2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Edition

April 8th, 2022 at 2:31pm


Subaru keeps tweaking the formula it has with the Outback and the Wilderness Edition is the latest example.

While the Limited Edition caters to those who appreciate leather and comfort, and the Onyx Edition with its faux carbon fiber trim is aimed at a sportier customer, the Wilderness Edition is designed for outdoorsy types who are willing to drive a little bit deeper into the woods or the desert.


It sits higher off the ground, comes with all terrain tires and the suspension has more travel as well as beefier shock absorbers. But, mechanically speaking, that’s it.

From an appearance standpoint, the Wilderness Edition is easy to spot. It has chunky rocker panels, rugged fender flairs and beefier bumper covers that are all made with an industrial-grade black plastic. That will ward off scrapes and scratches from brush and branches, but they won’t hold up to rocks and boulders.


Just to make sure you don’t miss that this is the Wilderness Edition, it has copper-colored accents on the bumpers and roof rack, as well as the steering wheel and shift lever. And it’s got a big oval badge that says, “Wilderness Edition.” You can spot them all a mile away.

Other than that, it drives just like any other Outback. Same fuel economy (24 mpg). Same acceleration. Same braking.


But for those who have a favorite fishing hole, a remote camping spot, or a trailhead they couldn’t quite reach with their old Outback, the Wilderness Edition could be the one that gets them there.

Base Price: $38,120
Price as tested: $39,965

By: John McElroy

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