 Auto Industry Boosts EV Investment
3:17 NHTSA Pays Millions to Hyundai Whistleblower
4:16 Buick Teases New GL8 Flagship Concept Van
6:02 Ford Explains Move Back to Vertical Integration with EVs
7:53 Ford & Purdue Developing More Efficient Charging Cable

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25 Comments to “AD #3201 – Automakers Boost EV Investment; Buick Teases New GL8; Ford Moves Back to Vertical Integration with EVs”

  1. bradley cross Says:

    Outsourcing is great for accountants (& executive bonuses) as you deduct a lot costs but naturally you lose control and when you have an emergency it can be painful.

    Have ridden in a nice minivan in China and it was a great luxury ride.

    Hopefully the Whistleblower outcome will encourage companies to be honest/direct. But it will likely also encourage some bogus claims too.

  2. Rey Says:

    About EV investments of auto Co.s , Just read a quick story in Toronto Star newspaper, Chyrco Bramton plant townspeople and local govt fears for that factory future and its over 3000 employees, they build only ICE Sedans like the Chrysler 300 , Dodge challenger and Demons, and Stelatis is quiet.
    I think most legacy auto are reluctant to go all in into BEVs, hard to balance the job of keeping ICE and their Profits while funding BEV switchover, then how to keep dealers alive when BEVs need less maintenance? Maybe John McElroy and AD can address this in the future.

  3. Rey Says:

    I don’t know of any Automaker more commited to fully electric transportation than Tesla, Having its own charging network on 4 continents ,and their own battery factories and even building the chargers themselves, and deploying them, others like VW and GM and Ford are being dragged kicking and screaming to the transformation to BEVs,Toyota is #1 objector to change, lobbying govts both in Japan , the US and Europe too, hecause they dont have the technology and the will to change.

  4. Dave Says:

    It’s hard to believe that just a year ago Autoline had Warren Browne on predicting the future of BEVs and said that there would be no trucks that were BEV and we now have Rivian delivering the first production pick ups perhaps we need a show with a pro ICE and another one pro BEV and let the sparks fly

  5. Kevin A Says:

    vertical integration is great when the item you need is in short supply, because you control all of the output. However, vertical integration creates the ‘legacy’ that we all complain about from legacy OEMs. Even Tesla, should the optimal battery chemistry change, would be a legacy OEM.

  6. Rey Says:

    #5 Kevin, Tesla will control its own destiny,Eon Musk will see to that with a Trillion market cap, legacy auto will also control their destiny , by switching to BEVs,or not

  7. Kit Gerhart Says:

    3 Toyota certainly has the technology to make BEVs, which are much less complex than what they are making now. Supply of batteries could be a problem, though, if they aren’t lining up sources for when they need them.

  8. XA351GT Says:

    Everyone moved to the JIT Philosophy only to find it’s more NIT( Never In Time) . It’s killing productivity . I’ve been in manufacturing for 40 years and that is one of if not the biggest reason for failing to make shipping schedules is parts not arriving on promised dates. Now with what is going on with the supply chain it is the worst i’ve ever seen.

  9. Rey Says:

    #7 kit , it is more than just batteries tho it is a major problem, there’s also that software and its integration, as VW is finding out, Tesla has now outsold Mercedes in Premium car sales category,in the USA, not only in BEVs but overall,ICE included, BMW and Lexus brands are next.
    Giga Texas will have their own Tesla 4680 battery lines,some of the production machinery are now onsite, shipped 50-60 kms from me , Markham, Canada

  10. Rey Says:

    Kit, we will see how the Toyota BZRX will do in sales,I expect them to go mostly to Europe & US compliance states as I dont think there will be enough numbers to go around and the platform is to be shared with Subaru.

  11. Kit Gerhart Says:

    9 The software for Toyota hybrids is much more complex than software for BEVs. There are hardware differences, to be sure, as a BEV needs much bigger power handling capability for the MGs than hybrids, but the powertrain software itself for BEVs is relatively simple.

    I wouldn’t count out Toyota in being ready to sell BEVs, when the market is there. Toyota is not strong in the region with the biggest EV market share, Europe, with only ~300K total annual sales of Toyota + Lexus. They currently sell ~1.5M in China, though, and China is the biggest BEV market in units. If Toyota wants to keep those sales, they will need EVs. For North American, I don’t see that they need to be in a big hurry with BEVs. EVs still have only 2.5% of market share.

  12. Drew Says:

    @9 & 11 – Actually, Toyota entered into an intellectual property swap with a competing legacy OEM (American!) to gain access to vastly superior software to refine the transitions between EV and ICE mode.

    Separately, I haven’t seen any discussion about Tesla’s catastrophically failed OTA update that caused unexpected high speed autonomous braking… and the equally catastrophic “fix” to disable AEB. I do recall Tesla’s resident spin doctor using the initial OTA update as an example of Tesla’s “superior speed of thought”… but that update can’t be too smart if they had to disable AEB.

  13. Rey Says:

    #12 Tesla fixed that glitch ASAP all witih 48 hrs and via ota, unlike a co. That had to hzve a TOTALL RECALL and sue its supplier for reimbursement, the glitch was a nonevent, of course haters will hate me, & the company , oh and Mary Barra is mystyfied how a startup can be more valuable than her 100 yr old company, and it was not evrn Tesla, she does not know her company has stranded assets and has the STEALERSHIPs to get rid of if that company is to succeed , even Rivian is going direct sales, so is Lucid, now i dont know if those two will succeed , im hoping they do, America needs those two to if America is to battle The Chinese Auto industry. Cadillac 30% of themdealers dont want to invest in BEV , i guess they see no profits in BEVs, going forward GM has to dicch Dealers if they are to survive, we know that but that aint gonna happen, same with Ford and others USA is unique in having NADA , and Canada is also stuck in the same boat, almost, Enjoy your ICE and your Legacy auto while you can, the Chinese will come, they are starting with Europe, in two years they’ll be here, correct that, They are here already, with Geelys Volvo and Polestar and BYD s buses,and BYD is trying its Han in Central America.

  14. Rey Says:

    #11 kit, Toyota i presume will sell its coming BEVs Europe,or be forced to buy E credits from you know who or pay a fine, i understand Honda had to buy such credits,Toyota has been selling itscompliance BEV the lexus UX 300 in Europe to avoid the penalties. In other publication Mercedes has lost the sales crown in the USA to Tesla in the premium or uxury market, and the BEV sales are starting to take hold as Tesla has lost a % of EV sales, and more like Lucid and Rivian coming to take a bite of mod S & X sales,those are very good BEVs but they do start close to $100,000 & more. The BEV cat is out of the bag, so to speak, there aint no putting it back.

  15. Rey Says:

    #12 Drew ! Rivian IPO yesterday beat expectations by a big margin ,climbed from $80 to over $100, i was almost as shocked as GMs Mary Barra, I should have bought the stock, at least for a day or week, me thinks Rivian is going to succeed in the BEV world,Mary Barra is GREEN with envy, pun intended.You can see it in her words and face, i mean a company that hasnt made or delivered a hundred cars to customers having value beyond GM?

  16. Rey Says:

    It remains to be seen if Rivian will have the staying power of Tesla and if CEO Scaringe has Elons pulling rabbits out of a hat magician tricks, i must say they have a good product in that Quad Motor Pickup, and many Tesla owners are buying Rivian, we will see when Fords lightning and GM e Pickup comes, i think them ae Trucks will sell well as well, GMs leadership needs to have a good strategy for BEVs , dont think of making 30 different ones ,no need to spread the company too thin w/ 30 lines of cars andtrucks, slim down the product line one Pickup , one SUV based on , it, a Caddy, and get rid of the Bolt and sell only the EUV in its place @ the same price, get rid of one or two more lines like Buick or Chevy or the Hummer brand, but that is just my opinion, we will see in 2025-26 if Mary’s promises are kept ,OVERTAKING Tesla in BEV sales by 2025 ? Like to know what she is smoking.

  17. Rey Says:

    Rivian has dreams of a million/yr SUVs and SUTs by 2030 and wants 4 factories, they just acquired more land near the current plant and I expect them to start building by next years end or the following,
    Lucid is targeting the rich ,$80,000 & beyond, they will be a niche player for years, but Saudi PIF might have deep pockets, one would ofluck to all, as Tesla starts making their own 4680 Battery Cells inhouse, and buying from whoever will sell @ a great price.

  18. ChuckGrenci Says:

    For those that enjoy Jay Leno’s Garage, here’s a review of the C8 ZO6:

  19. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I know a lot of people who drive pickup trucks, but I don’t hear any of them talking about wanting an electric one. Are these companies, both startups and legacy brands, going too heavy on pickup trucks as their next new EV?

  20. Kit Gerhart Says:

    18 Interesting video. Leno must have good rapport with the local police. He probably had the car over 100 mph multiple times, as he wound it out in 3rd gear, and maybe 4th.

  21. Rey Says:

    #19 kit, I guess you have not come into contact with Ford 150 Lightning reservations people, nor close to the 1,000,000 Tesla CYBRTRK reservation holders, will be interesting when GM shows those figures interested in theirs, GM hopes they show up or else their sales projections of overtaking Tesla are screwed.

  22. Rey Says:

    #19 kit a E Pickup that has 200 miles range and $40,000 base price like Ford promises for fleet users will cost about $20 in electricity daily if driven 120 to 200 miles to its maximum Rdtrip daily, maybe you can tell me how much a gas pickup cost brand new and and cost of gas.several times I rented Ford and GM vans from UHaul cost to go 120 to 150 kms ( 60 to 80 miles) was on average was about $25-$35@ $1.00/ liter of gas, today gas is $1.50 average here in Toronto, Iran see why the small Maverick Pup will be popular @ 35MPG

  23. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22 We’ll see how many of those no-obligation reservations become sales. Both the Lightning and Maverick could be good work trucks, except they are both directed to “life style” buyers, with 4 door crew cab as the only body style.

  24. Kit Gerhart Says:

    22 Actually, I’m seeing a lot more vans, and fewer pickup trucks used as work vehicles by plumbers, HVAC people, cable TV crews, etc. Ford might have a winner for commercial use with the electric Transit, though the range is short, 126 miles. That would be enough for many users, charging overnight, and it will be easy to add more batteries if they want to.

  25. Rey Says:

    #24,there’s a boom in New subdivisions right in my neighborhood here in Oshawa, both pi kups and vars ard popular with vans roughly 60% of them in sites, having a covered truck is a must for tools and stuff, open trucks good for long items like ladders and 12 of plumbing pipes, there are a minimum of 6 subdivision construction within 6 kms of me, the one 4 blocks from me are $800,000 houses, and all sold out, it is boom town here,people fleeing Toronto million dollar Real Estate Tesla and houses