AD #3307 – EV Battery Cell Costs Jump +52%; BMW’s Stunning New 7 Series; China to Ax Free Plates for PHEVs

April 20th, 2022 at 11:55am

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Runtime: 10:28

0:08 EV Battery Cell Costs Jump +52%
0:49 China to Ax Free Plates for PHEVs
1:41 Auto Engineers Devour ICE Tech Papers
3:17 BMW’s Stunning New 7 Series
5:34 Lexus Rolls Out Its First BEV
7:46 Magna & LG To Make EV Parts for GM
8:12 Schaeffler Secures Rare Earths from Europe
8:46 GKN Says All EVs Going 800v
9:27 Ford Lightning Screen Plays Video Games

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19 Comments to “AD #3307 – EV Battery Cell Costs Jump +52%; BMW’s Stunning New 7 Series; China to Ax Free Plates for PHEVs”

  1. Buzzerd Says:

    This is a great idea the car companies have having games play on the screen because if there’s one thing people need more of it’s more screen time.

  2. ChuckGrenci Says:

    ‘Hey look, we’re seeing some interest in BEV adoption; let’s raise the prices.’ I’m seeing that this battery increase is more speculators than the raw materials (though I agree that may be some of it). A 52% increase seems highly unlikely due to supply.

  3. Norm T Says:

    The bZ4X, which will be produced in Japan and China, is the company’s first EV to be developed using the e-TNGA universal platform developed by Toyota and Subaru. Nikkei-asia

  4. George Ricci Says:

    Sean, you need to add GMC Hummer to the list of vehicles which have 800-volt architectures.

  5. Bob Wilson Says:

    I suspect Tesla cells are cheaper because they expected substantial volume and pre-ordered. Those who did not plan for the EV demand are bidding the battery cost up.

  6. Sean Wagner Says:

    Truth be told, I skipped BMW. Nothing new, but do I get this right: ore from Canada is shipped to Norway for processing?

  7. Albemarle Says:

    I like the look of the new BMW. Very elegant. EXCEPT for the pig snout. You wonder how BMW can get design working so well then they ruin it with a trunk bustle or ridiculous pig snout grill. At least the bustle gave more luggage space.

  8. Albemarle Says:

    No surprise that as gas prices skyrocket, EV manufacturers see an added profit opportunity.

  9. Roger T Says:

    Wow. BMW and Lexus models are both pretty hard to look at, particularly from the front.

  10. FSTFWRD Says:

    @9 +++

  11. Sean McElroy Says:

    @George Ricci – If I’m not mistaken the Ultium platform is a 400-volt architecture but models with the 24 module pack (where it’s two sets of twelve stack on each other) like Hummer EV Edition 1 are able to CHARGE with 800-volt. I will check on that.

  12. George Ricci Says:

    Sean, I believe you are correct. You mentioned in your presentation the advantage is the faster charging. Which the approach GM is using in the Hummer gives them that. Then you presentation was referring to the entire system being 800 volts.

  13. MJB Says:

    That Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress sounds like its packed with new innovations. However, I’d imagine nobody’s showing up with ideas and concepts that are A) not yet intellectually protected, or B) truly game-changing. Otherwise, it sounds like a good place for manufacturers to poach ideas.

  14. Dan Busch Says:

    “Wow! BMW just revealed the all-new 7-Series and what a look”…not so much for me

  15. Kit Gerhart Says:

    I assume the powertrains mentioned for the 7 series are for the US market. Will there be diesels in other markets?

  16. wmb Says:

    #7, 9,14.) While the body of the 7 Series is very elegant, the new face…I have no words! Smh! What is interesting is how different the approach that BMW and Mercedes-Benz are taking regarding BEVs. While the iX looks awkward in its execution, both it and the i7 are both very formal in their appearance when compared to the EQ series of vehicles. It may be argued that the EVs from both automakers are stately, neither designs are run away successes, even among diehard fans. When you look at the interior, it goes without question that the materials used will be second to none! Yet, when you look at how the infotainment is styled, though, I can’t help but feel that there was a missed opportunity here. When you look at it and that of the Lucid Air and the EQ series and design just doesn’t not seem to keep up. To me, if they were not going follow suit with the competition regarding the infotainment, I would have rather they had gone old school, much like the dash board of the Genesis G80. Not everyone may want a Hyperscreen, but most appreciate additional luxury appointments.

  17. wmb Says:

    That should have read: “traditional luxury appointments.”

  18. Bob Wilson Says:

    The web link is to Tesla’s 2022 Q1 financial results: (1) automotive gross margin 32.9%; (2) total debt under $0.1 B; (3) two new factories producing product, and; (4) Model Y gigacastings reduce parts count by more than 1,600 pieces. A fairly strong, 2022 Q1 quarter, Tesla is in a much better position.

  19. Lambo2015 Says:

    As we get closer to mid-terms we will see a renewed effort to relive gas prices. As this affects 99% of drivers and 96% of new car buyers. This spike in battery prices will slow the adoption to EVs. It still amazes me that we are seeing supply chain problems from a shut down almost two years ago.
    Miss the days when if the US had the capability if we went to war we converted auto plants to build planes and started pushing them out the door in less than a year. A complete change-over in product and process yet we managed. Now we cant figure out how to make a semiconductor in two years or more. Tells me the urgency isn’t really there.